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Sri Sathya Sai World Conference on Education

Speeches, Divine Discourse and Music Programme

July 19-20, 2008

Learning To Be has been identified as the end goal of Sri Sathya Sai Education. In his attempt to become That, there is a greater need for him to inculcate human values in his life, said Bhagawan in His Divine Discourse inaugurating the Sri Sathya Sai International Educational Conference on the sidelines of Gurupoornima Celebrations.

Austrian Hallelujah
Sai Choir Austria sings in praise of the Divine!

God’s love and magnanimity has something that is mysterious and thus difficult to fathom. One can only keep thinking of Greater Heaven with grateful thanks for all magnanimity that is bestowed upon the entire creation. "Hallelujah" is considered as a joyful word of praise to GOD which comes in for repeated references in the Bible, especially in the book of Psalms. Sai Choir from Austria had the rare privilege to sing this song of praise to Lord along with a bouquet of nine other songs in the immediate Divine presence of Bhagawan on the twilight of 19th July 2008 on the sidelines of the Sri Sathya Sai World Education Conference.

The feeling of joy of sitting and singing in the immediate presence of Lord in Physical was apparent on the beaming faces of the choir members, both men and women and it was a torrential outpour of devotion in the form of music during the twilight session.  Starting the programme with the song Dass Du mich einstimmen lasst, expressing gratitude to Bhagawan for the opportunity granted to them, the troupe sang the second song Wenn wir erklimme, expressing the meaning that together we are climbing the mountain of life with full desire to reach the goal of merging with God, facing all challenges, enjoying the wonderful beauty of nature, which is the ornaments of our Supreme Lord. The next to come was from the composition of Austria’s illustrious composer W. A. Mozart, and the song was “Hallelujah”, the song in praise of The Lord which was followed by a song on Sathya Sai, Gurudev Gurudev composed by a devotee from Austria.  The sixth song was an exclusive song, Werte de Lebens, on five Human Values followed by Atme in uns, a song, a speedy prayer to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment, love and transformation. Andachtsjodler was the next to come, a devotional yodeller for praising the Lord at midnight mass. An old famous Austrian folk song about the splendour of nature, In die Berg bin I gern was the eight piece that was followed by Lob and Preis, is yet again another invitation to one and all to come and sing in praise of the Lord, and the last piece was Vater unser acknowledging that with the Lord’s Prayer, which is the most common prayer in the Christian tradition, the troupe got the unique opportunity and immense grace to praise the Lord in Physical in their mother tongue.

Sitting through the entire session watching the graceful artistes, singing their hearts out, Bhagawan asked them to continue for two more repeated songs. Expressing happiness, “Very Happy” in so many words, simultaneously gesticulating with His typical hand movement, and with His face beaming in complete satisfaction, He showed His greater concern and love asking the conductor, who was apparently appeared to have tired after his physically demanding conductor show, whether he wanted water…and lo! He replied through the mike, “Yes, Swami, I want water”, and up came in no time glasses of water at His Divine command.

It is not only the Divine discourses and Sai Literature that can impart lessons from Sathya Sai. Every moment with Him, every movement of Sai is a great lesson to learn. The subtlety in His actions is indeed to be noted and analysed, introspected and one is bound to get greater lessons, bound to reap richer benefits.


On the morning of the 20th, Bhagawan formally inaugurated the World Conference by lighting the lamp on the dais. Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, Sathya Sai World Foundation, the official body overseeing the activities of Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation, addressing the delegates acknowledged, referring the entire world conference contingent and devotees in general who were assembled, that they were all there because they were drawn to the basis of love and light, the spiritual source. In an attempt to give an overview of the conference as an official responsibility, he said, the conference having bore the Divine Name should have a spiritual overview, and Bhagawan only could give it as it was conceived and created by Him alone. “Let us apply His Divine Name and Teachings seriously and responsibly to all aspects of education, Let us apply His Divine Name and Teachings reverently and lovingly to all aspects of our lives; The Divine Name is sacred, it is powerful, it is our salvation”. The spirit of Unity emphasised by Bhagawan should be inculcated in practice and precept as Spiritual Unity is Divine and it is Heart to Heart, exhorted Dr. Goldstein claiming that the participants from different parts of the world, were able to sit together and discuss in Spiritual Unity in a common platform for a common goal. Referring to the two fold instructions received from Bhagawan in their run up to the Conference, Dr. Goldstein said, Unity, the first command received from the Lord has been put in practice to the best of their ability. With reference to the second command that all the participants should come prepared in their respective countries before coming over to Prasanthi Nilayam for the conference and 86 pre-world conferences were conducted in 73 countries in a six month period, questions were generated from participants and would be discussed during the conference in Prasanthi Nilayam.

