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Published on Monday, Aug 2, 2010 at 2220 Hrs. IST

The land of five rivers, the state from northwest, Punjab is supposedly India’s one of the richest fertile land and has rich cultural traditions to her credit. Bhangra is Punjab’s trademark dance form that had its origin as a folk dance conducted by Punjabi farmers celebrating the coming of Baisakhi, the Punjabi harvest festival.

Presenting the great tradition, on July 31, the youth from Punjab and Haryna had a programme entitled “Harvest of Love” in the immediate Divine presence of Bhagawan.

Earlier, introducing the programme, as commanded by Bhagawan, Mr. Maninder Singh, the state representative, referred to Baisakhi celebrations of this year in Delhi in Bhagawan’s presence. While expressing gratitude to Bhagawan for His North India visit in April, Mr. Maninder Singh, in an apparent reference to the participants from the rural background, mentioned that, children from big cities get to perform in big auditoriums, but these children from rural background, not well educated and coming from a distant land travelling across five states covering over 2500 kms., are lucky to perform in the biggest stage, in Sai Kulwant Hall in the immediate Divine presence of Bhagawan!

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Bhangra that followed was as vibrant as one could expect from the Punjabi Youth. Wearing bright coloured patkas on the head, followed by a lacha of the same color, long tunic and a colourful waistcoat, ghunghroos on the ankles, these youngsters sung to the beats of the dhol, singing couplets in punjabi.

Starting with slow movement, as the tempo raised, hands, feet and subsequently whole body came into action depicting various farming scenes. Whirling round bending and straightening bodies alternatively, hopping on one leg, raising hands, clapping with their handkerchiefs and exclaiming loudly cheering to the abandon of the dance, these youngsters recreated the great tradition, finally to bring the theme of ‘Unity of Religions’, hailing Mother India to be the Greatest!…singing the popular Hindi slogan, “Saare Jahaan Se Achcha Hindustan Hamara…”

The Bhangra session was preceded by a dance programme by the girls from Sri Sathya Jyoti Pioneer High School, Patiala. These girls danced to the tune of a soul-stirring devotional Sufi number.

The session continued with J & K taking its turn with Ms. Kailash Mehra, famous gazal singer and Head of Dept., Music, MAM College, Jammu, singing some bhajans. Invoking Bhagawan and Lord Ganesha Ms. Mehra started off with a prayer to Goddess Sharada invoking Her to dwell upon her throat, singing, "Aaye Dwar Tumhare Sai..."After three songs Bhagawan asked the students to sing 'aalaap' bhajan; "Sri Raghavam..." was sung followed by another one, "Allaho Akbar..." literally turning the twilight into a God-lit one!