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Published on Sunday, Nov 23, 2008 at 023:00.00 Hrs.IST

Muddenahalli's share of Divine Love
Yet another twilight blessed by His Divine charisma

After a blessed morning with sumptuous darshan of the Lord in white, the focus of attention was on to the evening session. The surging rush that had filled the entire Prasanthi in the morning was still not budging and one could see long queues waiting to get into the Sai Kulwant Hall despite a drizzle early in the evening. …And Sai Kulwant Hall was filled to capacity as the long wait continued. But, God’s delay is not God’s denial…and came the Lord and delivered a wonderful Divine Discourse…

“Today I have decided to have a separate campus affiliated to Sri Sathya Sai University in Muddenahalli. Bhagawan’s Will is bound to happen. The work will start from tomorrow”, declared Bhagawan in His 83rd Birthday Message on the evening of 23rd November 2008.

Bhagawan arrived at Sai Kulwant Hall at 5.40 p.m. to the chants of Sri Rudra Prasna and wafting music played over the public address system. After Bhagawan came to the dais, Prof. Anil Kumar introduced the speakers for the evening session. He began his short speech hailing victory, victory to Sai, who has seen one thousand moons. Today we think it is the Birthday of Bhagawan, how can we celebrate the birthday of the One who has no birth. Your Birthday is the day when the Vedas originated, said Prof. Anil Kumar. He then introduced the two distinguished speakers for the evening session, Sri V. Srinivasan, past President of Confederation of  Indian Industries, Chairman of W.S. Industries, Member of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust and the All India President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations and Sri Ajit Popat, financial consultant and Trustee of Heart Valve Bank. 

Sri V. Srinivasan began his speech by offering his humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan. He also offered his greetings on the auspicious occasion of the 83rd Birthday of Bhagawan. Sri Srinivasan said that today is the defining moment in the chronicles of time because today the universe, the galaxies, planets, sun, moon, asteroids, all are fortunate to have 1,008 Darshan of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar. Blessed are we, how fortunate we are, Koti, Koti Pranams for His benevolent Darshan. Since the beginning of the month activities were galore at Prasanthi Nilayam – Grama Seva, Akhanda Bhajan, Bhagavata Saptaham, Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshan Shanti Mahotsavam. We were enthralled to have the Darshan of Bhagawan in the golden chariot. This morning Bhagawan gave Darshan in His pristine white robe. The sight was esoteric, enlightening … words cannot describe such a sight.

Referring to Bhagawan’s Discourse on the occasion of 27th Convocation of the University, the learned speaker said that Bhagawan has declared that in 28 years time, India would be the vanguard of all the countries of the world. All would be one. There would be absolute unity. Bhagawan has brought hope to the loveless world. What is the message that Bhagawan wants to convey when He sends His students for Grama Seva. He brings hope to those people whom society has forgotten. There is one Person who loves and cares for them.

The erudite speaker said that today after the morning function, Bhagawan told him and others to construct permanent houses in Orissa to those who are rendered homeless by the recent floods. Bhagawan is love personified. The message of yesterday’s drama is love. Bhagawan reaches out to the people of the villages. The speaker as All India President had many such experiences when he visited different parts of the country. Bhagawan would be ahead of him touching their hearts with His love. Sri Srinivasan said that he had been experiencing Bhagawan’s love for the last 40 years. Bhagawan’s love is spontaneous. Bhagawan said that He hates none. He loves all. It is our duty is see goodness in all people. Sri Srinivasan ended his speech by saying that let us resolve to have unshakeable faith in Bhagawan. We should have direct relationship with Bhagawan.