The theme of the conference is principles, authenticity, accountability and service to mankind; let us understand the Divine Principles set forth by Bhagawan, let us internalise these principles to become exemplars, let us incorporate these principles in our educational programmes correctly so that the programmes are spiritually authentic, let us maintain this spiritual authenticity by evaluating our conduct and once we are done with these we are ready for service. Principles are the source of our programme, authenticity is the ideals for which we strive, accountability is the imperative to which we must adhere and selfless service is the result of understanding Sai Principles by being accountable and making sure that we are ever vigilant as to the manner in which we conduct. These are the essence of Sai Spiritual Education added Dr. Goldstein.

How do we maintain these principles, spiritual purity of Sai Education as it passes through generation of worldly delusion, distortion? How can we stress, impress and redress the need, the imperatives to maintain practice and reflect the highest spiritual principles in all that we do? How can we perpetuate spiritual authenticity in a world brought with iniquity? posed Dr. Goldstein hoping that Bhagawan would answer these questions during the course of the conference.

When the personification of redemption sits before us in the form of Bhagawan we need not doubt, fear, and hesitate, rather should open our hearts to His Divine and everlasting Love said Dr. Goldstein concluding his inspiring rhetoric.

This is the century of Sai. A century which will see the dawning of an age of Love and Peace all over the world, a century which will see the realisation of a world in which mankind will live in accordance with the principles of its inherent divinity, said Sri V. Srinivasan, President, All India Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations in his address to the delegates of the conference. Highlighting on the Unity factor, he stressed upon the importance of Love and Trust to establish the Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God. Sai Avatar has come for the transformation of mankind and that transformation would take place by teaching in various ways and the totality of this teaching is real education; this education is for life and not for living; this education is learning to differentiate between the real and unreal; this education rests on truth and love, not on transient truth, or on selfish love, but on Truth which was, is and will be true for all the time and love which is selfless, that will always be giving and not taking. Bhagawan’s love is so encompassing that He wants our lives to be His Message and that is real Sai Education, added Mr. Srinivasan. 

Referring to the Bal Vikas programme for blossoming children initiated by Bhagawan, he said, Sai Education is the shield against the vagaries and the temptations of the world; Sai Education has transformed them and now they are the change agents of Sai who are quietly working to bring about transformation in the family, country and in the world at large.  Welcoming one and all to the Real Home, to Prasanthi Nilayam, Mr. Srinivasan said India is the blessed land where Avatar’s have descended and India will continue to be the ever shining beacon for the redemption of humanity through Sai Education.

Bhagawan in His Divine Discourse highlighted on the shrunken society, selfish bend of human mind, education that has become physical and more outward, the suffering meted out at the poor all around the world.

Education today has become physical and outer. There are crores in India who have received this type of education but, to what extend the society has been benefited? They do think about themselves and have no time to think of the problems being faced by the society, said Bhagawan commencing His Divine Discourse.  In an apparent reference to the present plight of the world filled with misery, He said in spite of having such problems around each country speaks about self glory, but fails to address the reality. It is difficult draw a demarcation line between the rich and poor. All are poor. It is rare to find someone who has harmony in Thought, Word and Deed. The poor are passing through unbearable suffering and there is no one to care for them. Love and Compassion are the need of the hour.  Those who boast the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ can never be happy. ‘I’ combines with the ‘mine’ feeling to form the Ego. 

