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Posted at 2200 IST on Dec 20, 2009

There is no need of any translator. Does everyone know Kannada in your group? Most of the patients who come to our hospital are economically poor. You have to speak to them with love and compassion. Your eyes should radiate love when you speak to them. Do not be harsh with them (by shouting go … go … ). Never get angry with them. Speak sweetly and softly to all patients. A Doctor should develop such noble qualities. But nowadays doctors crave for only money, money and money…

They do not seek love, i.e., Divine Love. If you attain God’s love then all your vices will disappear. Also you should have love for Society (Sangha Prema). When you cultivate Sangha Prema, you get reputation (Khyati). This reputation is not worldly reputation, but Character. With love, you can develop Character. Where there is Character there is Education. The end of Education is Character. You have to speak to patients with love. You have to conduct yourselves truthfully, righteously and morally.

Earning money should not be your only motive. Do not wander hither and thither for the sake of money. You will get more money in one place or the other. What is Money? Money comes and goes, but Morality comes and grows, grows and grows.

You should treat the patients well. There should not be minor bickering amongst you. If there is misunderstanding amongst you, what is the use? There is only one God and one Goal. You may call Allah, Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Eshwar …Though names are different, God is one. If you abuse someone, it is equivalent to abusing God. And if you love someone, it is equivalent to loving God. Love is present equally in all. But there is a difference in the love between mother and child and husband and wife. Sanctify your time with love. If you make proper use of love, then everything good will happen in your life. Love is most important. This love is God’s Love.

You should cultivate Love for God (Daiva Preeti), Morality in Society (Sangha Neeti) and Fear of Sin (Paapa Bheeti) to attain God. When you give medicines (treatment) to patients, render it with love. Pray for the well-being of patients. Some nurses are not treating patients in this manner. The doctors have to train them.

Swami enquired one of the senior doctors - How are the doctors and nurses at Bangalore? Are they working well?

They should work with love. Love is more important than medicines. Love is God Live in Love. Love is very important. There should be Love in your thought, word and deed. There should be Unity of thought, word and deed. It is said you are not one but three. The one you think you are, the one others’ think you are and the one you really are. All the three, i.e., Manas (mind), Buddhi (intellect) and Chitta (mind-stuff) have to work in unison.

You should not only treat the patients well but also identify the reason for their illness. You should also investigate as to how, where and why they got the ailment?

Are you all happy today?

Very Happy (Tumbha Santhosha)