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Adilabad Parthi Yatra

February 11, 2007

Music Programme by Adilabad Devotees and Divine Discourse


13th February 2007 Prasanthi Nilayam: Devotees from Adilabad had a date with Divinity in Prasanthi Nilayam, on 11th February 2007. More than 3200 devotees came as a part of Adilabad Parthi Yatra from this northern district of Andhra Pradesh were blissfully basking in the Divine Love of Bhagawan on a day that was most benevolently bestowed upon them. This Parthi Yatra was organised by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations marking the culmination of year-long spiritual sadhana and service activities, begun in Feb 2006.

On this memorable morning Bhagawan most benevolently chose to sit on the dais for more than ninety minutes at a stretch, listening to the musical rendering by the group that was followed by Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse. In the Divine Discourse that was delivered more on an informal style without translation into English, Bhagawan exhorted them to follow the five human values. Bhagawan said, the practise of one human value would lead to other values and thus we would finally able to achieve Peace unto the world. Expressing immense satisfaction and happiness at the service activities taken up by the devotees from the district, Bhagawan urged them to continue the good work.  The Divine Pat came in the form of materialisation of two chains for two of the singers and a ring for the music composer, Bhantaru Chittibabu. The troupe had undergone extensive rehearsal sessions for almost three months fine-tuning to perfection before the final show at Prasanthi Nilayam.

Procession and Skit by Adilabad Devotees


The music programme in the morning was followed by an exhibition of tribal culture of Andhra Pradesh, especially those from the district of Adilabad, in the evening. This was indeed a cultural treat to the mini-world that congregated in Sai Kulwant Hall which was doubly privileged to witness the staging of various folklore art forms of the district in the immediate Divine Presence of Bhagawan. The folk art forms that were staged included, Gussadi, the dance form of Gonds, an aboriginal tribes of Adilabad, supposedly the  most significant dance among all the types of dances of Gonds; Dhimsa, a traditional folk dance of Andhra Pradesh; Mathuri, a folk dance generally performed bythetribals of Umji and Indravelli forest areas of Utnoor Taluk of the district, Oggukatha, a folk art originated among Kurumas (Yadavas) who devoted themselves to the singing of ballads in praise of Lord Shiva, Yakshaganam, a theatrical folk performing art form in which music, dance, and speech are harmoniously blended; Kolattam, a dance form in which two sticks are used for producing rhythmic sounds while in motion coupled with singing, Burra Katha, a prominent folk art form of Andhra Pradesh, a variation of ‘Hari Katha’; Bonalu a short form for Bhojanalu which means "meals", a ritual offering of meals to the mother Goddess, a female-folk art of the Telengana region of Andhra Pradesh; Bathakamma, a female-folk dance prevalent in the Telengana region which is usually performed by newly married women with a feeling of peace and success in their married life. An immensely pleased Bhagawan sat through the entire session for more than ninety minutes encouraging the folks in their endeavour to excel in their traditional art. This tribal folk along with the other members of the group took out a procession to the Shivalayam, the birthplace of Bhagawan later in the evening.

Another attraction of the evening was a skit presentation by the Youth of Adilabad ably portraying the predicament of present day youth.  The presentation titled, "Sai Hain Jeevan" (Sai is Life) started with a group of boys belonging to various faiths joining together and deciding upon the mode of New Year Celebrations. While the paltry suggestions of partying, drinking and making merry came forth from some quarters, there was one youth who suggested to stop thinking unholy of such a stupendous occasion wasting their precious time; instead should ponder over something that would yield permanent happiness. With some interesting episodes from the lives of some devotees who were recipient of Bhagawan’s blessings, the boy then spoke about service activities rendered by Bhagawan stressing on the famous adage Help Ever Hurt Never. Doubly inspired by this impressive narration, the tranformed youth decided to celebrate the advent of the New Year conducting Bhajans and participating in service activities instead of satisfying petty interests. At the end of the skit Bhagawan blessed the youth with a group photo session that they richly deserved.

This devoted group of over 3200 have been constantly engaged in a year-long Spiritual Sadhana and Service activities covering 405 villages in the district. Their activities included, Namasmarana, distribution of Bhagawan’s Literature and propagation of Divine Message, Medical Camp for the poor and needy, Veterinary Camps, Likhita Japa Sadhana, Sadhana Shibirams, etc. Just before embarking upon their journey to Puttaparthi, the group of over 3000 had taken up Deeksha (spiritual vow) for 27 days, wearing special kankanams (sacred wrist band serving as reminders of the spiritual vow) clubbed with continuous non-stop ‘Akhanda Nama Sankirtanam’.

Bhagawan, in a gesture of compassion and love for the devotees from the district, most benevolently lit a lamp that these devotees would carry to every village in the distrcit, symbolically signifying the love of Bhagawan engulfing the entire region. Sri P. Venkata Rao, District President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Andhra Pradesh who spearheaded the year-long activities in the district narrated how they experienced Bhagawan’s presence throughout their sojourn. The group that had requested for 22 special railway coaches were informed that they would be given a maximum of 18 coaches only and were asked to make alternate arrangements to meet their demand. But, true to the dictum, “Why Fear when I am here”, out of the blue, towards the last lap of their preparations, they got intimation from the railway officials awarding them full 22 special coaches against their original request. And as against the regular practice the special train was carried by a goods engine…an expensive affair by the government to meet the urgency of the occasion, said Mr. P. Venkata Rao, the District President. These too being insufficient to accommodate the 3200 devotees surging to see Bhagawan, 20 special buses were employed for the purpose.

Bhagawan was most benevolent in offering His Divine Blessings. The District President prayed for extended rail facilities from Prasanthi Nilayam to the Adilabad District. Bhagawan, then lovingly enquired about their drinking water availability.
It was indeed heartening and encouraging to see an entire district with huge tribal population that reel under political violence and poverty ably organising and engaging more than 3000 devotees for year-long service activities as an offering to their Beloved Bhagawan. No wonder the Lord heard the prayers of these innocent souls and reciprocated in the most benevolent fashion. Bhagawan was almost giving Himself away…to those innocent hearts…apt reward for those crying souls.

Jai Sai Ram