Here is the summary of His Divine Discourse (these are not verbatim translations, but the summary of the Divine Discourse.)

Among the affluent there is no fear of sin and Love for God.

We must get rid of selfishness and one should work towards achieving this end.

Spirit of service and love should be the motive force for the men.

All are children of God; If we put others into suffering, we are bound to get it back.

We need to develop feeling for Unity in our heart that would lead to Purity and finally to Divinity.

One cannot be indifferent to the suffering of others.

Without the five human values all are animals in human forms. Once he develops human values he will become automatically compassionate.

Truth cannot be found outside; Truth is very much within.

Students of Bhagawan’s institutions right from Primary level would know and understand human values.

From Truth comes Righteousness and from Right Conduct blossoms Love which in turn brings Peace that finally develops non-violence.

Even birds have great love among and how is it that man missed out at this point?

People are after money. They do not want God. They do not understand that Atma resides within.

Without knowing one’s true nature one cannot attain anything.

One needs to sit calm, quiet and enquire within to know the reality. This is true meditation.

Reading books (apparently referring to a claim by a student who finished Sai Satcharita) is not enough; one needs to turn his heart into such teachings to get the real meaning and put the same in practise.

Name and physical identification are for physical purposes, but the reality one needs to know essentially is the Truth, I AM I

When you develop firm faith that God is with you, you will be able to achieve anything in the world.

Educare is to bring out the innermost sacred human qualities, from within.

Education is pertaining to external knowledge.

Within thirty years the world will be united, will be one, with one caste, one religion, one God.

Unity in Diversity has become the dictum to practice in precept as this maxim finds a place very often in Bhagawan’s Divine Discourses and thus into the large family of Sai Fraternity. More than forty musicians from over 20 countries took the centre stage on the twilight of 20th july in the colourfully decorated Sai Kulwant Hall for a display of what could be aptly described as a Global Harmony Show. The Saisymphony Orchestra has been an integral part of Prasanthi Nilayam during the Birthday and Gurupoornima celebrations for last so many years and so their turn came yet again on the 20th evening to perform in His immediate Divine Presence. Led by conductor Michael Koehler from Germany, the troupe had members from Macedonia, Albania, Switzerland, U.S.A., Japan, India, Lithuania, Russia, The Czec Republic, New Zealand, Austria, Italy, Columbia, France, Ireland, The Netherlands and Canada orchestrating various instruments on a single stage to bring a concord of sounds symbolising global harmony, a United World, as Bhagawan prophesied just minutes ago to the programme ending His Divine Discourse. 

Speeches by Representatives of National and International Organisation

Morning, July 21, 2008

On the 21st morning, the second day of the conference, there were four speakers sharing thoughts with the audience. The first speaker, Tom Scovill, gave a brilliant exposition on the subject ‘true education’ going in to intricate details as to what was true education and how true education could be imparted? We could only listen closely and attempt to carry them out in our lives; we could watch Him carefully and emulate His deeds. Over the years, through His stream of Wisdom, through His Divine Discourses, He has enlightened us of the very purpose of life, to reach our inherent Divinity. Referring to Bhagawan’s often given guidelines to teachers to impart true education, the speaker reiterated the primary requisite of a teacher to become a living example of values. Touching upon inspiring stories of impacts in lives brought about by Sathya Sai Education, Dr. Scovill said, True Education is that which inspires, elevates, draws out inherent Divinity from within; it is heart to heart and between teacher and student. Before concluding he stressed on the greater importance to involve His Name Sathya Sai in these programmes, as it has power and potency in it.  

