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Heavens rained droplets, and Sai showered benediction…


Published on Sat, Nov 16, 2008 at 18.00 Hrs.IST

Lord had a special invitee and from the heavens rained droplets; drizzles dripped in the wee hours bathing Prasanthi as if showing gratitude; unwilling to budge from the sight that was heavenly , she went on showering herself, making merry of the boon bestowed upon…

Yes, rain god forced her entry into Prasanthi and was unwilling to desist. The day 2 of the Yajna had a dizzying start due to the sudden rains, but things fell in place soon when lashing rains subdued to cooling drizzles retaining the charming freshness and adding to this freshness arrived Bhagawan at 9:30 a.m.

While spirit beyond the platform was bit dampened due to the intermittent rain, the dais was yet again a scene for bustling actions. The morning rituals included Yagasaala Suddhi and Pratah Kaladharanam. A group of priests were engaged in Sarva Veda Shakha Parayanams while another set of Rithwiks were engaged in Navagraha Parayanam and Maha Mrithyunjaya Japam.

Two main rituals for the second day of the Yajna were Satharudra Abhishekam and Maha Mrithyunjaya Homam. Satharudra Abhishekham was performed to the Sayeeshwara Lingam that was consecrated during the Ati Rudra Maha Yajna held in the year 2006. Abhishekham was done to the linga with milk, curds, clarified butter, turmeric paste, sugar, vibhuthi (holy ash), coconut water etc. Maha Rudrabhishekam is performed invoking greater benediction from Lord Rudra. As each of these items were offered under strict religious discipline with accompaniment of vedic mantras, the Linga that was charged by the Divine hands during the Atirudra was shining in splendour evoking nostalgic memoirs. 

Maha Mrithyunjaya Homam was done invoking immortality for all living beings. The two hour long homam was done by the Chief Priest for the Yajnam. With the accompaniment of holy chants and Bhagawan presiding over, Poornahuthi was offered to the Yajna Purusha. Oblations including vastra, phala etc. along with a golden chain materialised by Bhagawan were offered to the holy fire followed by Mangala Arathi.

These are the spiritual exercises that entail detailed scriptural procedures to follow in precision and the blessedness that it brings goes not for any limited sect, but for the universe at large, ensuring greater benediction for world harmony.

Earlier, His Holiness Parama Pujya Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, the Pontiff of Avadhoota Datta Peetham at Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashrama in Mysore came on stage paying obeisance to Bhagawan. After spending sometime with Bhagawan and watching the Poornahuthi proceedings, the Swamiji left the stage while proceedings were still on.

The Yajna Vedhi was indeed a sight of greater benediction with 150 priests sitting around chanting vedic mantras and performing rituals along with 150 boys chanting Rudram. With weather taking its toll showering rain drops from heavens beyond the sky, and Bhagawan in His majesty showing up with His pristine presence, two elephants taking guard on either side of the platform raising trunks in reverence reminding one of the kingly days, the sight was absolutely dazzling and spiritually elevating.  Gods of the highest heaven would also be watching this heavenly sight through the holes of heaven, if there be, when Yajna Vedhi was virtually transformed into a virtual heaven…and they seemed to be singing to the fraternity on planet earth…

This is the house, the house of the Lord!
We wish the best for you!
This is the house, the house of the Lord!
We wish the best for you!

Bhagawan who came at 9:30 a.m. spent an hour on the platform, at times watching the rituals, often moving around blessing the pundits and students onstage and the devotees who dared to show up in spite of intermittent rains. Managala Arathi was offered at 10:30 before Bhagawan retired to His Divine Abode.

World may watch this Divine cosmic drama without entreating much into the greater import it entails.  But, anything that happens at His instance has a greater meaning and it is aimed at Loka Kalyaanam, for the benefit of world at large!