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Posted at 02:15:34 Hrs. IST on 02 Jan 2010

The Story of “The Eternal Bond of Love” that was on display on the New Year eve crossed over to the next day with the privileged folks, Alumni of Sri Sathya Sai University, continued their Saga of Love on the auspicious New Year Day in Prasanthi Nilayam in the immediate Divine Presence.

Singing for the Lord is altogether a different game and none else could excel in this art than His chosen students who are adept in reading the pulse of Divinity in physical frame.

As if carrying forward from the glorious tales from the New Year Eve, the New Year evening witnessed yet another chapter of this Divine Saga wherein the Alumni, in united voice, made their explicit love for their Beloved Mother Sai.

Being the 25th year of the Brass Band of Sri Sathya Sai University, the Alumni Brass Band comprising former students from various batches belonging to yester years made a scintillating thematic Band display. This was interspersed with musings of interesting anecdotes from the inspiring tale of the Band Troupe, highlighting the Master Beloved as the "Doer" behind their success.

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Band Master of excellence from the previous years, Dr. Dibya Jyothi Das had a tale narrated by his senior, a tale that had happened twenty five years ago, during the60th Birthday occasion.

Convocation was fast approaching and the band was unable to play to precision and finally they sought Bhagawan’s permission to permit the Police Band to play during the occasion. But, Bhagawan was not relenting; instead He had encouraging words for the folks, asking them to just do their duty, to practise vigorously, and a promise that rest would be taken care of.  

…And the former Band Master exclaimed that this has been the tale of love between Swami and His students that made their saga a grandt success over the years.   “…for boys just put their hard work and music comes from the Divine…for boys who have not touched musical instruments, for boys who have not got introduced to western music got to play is nothing short of a miracle” quipped the previous Band Master dedicating the evening with gratitude to their Master Beloved, their guiding force, Beloved Swami.

The troupe played four numbers, the first one, “The One”, an offering to The One who has been their guiding force and spirit. The first piece was followed by “Dharma”, with “Power D”, the third piece, an offering attributed to the Divine Power followed by the final piece, “Jai Ho”, a piece attributed to the real maestro behind their success story.

On the spirited evening the folks, by now over 1300 in number, had gathered in full force to make it an eventful evening of their own and Bhagawan was more than willing to make Himself available for them.

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Earlier, Bhagawan was given a traditional welcome, as Divinity richly ‘deserves’. Coming out precisely at 5 pm, Bhagawan was escorted by a caravan comprising of flag bearing University Students along with Vedic Procession to lead from the front and behind Him was a student carrying a traditional parasol followed by two students fanning from both ends with customary yak tail fans.   

There was a flurry of group of students onto the dais, carrying various things, right from various projects to the evening’s presentations followed by cakes for the occasion, for the sanctifying touch of the Lord.

Upon the completion of the Band Display, the alumni website was dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet through a presentation that had been going on, projecting on the LED screen fixed in the centre hall. This was followed by the release of Volumer 15 and 16 of Bridge Across Time, the Alumni Bhajan Volume Series. The Volumes contain bhajans sung by students ranging from 1970 to 2009 batches of the University. After the presentation the Alumni music group had two special songs upon which they were asked to continue with group bhajan singing.

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And in the morning the tale was not different. Privileged folks, as you call them, these grateful students are undoubtedly the excellent bunch of His creation, the crème de la crème of the fraternity, who are privileged to hold the designation of “Sathya Sai Students”. …And the folks are aware of the “Burden of the Badge” and the rarity of the good great fortune, a special boon to entertain the Divinity in physical frame. Echoing this spirit they sang “Entha Bhagyamu Enthadi Soubhagyamu…”.

Earlier, Bhagawan came out at 10:13 am in sparkling yellow, cooling minds, lighting up hearts and elevating souls to greater realms of joy on the auspicious New Year morning.

First, it was the turn of the University Brass Band which played four scintillating numbers, “Ganga Jadadhara…”, symbolizing the joy of celebration from the peaks of Mount Kailasha, “Gopala Radhalola…”, a number depicting the greater love of Gopas and Gopikas for Lord Krishna. These two pieces were followed by another piece attributing Mother Divine with “grace” period granted by Bhagawan and the last piece came as Bhagawan graciously permitted the troupe to complete their scheduled quota of four; the final piece was to the tune of “Murali Krishna Mukunda Krishna…”.

This was followed by the Music Troupe of the University that sang some brilliant Carnatic pieces including “Vatapi Ganapatim Bhajeham…” in Adi Talam, Hamsadhwani Ragam, followed by one Hindustani to end with a dazzling final piece of Thillana. Singing with precision within the frame work of perfect Sruti, Raga and Tala, this grateful talented bunch of students raised the benchmark of the expectations. Bhagawan was engrossed in musical rhapsody while the capacity crowd gave round of applause every time these students came up with some scintillating, tongue twisting and breathtaking alap.

Indeed Bridge Across Time was built with bricks of Eternal Bond of Love between Beloved Swami and His grateful students. And Pranthi has been thrilled witnessing this Divine Romance between the Creator and His creation.