Dr. B.G.Pitre, Director of Institute of Sri Sathya Sai Education, Mumbai, speaking on the topic ‘Spiritual Principles of Sri Sathya Sai Educare’ gave a detailed exposition on the technical aspect of Sai Spiritual Education. Teachers will have to be role models. We need to transplant values into our own environment, a job teacher need to carry out as a must. Integral Education is important; principle of Educare is to be imparted. Nurturing, caring, involving, expediential learning, timing for introspection etc, all need to be taken care of. Teacher has to be a friend, philosopher and guide. There has never been a curriculum in the history of mankind which now has been given to us by Bhagawan in the form of Sri Sathya Sai Educare, which is bringing sweeping transformation.  Bhagawan is a world teacher and a world purifier, who comes down and mixes with all of us to raise us to the level of consciousness, He desires us to achieve, and Educare is the true weapon to achieve the same, exhorted Dr. Pitre to the vast gathering of delegates congregated in the Sai Kulwant Hall.  

The next to follow was a Dr. Dalton De Souza Amarim, a Professor in Biology, National Educational Co-ordinator from Brazil. Talking about his slow still steady graduation into Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet, Dr. Amarim acknowledged the he experienced his first taste of Unconditional Love once he reached Bhagawan for the first time and there began his life. Briefly narrating his professional success story as a scientist, quoting Bhagawan he said, science is split of Love whereas Sai-ence is the spirit of Love. Talking highly of the Sathya Sai Students, whom he took as role models and source of inspiration as an SSE teacher, the speaker said, in the western world students are exposed to worldly education, but in Prasanthi Nilayam he experienced the essence of True Education, that takes one to totality, a blend of academic excellence suffused with Love for God.  A teacher should be a role model, source of love and must have constant integrated awareness in order to qualify to guide and lead the children towards progress. May all Sathya Sai Schools flourish, shine sharing Bhagawan’s Love and Message with the entire mankind, concluded Dr. Amarim a most inspiring, touching, a speech in defacto, that showcased the pure, essential and ought to be approach by a teacher towards Sathya Sai Education.  

Dr. Srinivasan SriRangarajan, a former student of Sathya Sai University and currently serving as a faculty in the School of Business Management, Prasanthi Nilayam presented a lucid, technical and most expounding speech talking about Educare. Taking a cue from the previous day’s Divine Discourse, he said, there are four essential E’s, namely, Example, Experience, Empowerment and Ennoble to be taken care of.  Explaining the first point, he said a teacher should be a role model to the students to enable them to watch and emulate. The second E comes when we need to experiment within us to know the Divinity inherent in. When mind makes contact with the heart, the intellect awakens. We need to work on empowering the intellect of children to allow them to discriminate between the real and unreal. Having reached this point one need to take care to ennoble, to sustain the momentum, to sustain the success, one needs to ennoble his life. All this should happen with Love as the key factor. With Bhagawan around us, to guide and lead, Educare finds its true fulfilment in His Divine University, concluded the speaker exhorting fellow students from Bhagawan’s university to embark on the journey of Educare.


Speeches, Divine Discourse, Russian Folk Music

Evening, July 21, 2008

The first speaker for the 21st evening was a veteran devotee from the African nation Zambia, Dr. Victor Kanu, who was Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Director of African Institute of Sathya Sai Education, Member, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation’s Education Committee, and the person who was instrumental in the inception of the much famous Miracle School in Zambia that produced cent percent result year after year. In a most powerful rhetoric excellence, Mr. Kanu described the ongoing conference as an extra ordinary one, a Divine Conference as the blue print of Sathya Sai Education was conceived by Bhagawan Himself. Referring to the path of Integral education that was declared during the inception of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (now Sri Sathya Sai University) Mr. Kanu highlighted that in Bhagawan’s Institute the medium of instruction was discipline and the language was Love. He went in detail about the unique ways of teaching in the Institute, citing examples of ethics that were given higher importance. Quoting Bhagawan he said, there shall be a common link, a combination of the physical, ethical, spiritual and metaphysical in its delivery of education and, this is integral education.  In an apparent reference to Africa’s current plight and things needed to be done for its economic, social and political development, he said, Africa will not change; it is Sathya Sai Education that is going to change Africa. Faith and Trust are the need of the hour and with Faith and Trust in Bhagawan we could replicate the Sathya Sai Education everywhere.   

