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Published on Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 1430 Hrs. IST

With cultural programme spree continues during the 85th year of His Advent, the state of Haryana and Chandigarh took its turn to stage a set of two presentations in the immediate Divine presence in Prasanthi Nilayam, on Tue, Aug 3rd evening. Haryana is the blessed state that is considered as the cradle of ancient civilization and is credited with playing host to the epic Mahabharata War, where blossomed Lord's eternal message, The Bhagavad Gita.

Echoing its voice of gratitude, Balvikas children from the state presented the first programme entitled ‘Hari Ka Haryana’. The presentation, a music dance ballet was a depiction of the vibrant Haryanvi culture, showcasing varied facets of the culturally enriched state through colourful dance sequences.  

Echoing the voice of Vedic Haryana, that was Aryana during the times of Aryans, tiny tots forayed into the scene dancing to melodious tunes highlighting the state’s contribution in bringing the Vedas to humanity. It was on the banks of river Saraswathi that Vedas originated giving birth to the perennial philosophy, Sathyam Sivam Sundaram.
From the voice of Vedic Haryana, following up with dance sequences showcasing various facets of the state, that of ‘vibrant’, ‘devout’, ‘holy’, ‘patriotic, ‘ancient’ and ‘grateful’ were depicted brining in relevant dancing scenes.

Once known as Tractor State, the state is rich with greenery where life becomes an eternal celebration bringing the Vibrant face of Haryana. Holy incantation of “Bham Bham Bhole” rendering the air worshipping Lord Shiva is the Devout face of Haryana and along with it comes devotion to Mother Durga depicting the Holy face of Haryana. Replete with tales of heroism wherein men of valour sacrifised lives for Mother India projects the Patriotic face of Haryana and last, but not the least comes the Ancient face of Haryana, with children dancing to sonorous tunes heralding her greatest of the fortunes, wherein Lord Krishna sung His Song Celestial.

At the end of the half-an-hour presentation, after presenting various facets of the rich culture of the state, the children declared that they are beholden to Bhagawan, now and forever, claiming 'themselves' to be the "Voice of Grateful Haryana".

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From Bal Vikas children to Sai Youth of the state.... The presentation entitled 'Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara' was a pointer towards the present day plight of the youth, living in utter confusion, being enticed by the influence of hollow western materialism. Bringing flashback from the epic Mahabharata, adapting the Yaksha - Yudhishtira conversation, the presentation in Hindi made an attempt to offer a viable solution to the perturbed youth of the day.

Illustrating through a scene where in a saint was expounding on the aphorism, “Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara”, showcasing a trio of youngsters who were puzzled at the relevance of such old-fashioned  principles in the present time,  the drama takes a turn to the Sai Youth of the day, the right people to guide the disarrayed youth. Showcasing Yudhishtira who unlike his other brothers used his right sense to win the situation and thus the grace of Yaksha, the Youth conveyed the right message to the world winning the heart of the disarrayed youth, introducing their present day task as assigned by Bhagawan. The drama ends with the Youth getting enlightened about the presence of Bhagawan as the 'Lord Walking on Earth'. Convinced of the mighty mission set in motion by Bhagawan, the youth sung in unison a melodious song echoing that "life with Sai is meaningful", bringing curtains down on the half-an-hour presentation.

As Bhagawan had moved off the dais towards the end of the second presentation, a ten minutes pause ensued before Bhagawan came onstage at 1845 hrs. 'Presentation ceremony' continued with boys and girls receiving sarees and safari pieces. At 1850 hrs., at the end of the 'presentation ceremony', Bhagawan moved down the dais to pose with the group for a 'snap with the Divine', boys and girls separately. Upon returning onstage Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi.

A brief pause ensued after which, as ordained by Bhagawan, lead bhajan singer burst open in his melodious voice singing the famous Bhadrachala Ramdas composition, "O Raamaa Nee Naamam Entha Ruchi Raa, Emi Ruchi Raa Raamaa - O Raamaa", meaning O Sri Rama, how tasty is Your Name, O Rama, Your Name is so tasty!, sung with elan lighting up the final moments of the day's session.

Time ticked away to 1910 hrs. and Bhagawan indicated for another Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, Bhagawan paused for a while, looking at the children seated in the front block, asking them to go and have food. Children greeted the Divine gesture with applause and Bhagawan moved off. Leaving the dais, Bhagawan boarded His car at 1916 hrs. retiring to Yajur Mandiram. Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage.

II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu II