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Cultural Program by Devotees from Kuwait

Faith and Surrender

August 03, 2008

Devotees from Kuwait presented a skit entitled 'Faith & Surrender', a drama based on the power of Prayer.

There is a devout Muslim searching a good match for his daughter. In his daily interactions with the shopkeeper of the local grocery store, he discovers the power of prayer. The episode narrated here is of a very pious but poor lady who begs for food at the store. When the shopkeeper mockingly tells her that he would give her provisions equivalent to the weight of her shopping list, she takes the name of Allah and places the list on the scales. The scales get "tipped" so heavily in favour of the one taking the Lord's name that no amount of provisions seems to move the weighing balance! With the Lord's name, nothing is impossible. And so with the Lord's name on his lips, the devout Muslim is able to find a good match for his daughter. That lad is also devout and hardworking and helps a music teacher, Rammohan,  to run his music classes.

Some years after their wedding, on the holy day of Eid Ul-Fitr, a begger comes to their house and asks for alms. The protagonist argues with his wife that charity comes above family and his wife reluctantly parts with the food. He convinces her that Allah will take care of them and that she should not loose her faith. Before he could complete his sentence, a guest appears with lot of sweets for all of them to celebrate Eid and the wife regrets that she let her motherly anxiety overcome her faith.. Finally, there were simple dances and songs in praise of Bhagawan.

As the programme concluded, Bhagawan called a little girl (one of the children in the story)and materialised a gold chain for her and put it lovingly around her neck. He also blessed them posing for group photographs. Bhagawan then permitted them to sing bhajans. Very creatively and nicely, they sang Bhajans, each threaded into the other. After the singing went on for about 15 minutes, Bhagawan blessed the prasadam to be distributed and then retired after receiving Aarthi.