Mr. Jeremy Hoeffer, a high school teacher from the United States, the second speaker, starting his speech on a personal note narrating how he could not find happiness in his life in spite having many good teachers during his adulthood days. America is slated to be a rich nation without property; but, it is not right; poverty America suffers is the poverty of happiness, poverty of values. Having posed the to Bhagawan Himself as to how one could tackle the issue of God, when in the secular country like America one was not allowed to talk about God, Bhagawan said, “God is a just a word”. Faith is required for every single person in the world; it is a universal human value. Narrating his own personal experience as teacher he reiterated that every single child has his right to come up with better education, has the right to come up in life without being discriminated and we need to have faith in their ability. Bhagawan’s teachings were absolutely applicable in every corner of the world. He ended his speech with a prayer that Bhagawan would lift up the children of this world. Narrating a beautiful personal experience that had happened in Brindavan wherein Bhagawan said, ‘Everything is in His Hand’, he prayed to Bhagawan that nothing needs Bhagawan more than Sathya Sai Education and the children of the world.  

The third speaker for the session Mr. Kaw, Dean, Sri Sathya Sai International Centre gave a complete report on the activities and statistical details of Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, New Delhi that has been set up by Bhagawan to promote Education in Human Values.  

Next to follows was Sri Sanjay Mahalingam, a research scholar from Sathya Sai University.  Narrating the beautiful story of Lord Buddha and Ananta as explained by Bhagawan, he said the agony of separation after spending a complete life with Buddha, brought him realisation, he said, the chosen one is the one who understands the infinite possibilities that Bhagawan stands for and Educare teaches us to stay in the present. “Let us remember when Bhagawan speaks there is another discourse that goes on. But, let us not loose ourselves in His words that His words are very beautiful. But, between His words there pervades utter silence. And all His words come from that silence. And few are those who can stay there in that silence between His words. And that silence takes us to the place where His words come from. And that silence is His real discourse” said Sri Mahalingam concluding His speech. 

This was followed by a Divine Discourse that was more or less a question answer session wherein Bhagawan answered selected questions from the delegates and went in detail explaining various issues. Here are the points he dwelled into. 

Education becomes useless unless it is translated into practice. 

You need to examine yourself first as to whether you have firm faith. One needs to develop firm faith. 

Punishment is a caution and should not be taken in the usual sense. 

Student should remain as student, teacher to remain as a teacher. Teacher should continue to help transforming the child. 

Teacher should conduct himself/herself in a most exemplary way to help the students to emulate. Teacher should not do anything that he/she does not want the student to emulate. Teacher should set an example by practising the precept. 

Teacher should consider girl students as his own sisters and this in turn would help them to inculcate virtues. Teacher should lead an ideal life and help students to become ideal.  

Parents should not discuss family matters in presence of children.

Parents should first cultivate human values so that children will develop the courage to go ahead. Parents should practice and set an example. Students in turn should not give any trouble to parents.  Students should have deep rooted feeling on the sacrifice by parents.  

In spite of having own families, make sure that parents are not neglected. Educated man is not supposed to do this. It is the primal duty of all students to make their parents happy. Tell Me your company, I shall tell you who you are. Never get into bad company. It is your foremost responsibility. 

If you make your parents suffer for your own selfish gains that is the greatest of the sins. Parents also should educate their children about their responsibilities. 

Desire good for your parents; discharge your duties. Never get into other’s affairs. Never let your temper loose to your parents who are your well wishers. Never make your aged parents shed tears. When you please your parents you will be happy. 

It is absolutely essential for parents to understand human values and then only they can teach their children about the same. It is necessary to put them into practice. 

If mothers get to jobs who will take care of their children? Do you expect the servant maid to take care of their children? No. Better resign the job and take care of your children. One should take care of family responsibilities and nothing wrong to get to job if children are well taken care of.  

Parents should be ideal, exemplary in presence of children. Discipline, Devotion, Duty are most essential. We should show our children the way to God.  

Sathya Sai Education system should be explained to parents in detail. Children can do the same to parents. 

