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Musical Dance Drama in Gratitude

June 29, 2009

The legend has it enough to establish the sacrosanct status of the River Godavari. The River has earned a significant place in Hindu mythology and has several pilgrim centres on her banks. Every twelve years, the legendary Pushkaram fair is held on the banks of the River Godavari, when thousands upon thousands take holy dip in the sacred waters washing off their sins. Just a day before only the tribal girls had a beautiful dance depiction “Godavari Talli Goomugha Adigindi” seeking the Divine to bless River Godavari to sanctify her yet again, which has most selflessly accumulated the sins of the world.

Coming unto Prasanthi Nilayam, the Abode of Lord in physical to have His darshan, the tribals from the twin districts of Godavari had a life time opportunity, feasting their eyes with the sacred sight of the Lord in physical; and they made every sincere heartfelt effort to replicate their best in His presence, be it their cultural legacy or devotional fervour, Prasanthi Nilayam witnessed an ebullient Godavari, making merriment at the best of their boons, the sight of the Lord and the great good fortune it brought unto them.

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Uppongi Poyindi Godavari, the musical dance drama staged on the 28th evening in the Divine Presence had the story of their new found love with the Lord of Prasanthi. Sivayya, a Sai devotee seeing the tribals in Prasanthi NIlayam was surprised and was curious to know of the intent behind their visit. Upon his query, the Tribal heads replied narrating all the good things that the Sai volunteers had brought unto them, literally transforming their lives. Listing out the various service activities introduced to the betterment of the villagers, the tribal head said, “God helps the helpless. It is Baba alone who came to our rescue by adopting measures to improve our living conditions aiming for our well-being & economic growth. With Baba's Drinking Water Project and SSSVIP service Activities, we all remember and chant His Name. Without our asking, Baba has done so much for us and how could we remain there in our place without coming here? We came here to offer our humble salutations at His Lotus Feet".

The tribals experienced Miracle galore and visiting Prasanthi Nilayam, seeing Baba, they were overjoyed with ecstasy. The tribals with their innocence and pure love for Bhagawan finally had a supplication, invoking His Holy Presence in the twin districts of Godavari.

The musical drama, a combine of games, songs, and dances was verily a feast; songs and dances suffused with innate feeling; expressive lyrics packed with devotion, beautiful costumes made it to bring a  virtual  Godavari Tribal Kingdom unto the precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam. Hailing Bhagawan as one without comparison, one without a substitute, they had songs on the sacred River Godavari, Forests and Sacred places, offering to Bhagawan talking of the Water Project, Depiction of their Villages, Glory of Puttaparthi etc. Invoking Him to Godavari, hailing Him as Lord Krishna, they sang that with His sacred touch, their villages would become Repalli and their forest would become a Brindavanam. The touch of devotion, power packed with innate feeling invoking the Lord to the tribal Kingdom was a moving scene that God would have accepted quite silently. They sang:

Lord Sai has come! Our Liberator has come! The Emperor of the world is before us; the entire Forest Kingdom is ebullient at the great good fortune; And all our lives is a prosperous Sankranthi…

It was an apt presentation in gratitude by the Bal Vikas Children and Youth.  River Godavari would flow ebullient with greater anticipation and so would be the twin districts and the thousands of tribals who found their new found love in Prasanthi Nilayam and their real savior.