Sri Ajit Popat began his speech by offering his salutations to Bhagawan – Namaste Prema Rupaya Namaste Paramatmane, Namaste Shirdi Nathaya, Namaste Sathya Sayine. Sri Popat began his forceful speech by saying that Bhagawan is beyond one’s comprehension. Yatho Vacho Nivarthanthe Aprapya Manasa Saha (whence the words along with the mind rebound in futility without comprehending Divinity). He punctuated his speech with many slokas (verses). Brahmanandam, Parama Sukhadam, Kevalam Jnanamurtim, Dwandwateetam, Gagana Sadrisham, Tattwamasyadi Lakshyam, Ekam, Nityam, Vimalam, Achalam, Sarvadhee Sakshibhutam (He is the embodiment of divine bliss, wisdom absolute, beyond the pair of opposites, expansive and pervasive like the sky, the goal indicated by the Mahavakya Tattwamasi, one without a second, eternal, pure, unchanging, witness of all functions of the intellect). It is only Swami speaking through me, I am only a puppet. Swami has told Naham Pashu, Aham Brahmasmi. Do we need to be told that we have to behave like humans? Sri Popat in his inimitable style said that the ABC of life is Always be compassionate, charitable. Man at the time of birth cries Koham, people now instead of saying Soham say ‘phonum’. Everybody talks on mobile continuously. The speaker said that one should get up from bed at Brahamamurtam and do Sadhana. He said that one should be energetic, efficient and enterprising. If we want to be with the master, we should be efficient. He quoted Bhagawan’s saying Follow the master, face the devil, fight till the end and finish the game. He said that one should be aware, pure and persistent. Never give up. The speaker said that we have to make conscious effort to reduce the feeling of ‘I’. He said that Bhagawan does not want us to have intellectual devotion.

Bhagawan once told him to speak in Sai Sruti, Kodaikanal. After his long speech for one hour, Bhagawan asked him as to how much he practises. Then he told Bhagawan that he has his best intentions to translate them into action. Then Bhagawan asked him to what extent. When he replied 100%, Bhagawan was happy. Sri Popat said that there is no compromise in spirituality. There are two types of devotion: Intellectual devotion and Constant Integrated Awareness. He said with due respect to Vibhishana, let us not aspire to become Vibhishana, but Hanuman.

When Sri Popat told Bhagawan that he needs Bhagawan’s presence 24 hours a day, Bhagawan corrected him saying not 24 hours, but every breath, every second. Once Bhagawan told Sri Popat that the Rishis in the Himalayas do penance for years together for having one Darshan of the Lord, but you are fortunate see Him frequently. Every Darshan of the Lord is precious and important. That understanding is the dawn of golden age in us. The intensity of our devotion should be like a weary traveller in the midst of a desert at 12 noon. Our devotion should be as intense as his thirst for water. Sri Popat prayed on behalf of millions of devotees in U.K. and Europe to visit Sai Kutir in U.K. He concluded his speech by saying let us love all for the sake of the master, Bhagawan and serve all in His name.

After Sri Popat’s speech, Bhagawan gave His Birthday message to the delight of thousands gathered in the Hall.

Bhagawan began His speech with a Sanskrit verse: All the names and forms are but the manifestations of the Supreme Being who is Existence‑Knowledge‑Bliss Absolute and non‑dual. He is the embodiment of Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram (Truth, Goodness, Beauty). He is Sathya Sai Maheswaram.

Embodiments of Love!
Bharat is a highly sacred land. In this sacred land of Bharat beauty lies in forbearance. In fact character is more important than even life. Such principle is getting wiped out of this land. We follow the principles of foreign culture. Just as a mighty elephant is not aware of its strength, Bharatiyas are not aware of their innate strength. This is the sad plight of the Bharatiyas. An illiterate mahout controls the mighty elephant.

The Vedas declare that no property or association will confer immortality, only Thyaga (sacrifice) will confer immortality. We have ruined ourselves because of the absence of unity. Therefore, it is most essential to develop unity. Calling ourselves as human beings we behave like animals. Suppose we have partaken of a few delicious items. But the next morning it becomes faecal matter. Though it comes out of one’s own self, it has to be discarded. We have to accept all that is good in society. There is nothing great in doing good to those who have done good to us. Greatness lies in doing good to those who have harmed us. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi (as are the feelings, so is the result). When our feelings are good, our actions will also be good. After eating mango fruit, one cannot get the belch of cucumber. If there is goodness in the mind, all that you do will be good, but when there is no goodness in the mind, all that you do will also be bad. There is a place called Muddenahalli in the State of Karnataka. All the inhabitants of that place are very poor. Earlier when the school was built, many extended their help to construct classrooms and a hall for Bhajans. But to pursue higher studies, the people have to go to Bangalore since there is no university in Muddenahalli. Today I have decided to have a separate campus affiliated to Sri Sathya Sai University in Muddenahalli. Bhagawan’s Will is bound to happen. The work will start from tomorrow. Therefore, Bhagawan has Willed to have Sathya Sai University in Muddenahalli. The people living in Muddenahalli are village folk. They live by physical labour. To pursue higher studies, they have to go to cities or towns. Once they have completed their education, they can go elsewhere to earn a living. Bhagawan has decided to inculcate spirituality through Bhagavatam, Bhagawad Gita and Ramayana. It takes 3 years to learn. Without spirituality, all education will be in vain. There are many educated people but they are not doing anything to society. They indulge in gambling and other bad practices. When you direct children in the right way, they will become responsible citizens. Therefore, Bhagawan has decided to start University Campus in Muddenahalli. It will take 2 to 3 crores to construct the University Campus, but Bhagawan has decided to construct the Campus.