Ceiling on desires…Do not waste money, do not waste food, do not waste time…waste of money is evil; waste of money is sin.  

One needs to be careful and exemplary in his behaviour in the society. Mistakes can be blown up. 

(The entire discourse with complete questions and answers would be published on our website soon) 

Music has a soul and it is often expressed through melody and through expressions. And it was melody at its best, and expression that takes directly in to the Divine that were on display, on the twilight session followed by the Divine Discourse, by the contingent belonging to the erstwhile USSR. Led by conductor Ms. Brodnikova Tatiana from Russia, the troupe sang songs in six different languages belonging to six different countries form the former soviet socialist republic and in their devotional fervour they preferred USSR to be termed as Union of Sathya Sai Republic. Bhagawan sat through the entire twilight session in earnest attendance and even asked the conductor to sing an extra item.  The troupe had undergone hectic rehearsal sessions away in Russia before coming over to Prasanthi Nilayam and running up to the session they had been continuing the hectic schedule to make the show a perfect piece of dedication at His Divine Lotus Feet. He alone draws; He alone makes them close to Him; He alone sings through their hearts; and He alone enjoys…with one aim, to bring the whole world onto one platform where the language of the heart is Love…Love…Love alone, Love that conquers…to make us understand that All are One…One alone…!!! 

Towards the end of the programme Bhagawan materialised a Linga in golden colour to the delight of one and all. It was at the end of the world Conference that Bhagawan announced that the same would be presented to Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation. The water from its abhisheka could be served to sick people, Bhagawan asked to announce.  


Speeches, Divine Discourse, 'Jayadeva', a skit by Kerala School Children

July 22, 2008

Earlier the valedictory session of the World Education Conference began in the evening at 4:30 p.m. on the 22nd July 2008. Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Member, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation expressed gratitude to Bhagawan for His benevolence in making the event a most successful one. Talking about Bhagawan, Dr. Reddy said, “Bhagawan is the finest example of Education in Practice as He is One in all and none can comprehend His majesty”. Universe as a whole is a University and Bhagawan is the Chancellor of this University. Everyone, every being is entitled to get the degree, ‘Amritasya Putraha’, added Dr. Reddy talking about Bhagawan and His glory.  

Next to speak was Sri Nimesh Pandya, a leading attorney from Mumbai spearheading Bhagawan’s EHV Mission in India who presented summary and proposal of the deliberations just concluded, pertaining to India. The Sri Sathya Sai Educare programme is that Divine light that dispels ignorance and gain us entry in to the secret of ultimate said Mr. Pandya summarising the outcome of entire two days of hectic deliberations. Mr. Pandya said there were 99 Sri Sathya Sai Schools in India and all the State Trusts and Organisations would render all out support to these institutions as a part of fulfilling their mission towards society. Four Institute of Sri Sathya Sai Educations would be inducted, subject to Divine Permission, to help and guide the 99 schools to become worthy of their mission. Quoting Bhagawan’s often referred example, front wheel is the guru, back wheel is the parents and the vehicle carrying the child could not move without the co-operation and co-ordination of teachers and parents, he stressed on the greater importance of the role of parents and teachers in moulding the children as worthy instruments in His mission.  

Dr. Michael Goldstein expressing His grateful thanks to Bhagawan for His Divine magnanimity in having blessed them to conduct a successful exercise over the last three days said we need to carry out His legacy, we need to be focussed in our efforts, stressing on the importance of carrying forward the Mission. Referring to the 5 D’s Bhagawan often mentions in His Divine Discourses, namely, Devotion, Discipline, Dedication, Determination and Discrimination, he said the delegates participated in the conference demonstrated these qualities amply to make the same a success to follow with the principles and aim of the conference. We will be true exemplars of the principles of Educare when we realise our innate Divinity. Until then we are spiritual aspirants striving for inner realisation. We aspire to be uplifting, inspiring, loving contributors of spiritual uplift and for worldly improvement for the uplift of man, said Dr. Goldstein, exhorting the delegates that the conference was a unique, precious opportunity to gather in His Divine Presence to seek His Divine Guidance.   

