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Published on Friday, Aug 20, 2010 at 1235 Hrs. IST

Continuing with their offering of gratitude after presenting a mesmerizing Sufi concert by the popular Lakhwinder Wadali, the Youth from Delhi & NCR (National Capital Region) took over the next evening, on 11 Aug, presenting a dance drama entitled 'Guru Kripa'. The presentation was based on the life of illustrious Sufi Saint, Bulleh Shah, lived during 17th-18th century, highlighting Guru's importance in one's life.

The drama that was set in the modern household environs in Delhi had Youthful Aham, Deputy Commissioner as its central character. Aham played the role of an egotist while his father, Shaji, was the personification of good and Godly side of an individual. Harnam Kaur, was a typical overpowering mother who showed more of an illusory tendency towards modern life snubbing and ridiculing everything ancient and traditional. Master Dinanath played the role of Aham’s teacher, a noble and humble soul, personification of all virtues who showed strong faith not to leave the righteous path despite adversities. DSP Narman Singh was a loyal student, upholding the love, respect and reverence for the system and for the teachers. Takur Hakeekat Singh played the greedy while Wandering Faqir, was ever engaged in singing ‘Love Songs to God’.

The presentation began at Aham’s household, with the entry of the wandering faqir singing a Bulleh Shah composition. While Aham’s father, Shaji was inspired to spiritual heights, his wife Harnam Kaur scornfully intimidates the faqir cautioning him not to visit the street again.

The pious came to Aham seeking help from his well placed former student in getting his land back from the hands of local hoodlum. Personification of ego, already sunk in corruption, Aham had no concern for his former teacher, but in turn, insulted him asking him not to trouble him anymore.  Composed he was, Master Dinanath took the insult in his strides. Shaji was disturbed at these developments and wanted to to teach his son a lesson, bringing him back into the right track. He even apologised to Master Dinanath for his son’s irrational behavior.

The fakir appeared yet again, singing out another Bulleh Shah composition. Here revealed the illustrious story Sufi Saint, Bulleh Shah… Bulle Shah, against much opposition from his family and society in general, stood by his devotion to his guru, Inayat Shah Quadri who was from a lower caste. When pressure pressure mounted from his mother and brother who questioned his acceptance of a lower caste person as his guru, Bulleh Shah remained firm and committed. He declared firmly that he would forgo his family and worldly life, but not his "Sai", who was his revered guru.

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The story was illustrated, but the egotist was still not impressed. He picked up arguments with his father, pooh-poohing all these ancient spiritual saga, that appeared to him like myths. But, soon he fell into a soup, as his school mate DSP Naman Singh came with an arrest warrant. Giving an anti-climax to the scene, Naman who met his former teacher, Master Dinanath treated him with utmost respect and reverence.  Despite the oddities, the good natured teacher stood for his former student, Aham, saving him from embarrassment of going behind the bars, bringing in the much needed transformation.

The fifty minute presentation was intertwined with melodious and meaningful songs in folk punjabi language, the language used during the times of Bulleh Shah. The drama presented ample scenes, especially with the originality in acting by the cast of Harnam Kaur, bringing ‘burst of laughters’ from Bhagawan as well as the devoted assembly. The presentation ended with a group song, in typical sufi tongue, in praise of "Sai".

Upon the end of the presentation, Bhagawan called the faqir cast onstage and blessed him with a materialised golden chain. Moving down the dais Bhagawan posed for photo session while bhajans went on in the background.

After the drama presentation, 'His drama' was unfolding. Bhagawan asked for the backroom assistants also to come forward to join the drama cast in the front block...Soon He moved down the dais once again!...for yet another photo session!!

Returning onstage in five minutes Bhagawan sat through... still more to come?!?

Lord's compassion was filling and fulfilling...Bhagawan called the drama crew onto the stage for yet another "Momentous Moment" with The Divine!!!

These post programme sessions often turn out to be 'open class rooms'. Tales that tags the tails of such sessions are great eye openers for man to learn and imbibe.

It was 1930 hrs. and Bhagawan accepted Mangala Arathi. Bhagawan sat for a while and before leaving the dais He blessed the concourse with abhyahastha. Leaving off, enroute, Bhagawan profusely blessed Lakhwinder Wadali, the Sufi singer who mesmerised the audience with his scintillating sufi rendering on the previous evening. Interacting with the singer, Bhagawan gave him 'fistfuls' of Vibhuti prasadam, a sign of His all conquering Love!!! It was Delhi Boom in Prasanthi for two successive days!!!

II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu II