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Published on Friday, Sep 17, 2010 at 1735 Hrs. IST

10th September, on the eve of twin festivals of great religious significance, Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid, Prasanthi had twin programmes, by the visiting Indonesian troupe followed an Ramzan Special by the students of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam.

Indonesia, the land with great cultural heritage, land of many islands, was in the township on Parthi Yathra with over 500 devotees joining the group including a Youth group of forty members.

On the scheduled evening, iInvoking Bhagawan, invoking the Goddess of Music, the programme began with a melodious song, "Gaana Priye O! Bhaava Priye..." praising Mother Divine! An hour long cultural presentation ensued, with the Youth of Jakarta, the Balvikas and the Sathya Sai Study Group of Indonesia, reflecting Bhagawan's teachings, highlighting some of the Sai Ideals!

The main programme by the group was a drama entitled "The Search for Paradise" by the Sai Youth of Jakarta. Portraying the wrong side of the life of an arrogant self-deceived youth, the presentation took a turn with the youth facing the harsh realities and lessons of life before coming to terms with and turning over a new leaf in his life. Presenting a most prevalent theme of current times, the drama served a pointer to the human follies immersed in false illusions bringing the golden chapter of transformation.

Vishal, the protagonist, was into the wrong side of life, immersed in materialism, ignoring parents, rocking and rollicking with illusory success in the temporal world, quite ignoramus of the true side of human sojourn. Despite sincere efforts from his good, guiding friend, Ali, who was into Sai way of life, Vishal was not ready to pay heed to the good advice by the friend. When destiny took its toll and he was exposed to adversity, when he lost a bet on 'match-fixing' a football game ending up losing millions, the greedy one came back to his senses to begin his next phase of life, living with ideals.

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The final presentation was by the Sai Study Group of Indonesia, a depiction of Cosmic Divine Dance of Lord Shiva! Marked by colourful costumes, to the accompaniment of typical South East Asian style of music, the presentation was an offering at Bhagawan's Feet, seeking The Lord to shower His grace to help them achieve life's foremost goal!

Earlier, the presntation began with a dance, "Krisnna Rasaleela" by the Balvikas children from Sri Sathya Sai School, Bali. The presentation was a depiction of Madhura Bhakthi exemplified by the gopikas and Radha. Presented in Balinese style, quite alien to Prasanthi, the dance depiction by scores of little children who swayed to the melody of Divine sport, turned out to be an atypical experience for Prasanthi introducing the great Balinese tradition.

Soon after the presentation, Bhagawan moved down the dais, posing for photographs, blessing all the groups. Cast of the good friend, earned special Divine attention as Bhagawan materialised a golden chain for the youth.

Even as the Indonesian troupe was retreating the stage was being set for theRamzan programme by the students of the Institute.

II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu II