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Setting the Stage for the Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshana Shanti Mahotsavam


Prasanthi Nilayam is gearing up to have a date with destiny, as the epoch-making event, Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshana Shanti Mahotsavam is scheduled to get underway on the 15th of November on a grand scale. The festival is scheduled to have a formal beginning on the morning of November 15 with a group of 170-200 learned priests entering the specially erected Yajna Vedhi in the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium. The festival would continue for three days with the grand finale slated for the 17th in the Divine Presence. Huge concourses of devotees from around the world will attend the celebrations.

The preparations are in full swing in the Hill View stadium with a 56 feet Yajna Vedhi being completed at the Shanti Vedhika. This extended portion is a temporary build that has a permanent base built with granite walls and laden with sands, protruding to the front as an extension to the existing Shanti Vedhika structure.  There are 12 homa kundas evenly marked on this extended platform. This extension is being done in such a way that the existing structure is left intact underneath, well covered by this newly erected platform…

Apart from the venue, Yajna Vedhi, all the statues adorning the huge Hill View Stadium have been repainted to resplendence; all the roads leading to the venue have been resurfaced, a huge arch is being done on the road leading to the stadium and bamboo barricades are being put up in the stadium for the convenience of the devotees.

Prasanthi Digital studio teaming up with the students of Sri Sathya Sai University is gearing up to provide deferred telecast and video streaming of highlights everyday for the benefit of viewers around the world. Two huge LED screens are installed in the stadium to facilitate better viewing of the proceedings. Closed Circuit TV transmission will be provided in Sai Kulwant Hall for devotees who find it difficult to trudge to the stadium. Hundreds of extra hands, ranging from masons to welders and carpenters, painters to sculptors, technicians to engineers are being pressed into service, and hundreds and thousands of extra sevadals from different states have been already deployed for service activities. Prasanthi Nilayam, the global spiritual town housing the supreme divinity is doubly ensuring not to leave any stones unturned and thus making the event a momentous one!