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Lustre, Grandeure and Heavenly - The Venue a Day before


All faces around are lit and so was the township. Glorified by the presence of the Lord walking on two feet, Puttaparthi, the spiritual township has ever been at her resplendent best being the spiritual capital.  With just hours to go for the kick start of the epochal Sahasra Poorna Chandra Darshanam, operations in the run up to this momentous occasion gets into a higher gear as the entire Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium, the venue is being spruced up to match the grandeur of the coveted occasion.

The entire township was seen bubbling with enthusiasm with devotee influx scaling with the tick of time. A visit to the railways station in the early morning found huge number of devotees flooding the platform, all beaming with great joy at the prospect of being in the Divine presence of the Master Beloved.  


The watchful servant shining in brilliance - The Hanuman Statue atop the Hill

Yajur Mandiram was seen decked up with parading lights of various hues shining in briliiance as it ought to be. And at the venue, it was a heavenly sight on the previous night as the stadium was already at its luminous best with gleaming white shafts flashing through the halogens, installed all around, lighting the entire stadium granting a classy dazzling touch, with gobos and parcans adding on to the brilliance and glamour. Huge hoardings with Bhagawan’s pictures and messages have already been mounted and the hilly terrain and the newly painted statues on the south of the stadium have been properly lit up along with the two monumental edifices on top, the museum and the university building, that perfectly accords with the dark sky on top, carving a perfect picturesque setting in the backdrop of the entire stadium. Two LED panels are projected on either side of the Shanti Vedika to facilitate close view of the proceedings on the stage. Sound and light professionals are on the job to ensure perfection to match the demanding occasion; sound effect that is expected to generate would be sufficient to cover a mammoth congregation of 4.5 to 5 lakhs of audience. The stage decorations are still on with lights and flowers taking lead role adding to the glitter and grandeur. Students of the Sathya Sai University along with senior students from the higher secondary school are on high alert to press into service any time, if required. Green carpet has already been laid on the sprawling ground that has been divided into various blocks with bamboo barricades.


150 priests, 60 from Shringeri Sharada Mutt and the balance from various mutts of Andhra Pradesh would be participating in the three day long Yajna that would  be officiated by Lakshminarayana Somayaji of Sringeri Sharada Peetam. The primary function of the Yajna began at 20 Hrs. today with the priests congregating on the platform chanting vedic mantras that lasted for 90 minutes. The grand opening of the Yajna is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. IST on Saturday morning.

Saluting the Lord for the 1000th time!

It is the fraternity’s privilege to rejoice anticipating the grandeur of the occasion felicitating the grandsire of the family as per the traditional custom.  It is its privilege to run the show for Him and it is again the fraternity which is privileged to get felicitated by this sire, through this wonderful opportunity that is bestowed upon to humanity by the all mighty Lord walking on two feet.

It reads well…the full moon on 13th November, and the very next day on the 14th, India marked her presence on the moon to become only the fourth nation to scale this historic milestone, when the national tri-colour was planted on the moon’s surface, and 15th November will be marking the beginning of the epochal event in Prasanthi Nilayam, the spiritual capital on planet earth. The splendorous full moon was shining in the backdrop of the dark sky wondering at the drama happening in her name on planet earth and she was seemingly saluting the Lord for she has been privileged to witness eighty-two glorious years of the Avatar’s Divine mission on planet earth!