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Buddha Purnima in Prasanthi Nilayam - 2nd Day

Sacred Chantings, Drama Presentation

The Lordly Entry!

Lord moves on...

Singing His Glory! Jakarta Youth Group

'Lord Buddha' introduces the Progamme to THE LORD!

Siddhartha's compassion for the suffering

Devotional Narration

Village head's arrogance

Frustration at its peak!

Buddha wields his way into the heart of the haughty village head

Finally understanding the folly!

The serene Buddha!

Sacred Vibhuti from the Hands of the Lord!

"Photographed with the Divine!"

"The Lord and the Master!"

Unto The Mother's Fold!

We are with The Lord!

“Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” the theme selected for this year’s Vaishaka Buddha Purnima in the Divine Presence at Prasanthi Nilayam that 'set the fire' on the first day of the celebrations continued on the second evening as the stage was set for a drama presentation portraying greater teachings of Lord Buddha, titled “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”.

Bhagawan came just after 16 Hrs. IST for a full round and He was received by Vedam chanting and aspecial Indonesian music called ‘Gamelan’ which was played on the previous evening as well by a special group from Bali, Indonesia.

The first programme in the evening was sacred chanting by the Youth from Jakarta, Indonesia. Starting with propitiating Ganesha Strotra, “GananamTva….”, the group of 22 comprising ladies, gents and children went on chanting Ratana Sutta followed by the great compassionate heart dharani mantra of Aryan Avalokitesvara (Tibetan), starting with Namo Ratna Trayaya… Chanting the powerful vibratory mantra sitting in the immediate Divine Presence of Bhagawan, a rare privilege bestowed upon, the group of chanters was immersed in absolute bliss, infusing spiritual vibration into each and every soul present in the spacious Sai Kulwant Hall.  

A drama with narration, action, flashback bringing forth the best of Lord Buddha’s teachings was the highlight of the evening marking the grand finale of the two day Buddha Purnima celebrations. The presentation titled “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma”, by devotees from Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Singapore started with an introduction gratefully remembering the grand occasion commemorating three great events, birth, enlightenment and nirvana of Lord Buddha and with grateful thanks for the compassionate Lord for the grand opportunity bestowed upon.

A scene from India’s freedom struggle with Vande Mataram in the background leading to a conversation on the present day plight marked with mire of violence dipping the world into distress and disaster, the scene was unraveling the greatness of the life of young Siddhartha. The young Siddhartha, the would be king, who was never allowed to move out of the palace, by the turn of events moves out of the palace, facing the stark reality of the suffering world gets transformed understanding the folly of mundane, miry world…and there comes the great renunciation.

The drama interspersed with narration and action often brings back anecdotes from the illustrious spiritual life of the adolescent Buddha. What is Buddha’s relevance to the present day world and how best non-violence could prevail upon to bring the much sought after peace unto this world? Going by Buddha’s teachings one has to achieve control over five senses and harmony of Thought, Word and Deed.

Coming back to Buddha’s life through a flash back,  a village scene was depicted where a village head scornfully abuses the Lord calling him for misleading his followers. The scene changes when Buddha was hurled into abuses and a cool Buddha reacts most lovingly reverting with a question as to whom should the offering of abuses go in case if he, the supposed receiver does not accept it? Here opens the eyes of the village head and he fallsl at Lord’s feet seeking pardon.

The drama enters the final stage with Bhagawan’s teaching comes to the fore interlinking with Buddha’s life and teachings. How to practice control of senses and achieve sacred vision, as propagated by Lord Buddha? ... and how can we bring Peace unto the world?  Practising five human values strictly adhering to Buddha’s teaching of Right Vision, Right Hearing, Right Speech would ensure the desired result making the world a harmonious and peaceful outfit. The presentation ends with a beautiful theme song on peace and harmony.

Bhagawan moved down the aisle to bless the participants with coveted photo session followed by Paada Namaskar. All the participants were blessed with Safari pieces and Sarees, for gents and ladies respectively. This presentation was followed by array of bhajans by International group. Prasadam was distributed before Bhagawan called for Mangala Arathi after 17:30 Hrs. IST.

Over 820 devotees from over seven countries, namely, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bruei, Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan were present for the two day festivity. A group of 16 Lamas from Nepal was also present in Prasanthi Nilayam enjoying the bliss of the presence of the Avatar on the occasion marked with spiritual import of highest order.