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Posted at 18:14:05 Hrs. IST on 25 Dec 2009

Christmas morning, the world is born…Anew in Love for Sai the Lord…Glad sounds of joyous praises fill…The air with happiness and still…More joy awaits the watching ones…this was a piece of poetic expression on the beautiful morning of 25th December. True to the feeling entailed in the expression, 25th December 2009 indeed was brought forward from the previous evening wherein the spirit of the festivity was very much ringing in….and the beautiful morning had men and women clad in white singing Christmas Carols for the Lord in the Mandir.

...And the message was clear on the auspicious morning that “God is good all the time, come on one and all, let’s sing His glory”.

On the auspicious 25th Dec morning, The Lord clad in white was given a rousing welcome escorted by a fleet of biblical characters, to the chants of the Vedas, amidst choristers chanting christmas tunes.. After a complete round blessing the vast assemblage of devotees Bhagawan came on to the portico to bless and cut Christmas cakes from various institutions before coming on to the dais. …And began the morning proceedings.

The first item for the morning was a band display by the University Brass Band. They sang some of the popular numbers including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reinder.

This was followed by a scintillating display of musicality and devotion by the students from the University who presented a most joyful gift of Christmas Carols tied together by a dialogue sequences involving Uncle John and Little David, talking unto the greater glory of the birth of Baby Jesus, to the merriment of an assemblage consisting of a sizeable western populace.

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It was music at its best with the talented youngsters from the University displaying their dexterity with élan in His Divine Presence. They exclaimed in chorus the joyous scene that witnessed at the birth of Baby Jesus. While the hands behind instruments weaved magical effect with flair, especially on the drums, generating a crescendo of joyous tunes with western flavour, it was yet again nostalgic celebration all over, celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus.  Some of the popular numbers were “We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, “Oh! Oh! Wonderful”, “Glory to the Lord...”, “Said the night wind to the little lamb...”, “God is Good all the time...”, “Ding Dong Ding Everybody Sing...” to finally broke into the famous winter song in the west, Jingle Bell….Jingle Bell in chorus, and the Father Christmas, two in number, Santa Clause skipped through the devoted crowd tossing chocolates all around, aptly making merry of the joyous occasion. 

Christmas and Divine love was very much ringing in and they still seem to be singing in chorus:

And this Christmas in Prasanthi
Oh! Swami what a gift!
Your love is filling every heart
With joy and peace and bliss
Oh! Swami, Christmas in Prasanthi,
The greatest gift of all
Your love Divine is reaching out to all mankind.

The evening proceedings began with Christmas Committee Chair John Behner delivering vote of thanks to many who were involved with the Christmas preparations which was followed by two speeches, one from a young adult from Costarica followed by Douglas Sanders of Newzealand. This was followed an exhilarating Divine Discourse by Bhagawan wherein He exhorted one and all to emulate Jesus, cutting the ego, the centreline of cross, as symbolised by crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to attain Divinity.

True Form of God is Love...Love and Love alone, exclaimed Bhagawan.

The evening programme concluded with a short stint of bhajans by students followed by a bhajan by overseas devotees.

Arathi was offered at 6:03 pm before Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram.