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Celebrating the Pristine Motherhood

Easwaramma Day in Prasanthi Nilayam

May 6, 2009: Easwaramma Day is the day dedicated to the Pristine Motherhood of Easwaramma who was the chosen mother assigned with the rarest of the privileges granted by the Greater Heaven to bring the Bundle of Joy, the Avatar of the Age, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba unto planet earth. This was the day when the Mother of the Avatar shed her mortal coil attaining the Supreme. Aptly remembering the mother and her greater love towards children, during the golden jubilee celebrations of Bhagawan’ Advent, the World Council of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations announced that henceforth the day would be celebrated as Children’s Day by the organization worldwide.

Children should recognise the supremacy of maternal love, which is equal to Divine Love. Revere and love the mother. The parents are living symbols of God. Children must make them happy, said Bhagawan during one such occasion when His mother was commemorated; rightly sending the greater message “My Life is My Message”, urging one and all to learn from the Avatar’s life following His precepts to lead an exemplary life loving and serving parents with love and gratitude.

Every year 6th of May is celebrated as Easwaramma Day in Prasanthi Nilayam. After a gap of many years from last year onwards Bhagawan has been gracious to bless this event with His physical presence. Elaborate arrangements were made for this occasion, and the whole area leading to the Samadhi Mandir was spruced up. Large number of devotees had lined up both sides of the road right from early in the morning to get a glimpse of Bhagawan.

A beautiful picture of Mother Easwaramma adorned the dais in Sai Kulwant Hall ensconced beautifully in flowers. Portraits of the Divine Mother also adorned the pillars of the hall. The dais was decorated beautifully with flowers. Bhagawan came to Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.00 a.m. and proceeded straight to the Samadhi Mandir. The Samadhi of the Divine Parents Smt. Easwaramma and Sri Pedda Venkama Raju was also decorated beautifully with flowers.

Alighting from the car upon reaching the Samadhi Mandir, Bhagawan blessed silk dhotis, silk sarees and angavastrams to be placed on the Samadhi. Bhagawan has declared, “My Life is My Message”. It was a sight to watch Bhagawan setting an ideal to the world that one should never forget one’s parents and should remember them with gratitude. Bhagawan also blessed a gold chain studded with gemstones specially made for this occasion. The gold chain was subsequently decorated on the Samadhi of Mother Easwaramma.

Bhagawan went round the Samadhi and blessed the family members who had gathered in large numbers at the venue. After Arati was offered to Bhagawan, He returned to Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.40 a.m and went for a full round granting the bliss of Divine Darshan. Vedic chanting continued for some time before Aarthi was offered.

Sumptuous Prasadam of Pulihora (tamarind rice) and sweet Pongal was served to the entire congregation of devotees. Bhagawan retired for the morning session at 9.55 a.m.