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Published on Monday, Nov 15, 2010 at 1600hrs IST

A Choreography of Light and Sound Celebrated the victory of Dharma on this auspicious Diwali Day.

Bhagawan was welcomed to the Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium by students holding candles in their hand and broad smile on their face. A procession of Vedam and Traditional Instrumentalists lead Bhagawan's car onto the stage. A group of students performed a Bhangra Dance to spice up the festivities.

Bhagawan went up the open elevator onto the stage with the Bhajan group welcoming Him with paeans of praise. After lighting the lamp, Bhagawan was seated on the stage and a couple more Bhajans were lilted,. Two students with beaming countenances came forward holding a switch board for Bhagawan to press.

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At the touch of His finger, the stadium saw an unprecedented choreography of light and sound. To the cheers of the little children and the awe of the elders, the senior students of the institute set in forth a new dance, one that could rival the big bang itself. Starting with the bursts of serial crackers, followed by the glow of the flower pots and the soar of the rockets which in turn burst into many showers on the sky, the process was reinitiated with a quantum leap of joy. Amidst all this how can the students sit still? A dance group came forward and broke into a jig to a song on Lord Rama's glory reminding us what this celebration is for - The Victory of Dharma over Ahamkara


Bhagawan blessed a few senior students and teachers who had organised this whole festivity before accepting Arati and retiring to Yajur Mandiram.