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Dindi Yatra and Medical Camp

Posted on 4th July 2009 @ 01:30 hrs. IST

July 04, 2009

Ashadi brings a renewed devotional fervour for the Lord of Pandarpur, Vittal Rakhumai. With the arrival of this auspicious season the entire Maratha region goes agog as their attention turns to the centuries old spiritual capital of the state, Pandharpur, the seat of Lord Vittal Rakhumai. The centuries old tradition of Vaarkari Sampradaya showcasing the legacy of the state with religious passion, brings lakhs and lakhs of devotees walking on foot in huge processions to Pandharpur, the abode of Lord Vittala singing abhangas of Sant Thukkaram and Sant Jnaneshwar to have the darshan of their chosen deity.
Symbolically representing this time tested tradition, devotees of Bhagawan from different parts of the state pay their obeisance to their Lord Sai Vittala every year walking in a symbolic Dindi Yatra from Dharmavaram to Prasanthi Nilayam. The Dindi Yatra for the year commenced on the 30th June from Seeta Ramaya Kalyana Mandapam, Dharmavaram and reached Prasanthi Nilayam on 3rd July 2009 covering over forty six kilometers. A total number of over eight hundred Varkaris carrying the Palaki, singing abhangas participated in the procession.

Manava Seva is Madhava Seva, says Bhagawan and inspired by Bhagawan’s call to serve the poor and down trodden in the villages, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Maharashtra has been conducting Medical Camps over the years, in selected villages, on the sidelines of Dindi Yatra, during Ashadi Ekadashi.

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The medical camp that involved number of doctors and paramedical staff apart from sevadals from the organization got underway on the 30th June with a Kalasha Pooja followed by a huge procession attended by hundreds of villagers surcharging the atmosphere.

Thirty doctors across seven disciplines, thirty seven medical students from Anantapur Medical College, fifteen Pharmacists and hundred and seventeen Volunteers extended their serving hands to over 4012 Patients covering over 5011 consultations during the two day medical camp. Medicines were given free as per prescription and all patients were provided with Puliohara and curd rice as Bhagawan’s Prasadam.

As a part of Balvikas activity, school children in the villages were engaged in various activities such as namasmarana, storytelling, health & hygiene awareness, puppet show, art and craft classes, dramas, and many other cultural programmes that help in developing their overall personality.

A team of veterinary experts consisting of six doctors, two helpers and two sevadals examined over four thousand cattles during the two day medical camp.

Bhagawan has rightly mentioned time and again that service with a selfless motive would help one to attain purity which eventually would help him to reflect his innate divinity. Sathya Sai Seva Organisation’s effort in spreading awareness about His Mission through such camps comes handy as thousands upon thousands get the benefit out such activities, while on the other hand those who are involved in serving getting the benefit of evolving into better spiritual beings. Service to man is service to God and every such activity done under His banner would yield greater benefits that help humanity to evolve to a better society.