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Updated at 1027 on July 04, 2010

Burrakatha - the storytelling folk art form of Andhra Pradesh has been a distinct tool in the hands of Bhagawan, over the past more than three years, in disseminating greater messages from the epics and celebrated lives. This interest shown by Bhagawan in the art form helped forming the first Burrakatha Trio of Prasanthi Nilayam that has been a grand success on many counts, making the art form popular among the Sai fraternity.

The successful and experienced trio was to pass the baton to a new set of artistes and the debut was scheduled for the auspicious Thursday evening. The new trio The new trio, two doing their final year in Master of Sciences and a sophomore in the Bachelor of Arts course, had been getting trained under the regular trainer Mr. Krishna Bhaskar ably assisted by the erstwhile batch, for the past more than six months.

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Encouraging these fresh faces, dispelling the pressure that was built out of the benchmark set by the erstwhile trio, Bhagawan spent some time with them interacting and assuring them of His continued blessings.

Bhagawan, the Master He is, knowing the pulse, enquired into their names and courses they were undertaking. They were totally submissive in their reply crediting Bhagawan for every good happening. “Swami, it is all your Grace and in your hands. You have done everything” was all what they had to submit to Bhagawan, passing the baton in the spirit of true surrender unto the big shoulders of The Lord! The magic of surrender worked instantly as Bhagawan reassured them ‘His Touch’ with loving pats. He had a close inspection of the costumes and other paraphernalia before blessing the trio with Padanamaskar.

The ‘new trio’ was welcomed onstage with thunderous applause and loud cheers from the primary block. Imparting initial blessings the trio moved down the stairs to begin the presentation as Bhagawan watched them keenly sitting onstage.

The central theme of the presentation entitled Lava – Kusa was based on the Uttara Kanda of the epic Ramayana. Tracing the story as to how Mother Sita was banished to the forest when a washer-man stood to cast aspersions on her chastity, the story moved on to the birth of the Holy Twins and their heroics thereafter, wherein during Lord Rama’s Ashwamedha Yajna, the duo overpower their uncles and finally their own legendary father, Lord Rama Himself!

Soulful rendering and eloquent narration made the presentation an absorbing one that was keenly followed by Bhagawan Himself who was seated onstage throughout the forty-five minute presentation.  While the entire presentation was suffused with devotional fervour there were occasions when emotions powered to the centre stage, especially with the episode narrating Mother Sita’s helpless condition, when every heart would tend to reach out the Holy Mother of Treta Yuga.

The forty-five minute programme concluded at 1900 hrs., highlighting Bhagawan's message in essence, My Life is My Message, urging one and all to sing Sai's glory..

It is to be mentioned that the presentation was interspersed with many “padyams” (songs) as Bhagawan would refer to it, and many of them were “His Own” compositions.

Next fifteen minutes saw Bhagawan, flanked by the artistes and accompanists, interacting and imparting blessings in abundance. Singer artiste (Kathakudu) was blessed with a golden ring while some others were blessed with materialized Vibhuti. Bhagawan blessed the entire troupe, including those who were behind the musical score that played a vital role in the success of the presentation, with Vibhuti Prasadam and later with photo sessions.

Earlier, the auspicious Thursday arrived heralding an early evening darshan! Emerging at 1715 hrs. to the chants of Vedam, that got enhanced with the primary children joining in full throat, Bhagawan went for two full rounds of Sai Kulwant Hall before ascending the portico at 1740 hrs., after 25 minutes of Darshan rounds! Of the thousands seated in the hall were the 700 odd US men and women who were lucky recipients of this special Darshan bonanza! As He glided past many got to receive His blessings including some of the students who got their musical instruments blessed with His sanctifying touch!

Stopping over, in between blessing many, Bhagawan moved at a slow pace at the primary block, glancing at the little ones, accepting greeting cards from many, blessing the lot in abundance.  It was indeed a Darshan bonanza for the capacity audience and granting them a regal feast Bhagawan arranged the Burrakatha.