In Prasanthi Nilayam, we have students like pure gold. There may be some defects, but they would correct them. Not only correction, adjustment also. Today the elders are responsible for spoiling the students. Nowadays students are correcting even parents. If the father is a drunkard, the son corrects him by saying that he will earn a bad name in society. If the children are to be good, the elders should be perfect in their life. If the elders smoke cigarettes and drink liquor in front of them, naturally the children too get addicted to these vices.

I am going to build the hostel and campus in Muddenahalli with all facilities. It would be completed in one year. This is Bhagawan’s Divine Will. Bhagawan has been waiting to make this declaration.

Many extol Bhagawan in many ways. Bhagawan is not happy when He is extolled. Bhagawan is love personified. People may speak ill of Him, but Bhagawan is full of love. There are no enemies for Bhagawan. He takes care of everyone like children. The love of Bhagawan can be compared to 1,000 mothers love. With this power, Bhagawan is carrying on His mission. Bhagawan corrects people by feigning anger when they mistakes, but he is never really angry. You are not recognising Bhagawan’s love in depth. There is no difference in the heart of Bhagawan. Samasta Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all the beings of all the worlds be happy!) Bhagawan wishes all to be happy and healthy with plenty and prosperity.

Bhagawan never asks for money from anyone. Out of thousands of devotees present here, not even a single person can say that Bhagawan had asked money from him. Money comes and goes, morality comes and grows. Ramdas spent all the money he collected as tax to build a temple for Rama. He was incarcerated by the king when he came to know of this. In this moment of agony, Ramdas cried to the Lord, “Oh Lord, you flaunt all your jewels in all grandeur, but see my condition now.” But afterwards Ramdas repented and asked for forgiveness from the Lord. People speak according to their whims and fancies. But Bhagawan has no such imagination. People may say thousand bad things about Bhagawan, but He never punishes them. You may question now, but later in future you will repent for your mistake. No one has recognised even a fraction of His thoughts. They do not recognise the love that comes out of His heart. All should be happy and live in love. We may not have property and wealth, but if we have the wealth of love, we are sure to succeed. When you are confronted by difficulties, loss and grief, consider them as God’s gift. When anyone asks your name, you should not say Rama, Krishna, but you should say, “I am I”.

I and mine are the origin of man’s ego. We should first of all give up this quality of ego. Bhagawan wants you to live long and stand united. Let us all grow together, move together and live together.

Bhagawan has made drinking water available to 1 crore people in Chennai. I have brought water all the way from river Krishna. What the British could not do, I did it. I gave drinking water to the people living in the upland areas of East and West Godavari districts. Bhagawan always does something good or the other. Now Bhagawan is going to build a separate campus affiliated to Sathya Sai University in Muddenahalli. Any Muddenahalli teachers in the gathering? Did you hear Bhagawan’s words? Be happy. Narayana Rao, the Principal of Muddenahalli is a double doctorate holder. He takes care of the entire management. He was waiting for Bhagawan’s compassion. (Bhagawan called Dr. Narayana Rao to the stage to speak a few words. Bhagawan spoke in Kannada language.) “I have no words to express my thanks. He is always looking after us. We will do His work. We will do our best to please Him in all ways”, said Dr. Narayana Rao in his short speech.

You share this bliss with everybody. Be happy.

(Bhagawan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan, “Rama Rama Rama Sita …”)

Prasadam was distributed to the huge gathering in the end. Arati was offered to Bhagawan at 7.50 p.m.

Thus concluded the grand and glorious 83rd Birthday celebrations of Bhagawan, the celebration which will ever remain etched in the hearts of all.