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Go-daan, distribution of implements, soul stirring music

Updated on 31st Oct 2009 at 09:15 a.m.

Another day dawned brightly holding the promise of being in the Divine presence after having soaked in the Lord’s nectarine shower of words the previous evening.

Bhajans began as a communion with the Lord, urging Him to grant Darshan and seeking His grace to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Every heart filled with hope and prayers longed to bask in His divine glory. The blazing sun, cool breeze and lush, damp grass – it seemed as though Mother Nature had rushed forth to offer herself to the Lord of the Universe. The flags on the temple fluttered in enthusiasm as though they were gratified to be perched on such a sacred and sanctified spot.

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Bhagawan first went to the site of the Yagna Mandap where as a part of the Prana Pratishtha ritual the offering of 5 Cows, 20 Sewing Machines, 25 Fertiliser Pumps, 2000 sets of Clothes (Saris, Shirts, Pants), 5 Tri-cycles was made to the villagers, after Bhagawan blessed them.

Like a waft of cool breeze, the Lord arrived on the stage at about 11:10 am, a welcome respite from the sun shining in all its might.

The most compassionate Lord acceded to the request of Shri Shivaji Rao Jadhav to permit the Bal Vikas children of Hadshi and Kolvan to sing a few Bhajans. So sweet and innocent was the rendition of the Bal Vikas children, that the Lord was seen smiling and giving rhythm to the melody of their soul stirring Bhajans. Bhajans by the students of Bhagawan continued thereafter, before Bhagawan signalled for the Aarathi to be performed. After the Aarathi, Bhagawan retired to His abode, but not before He blessed the entire gathering with the double Abhayastha encompassing one and all in His infinite Love.

Bhagawan is scheduled to fly to Mumbai this morning after 10:30 to reach the city at 11:00. He would be visiting Indulal Shah's house before attending the evening programme, a public function scheduled at Goregoan.