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Posted at 12:11:20 IST on Mar 15, 2010

"I separated Myself from Myself in order to love Myself…" is the quote that talks about the Divine Mystery of creation. With the Creator’s earthly show on, Prasanthi often gets to witness entertaining sessions, wherein Lord opts to sit and watch His wards excelling in every aspect of life, soaring high, breaking benchmarks.

Mar 14, the Sunday evening turned out to be yet another glorious evening that was fortunate to witness the Silken Bond of Love between “The Lord” and “His Students”! The title “His Student” is not an exaggerated usage, as it is this fraternity that is most privileged to entertain Him, the subtle import of which is not known to ordinary mortals. It was just a day before that Bhagawan casually asked about any possible programme for the ensuing day.  The Prasanthi Brass Band that is in its silver jubilee year and has essentially become the virtual University Brass Band lost no time in gearing up with a programme for the scheduled evening.

A half-an-hour programme had some scintillating music pieces, weaving His Story through His Story - The Story of His Avataric Advent, in a most innovative style, with a mix of compeering, singing followed by sounding through Band Instruments.

Beginning with a full throated “Jai” in line with what one would witness in soap operas, like epics, The Ramayana and Mahabharata, invoking the Advent of the “Mighty King of Kings”, the troupe produced a scintillating musical gem, a heartfelt offering ‘singing’ on the most auspicious happening, His Advent, rejoicing the occasion.

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Taking the story along, the troupe slowly waded through various phases in His Avataric Life. Next piece that conjoined the introduction was an attempt reminisce little Sathya’s childhood leelas in the village that did the trick to wonder the innocent villagers with awe! This was played to the tune of “Bala Gopala…Sai Bala Gopala…”.

Ganalola Priya or the lover of music, the Poetic Sai, who coined words into thematic rhymes teaching greater lessons, was remembered through another scintillating piece in tune with the National Anthem, an innovative piece that was followed by “Rama Kodanda Rama…”, a piece depicting His greater compassion, love for humanity. The next piece was reminiscing Sai, the role-model, encompassing the events related to 20th October 1940, the day when He threw His books away to declare that He is Sathya Sai, come to serve the world…and the music piece was “Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam…”

How can one develop love for God? Leaping into Sai’s Mission, the talented bunch combined a variety of instruments, a saxo-guitar-violin combine, to produce the answer to the question…that is…”Hari Bhajan Binaa Sukha Shanthi Nahin…”.

Hailing Bhagawan to be the sole inspiration for every tune they have played all through these twenty five years, envisioning the proud mother in Sai, telling “Naa Bhangaru Pillelu…” (my golden children), they had a final prayer to take them in His hands to make them worthy instruments in His glorious mission.

Exclusive photo session followed, onstage, after which in “Gratitude”, the Band played the final song for the evening, in tune with Swami’s often heard, “Love is My form….Truth is my breath…”.

Safari pieces and sweets were distributed to the entire troupe upon which, Bhagawan moved down to pose for a group photograph with the entire band troupe, an additional incentive from Mother Divine!

Earlier Bhagawan arrived at the hall at 6 to the chants of Vedas. Taking a detour to come on stage He called for the Band Troupe for blessings to commence the programme.