Referring to the long journey undertaken by the contingents to attend the conference in Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan said they were the fortunate ones, the chosen ones. He posed a question to them: Having come from such long distances what was it that they supposed to know? They should recognise the five human values said Bhagawan adding that they would be educated in true sense if they were embracing these five values. 

Here are the points from His Divine Discourse: 

Unity is not found today; all are brothers and sisters; Father is ONE and HE is GOD. 

One needs to develop firm conviction that all are children of same God. There can be defects in some children, but, they need to be understood and adequately adjusted.   

Scientific explorations in the name of helping society are in turn harming the society. 

All should make attempt to lead a life of love.  

People talk about peace; but, one can only find pieces now-a-days. We divide the country into pieces. We should develop the spirit of nationality. If asked about the place where we are coming from, one should be able to answer that we are coming from so and so country, not the city name. Nationality is important. One should develop broadmindedness and lead a life accordingly. Once we develop broadmindedness children also in turn would develop broadmindedness. If you want children to be perfect, parents need to be perfect.  

Parents should not be separated. Mother and father should stand united in teaching their children. Truth should be other human values, Right Action, Peace, Love and Non-violence comes.  

What is Truth? Truth is the harmony of Thought, Word and Deed. 

Now-a-days everything is artificial. Everything should come from the heart. 

Mind is responsible for both liberation and bondage. Mind should be checked.  

Good thoughts lead to lead to good actions which in turn lead to good results. One should ensure that all thoughts are sacred. 

Mind should be under our control and not reverse. Mind is a mad monkey. When the same is directed to God, it turns silent. To know the illusion, mind should be directed to God. 

Love is Truth, Truth is Love, Live in Love. It is not worldly love, it is spiritual love. 

Ensure that mind is directed to God. You may think it is a difficult task. It is a very simple task. 

Everything happens as per God’s Will. None can claim any doership. 

End result is in the Hands of God. Once you follow God all things are bound to be successful. Divine Law is Love. Follow the Divine Law. Once you develop this Divine feeling of love your future children’s future will be taken care of. 

We have stuffed all bad qualities in us; once offer the same to God, it becomes empty and you will in turn experience happiness. 

Develop Love; with this Love you can achieve anything. 

You may have enough money; be ready to sacrifice; help the poor; carry on your life with the spirit of sacrifice which will redeem your life. 

Bhagawan exhorted one and all including children to develop perfect character and lead an ideal life.  

After three days full of constructive deliberations, cultural programmes, Bhagawan making His presence all the more obvious with three Divine Discourses, His perennial words of Wisdom, it was time for the curtain to be drawn. And the stage was set for the grand finale; the final cultural programme was on the life and devotion of Bhakta Jayadeva, India’s celebrated musical saint.  

Students of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vihar, Alwaye, Kerala enacted a wonderful music dance drama, perfect portrayal of devotion in its pristine glory, an apt conclusion for a mammoth world conference on Sathya Sai Education.  Jayadeva had not only the name ‘deva’ (God) imbibed in his name, but also God Himself seated on a large throne within his heart. Jayadeva, known for his Gita Govindam, was popularly known as Bhakta Kavi. His undaunted devotion for Lord Krishna turned him into a poet and made him pen down the popular Gita Govindam. It was this Devotion at its pristine glory that was on display on the valedictory twilight session in Prasanthi Nilayam in the immediate Divine Presence of Bhagawan.  

Under the glittering roof of Sai Kulwant Hall shining in brilliance with artificial lights, added by the ever resplendent lustre of Bhagawan’s immediate Divine Presence, thousands filled to capacity witnessed the life in the drama evolving into feeling of ecstasy. The tiny tots from the school, that had its inception just four year’s ago, enacted brilliantly to steal the Divine Heart and Bhagawan spent considerable time out in the middle, posing for a coveted photo session, presenting them with gifts.   

A mammoth world conference for a wonderful cause, to be most worthy instruments at His Divine Hands through Sathya Sai Education.