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Sai Apadbandhavaya Namaha

an evening presentation by the Youth from Gujarat


Posted at 1015 Hrs. on 11, Aug, 2009

On course, embracing His Uncertainty, the week began on a similar note where the previous one ended, enacting a similar script that Prasanthi witnessed the previous evening.

Monday was the final day and the evening was the final session for the Youth contingent from Gujarat and they were pinning greater hopes taking inspiration from the previous evening when the UK group got their dues to turn an uncertain evening into twilight of merriment.

Repeating a script similar to that of the previous evening, the instructions came from the Divine Abode, amid bhajans, for the Youth to get set for a special session. Bhagawan came at 1735 Hrs. and it took longer time for the programme to commence when final nod was given at 1830 Hrs. …And came the surprise; with the announcement came the call for Arathi…Despite Arathi Lord was still onstage, first, blessing a Birthday boy profusely materializing a chain, and then overseeing the assembly as a Silent Witness. And at a time when all were expecting Bhagawan to retire to Yajur Mandiram, there came the second nod, this time for a skit entitled “Sai Aapadbandhavaya Namaha”.

The skit was based on actual experiences of Sai Missionaries, the Youth who were engaged in Sri Sathya Sai Village Integration Programme, popularly known as SSSVIP.

The scene was set from a village 65 kms from Valsad where in an epidemic broke out threatening lives en mass. Villagers, while pondering as to how medicine could be made available on emergency despite adverse circumstances that included bad weather, floods and dilapidated road condition, with gross hesitancy finally decided to call up Vishal, the Sai volunteer who would spearhead the SSSVI Programme in the village. Upon sensing the emergency Vishal, despite all anticlimactic situation rigorously pursues to motivate the youth and organize the doctors in no time to save the villagers from the life threatening epidemic.

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In another instance Vishal saves two children from being run over by a vehicle, risking his own life, and the villagers in their merriment lavishes praise at Vishal hailing him as their savior; humbled by their simplicity Vishal educated them that it was Bhagawan, the indweller in Him, who worked through him to save the children.

The final episode was from a temple construction scene wherein Vishal wanted the villagers to urgently organize for bricks as there was an adverse situation prevailing with reference to the transport facility to bring bricks from outside. Upon enquiring and coming to know that an year ago some unused bricks were buried at some place, despite their gross hesitancy, Vishal impressed upon the villagers to exhume the bricks to their surprise to find over 2500 of them in fine condition, sufficient enough for the proposed construction. .

Spirit of Unity and Greater Faith in the Divine was built in the said village brick by brick through many such incidents during their SSS Village Integration Programme,  announced the Youth as the programme got to end and Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram.

God’s ways are mysterious and none can decipher or define His mystery. Prasanthi’s “Divine Workshop” brings inexplicable surprises, at times leading to suspense, taking one to greater uncertainty, that is verily Divine! Indeed Prasanthi is giving greater lessons to embrace His Uncertainty!!!