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Posted at 23:25:32 IST on Mar 16, 2010

The fortnight that was passed by had been eventful in many ways. Beginning with the trails of Holi celebrations, the fortnight began with the touch of uncertainty, with the scheduled evening for Holi celebrations went ‘blank’ with Bhagawan opted to stay indoors leaving the Bihar contingent to pray for the next evening session. And, what followed on the next day was a “Divine Act” of demonstrating the “actuality of power of interaction”!

On the evening of 2 March when there was a scheduled programme, a dance drama - Sita Kalyanam, by Balvikas children from Bihar, Bhagawan made the event most memorable by directing the climactic scene Himself, sending a barrage of instructions. It appeared as if The Lord was reliving the moments of the time of Lord Rama, as He guided the climactic scene to be re-enacted by sending instructions galore, airing a subtle message of greater importance adhered with the epochal event called “Sita Kalyanam”. Sita Kalyanam could be reminiscent of a sacred event of the distant past, but, the event as such is not an ordinary and has to be credited with due respect and reverence and Bhagawan had aptly aired this message ‘performing’ the event, in His own style as deemed fit by Divinity. Finally when Bhagawan retired to His Abode, it was 8:50, a record by Parthi standards!

There were over 1400 devotees from Bihar apart from due share from the rest of the country camping in Prasanthi for the holy Holi occasion. And reminding one of the previous year’s Divine Drama, wherein the Bihar contingent was called back after they returned from Prasanthi, drawing naught in their attempt to stage Holi programme, the first day, supposedly the day of Holy went blank with Bhagawan staying indoors, not coming out for Darshan. Incidentally, the children who performed the eventful dance drama, Sita Kalyanam, were from Mithila, the birthplace of Mother Sita.

With advancing March and exams coming closer, there was a flurry of Gratitude programmes with various student groups vying to pour out ‘their’ hearts in gratitude to Bhagawan for “making and remaking”, “shaping and reshaping” , leading them unto the gateway to “Eternal Garden”.

First to come was by the Final UG – PG combine on 7 March, followed by the outgoing batch from Music College on 11 March.

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The fortnight was enjoying the results of the slight metamorphosis in Prasanthi schedule, with Bhagawan coming out on most of the days granting morning Darshans as well. Continuing with Darshan galore from the previous week, the fortnight had sumptuous Darshan sessions, 11 morning Darshans and 11 evening Darshans.

A group of 600, including office bearers of the Sathya Sai Organisation, had come from Tamil Nadu, invoking and inviting Bhagawan to Chennai.  And similar story from Delhi; prominent senior devotees from Delhi, including Former Air Chief Marshal, OP Mehra, Former Diplomat, SK Rasgotra, Former Education Secretary, MK Kaw, Former Military General, ML Chibber etc. were also camping here, apparently with a prayer invoking Bhagawan to Delhi. Apart from various other groups visited during the fortnight, one group that made its presence was a “Group of 85” Rudram Youth belonging to Karnataka Youth. The group had come after conducting 15,500 Rudram chanting in 85 houses, completed in a record 66 days, as part of the 85th year of Advent of Bhagawan. The group was blessed to be called in for a special session, held in the bhajan hall, wherein they had the rarest opportunity to chant in presence of Rudra Himself, at His specific Command and Will. Moving through the row of disciplined Youth, twice, Bhagawan blessed the entire group listening to their chanting, interacting with them in between.

Interestingly, nothing goes unnoticed by the Divine and His calling the group at the odd hour, when such a thing was not the least expected, itself had a tale worth mentioning. Sivarathri repeats every month and the 13th evening, the Saturday, was supposedly the Masa Sivarathri, Shani Pradosha, the most auspicious day after the Sivarathri in February. Masa Sivaratri is an auspicious day to perform Siva Puja which is observed on every Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi day in a Hindu month. And once the auspicious time “Sani Pradosha”, had started, Swami called the group in to allow them to chant Rudram in His presence. Bhagawan Himself had aired this message to the group leader.

Ratan Tata was again back in Prasanthi Nilayam seeking Divine Darshan. After making his first visit to the ashram in December, Tata was seen yet again seeking His darshan on the 3rd evening and 4th morning. He was blessed with a private audience.

A new van for Mother and Child Care section of EWWP was blessed by Bhagawan which would be pressed into service for emergency care of the section.

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The fortnight witnessed Bhagawan moving out in His car on the 11th morning. Driving out through the Primary School Bhagawan went to the hospital side to take a detour from the petrol bunk to come back to Ashram through Culvert Gate at the rear west end of Prasanthi. Moving through the dormitory work-in-progress site Bhagawan returned to Yajur Mandiram, blessing hundreds lined up en route for a glance of the Divine.

Summer that was set in immediately after Sivarathri in February is going high, scorching at its best over Parthi.
On the heels of Gratitude Programmes came another music fiesta, this time the University Brass Band celebrated its 25th Year in the Divine Presence with innovative musical touch bringing yet another smile on their Beloved Bhagawan.

Everyone strives to bring a smile on Bhagawan’s face by endeavouring to excel with the best of their ability. Sai Sannidhi, a forum of grateful alumni working with various institutions in Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan has been active during the fortnight with reference to a Bhagavatha Saptaaha Yajnam to be conducted between Ugadi and Ram Navami festival. The “Sai Sannidhi” group has been graciously given the task of conducting the Bhagavatha Saptaaha Yajnam scheduled to start on the 17th Mar.





Taking the story along, the troupe slowly waded through various phases in His Avataric Life. Next piece that conjoined the introduction was an attempt reminisce little Sathya’s childhood leelas in the village that did the trick to wonder the innocent villagers with awe! This was played to the tune of “Bala Gopala…Sai Bala Gopala…”.

Ganalola Priya or the lover of music, the Poetic Sai, who coined words into thematic rhymes teaching greater lessons, was remembered through another scintillating piece in tune with the National Anthem, an innovative piece that was followed by “Rama Kodanda Rama…”, a piece depicting His greater compassion, love for humanity. The next piece was reminiscing Sai, the role-model encompassing the events related to 20th October 1940, the day when He threw His books away to declare that He is Sathya Sai, come to serve the world…and the music piece was “Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam…”

How can one develop love for God? Leaping into Sai’s Mission, the talented bunch combined a variety of instruments, a saxo-guitar-violin combine, to produce the answer to the question…that is…”Hari Bhajan Binaa Sukha Shanthi Nahin…”.

Hailing Bhagawan to be the sole inspiration for every tune they have played all through these twenty five years, envisioning the proud mother in Sai, telling “Naa Bhangaru Pillelu…” (my golden children), they had a final prayer to take them in His hands to make them worthy instruments in His glorious mission.

Exclusive photo session followed, onstage, after which in “Gratitude”, the Band played the final song for the evening, in tune with Swami’s often heard, “Love is My form….Truth is my breath…”.

Safari pieces and sweets were distributed to the entire troupe upon which, Bhagawan moved down to pose for a group photograph with the entire band troupe, an additional incentive from Mother Divine!

Earlier Bhagawan arrived at the hall at 6 to the chants of Vedas. Taking a detour to come on stage He called for the Band Troupe for blessing to commence the programme.