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Giridhari Sannidhiki Girijanula Parthi Yaatra

Valedictory Ceremony

June 29, 2009

29th June 2009, the final day of the three day Girijan Parthi Yaatra from the twin Godavari districts witnessed the parting scenes from the devout numbering over 900, who with a filled heart paid heartfelt gratitude to their newfound love, savior Bhagawan Sri Sathya  Sai Baba. The programme commenced with an address by P. Vardhana Rao, Education Wing co-ordinator for SSSVIP, East Godavari District. Listing out the achievements of the Organisation under the Project, making a mention of the eight fold service scheme, Mr. Rao prayed to Bhagawan to hand over the keys for the four Integrated Village Service Centres, five Ram Temples, one Shiva Temple and a Mini Rice Mill that were constructed and dedicated to the villagers.

Bhagawan lovingly presented the keys to the designated persons representing each unit.  Each of these Village Integrated Service Centers were dedicated to people who have done a lot of great work for the villages and who are extremely close to Bhagawan’s heart, namely, Sri Dandamudi Venkata Rama Rao at village Mareedumilli, Sri Seetharamaiah at village G.M.Valasa, Sri Sai Ravi Sekhar at village Madicherla and Thuraga Rama Murthy at village Gunjigudem. The Mini Rice Mill was constructed and donated to a villager in the Sri Puram village providing him an employment opportunity. Brief accounts about these devoted souls in whose name these services were dedicated were read out narrating the dedication and devotion towards social service and Bhagawan.

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A soulful rendering by Ms. M.Nagamani, a tribal woman, with a deep sense of gratitude for the service rendered by the Organisation, pleased Bhagawan and He called her lovingly to materialised a chain in appreciation of her singing. She was also presented with a sari. Seva Dal Unit from the Organisational Unit from Kakinada has been visiting her village for the past fifty two weeks, on scheduled days, non-stop, bringing in greater transformation. Bhagawan has always given a lot of stress to the expression of gratitude and hailed it as an important virtue for a devout.

Bhagawan then interacted with a few of the girijans assembled in front and asked them if all work was completed and that He would complete any other work which was yet not completed.

The depth of this assurance is unfathomable. Yes, He does it, most silently…and the world will see much more as His Mission is on!