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Posted at 23:02:04 Hrs. IST on 30 Dec 2009

With melody at its best and devotion at its ecstatic peak, after a fortnight’s stay in Prasanthi Nilayam serving and elevating themselves, a group of Indonesians finally got to have their Beloved Lord onstage listening to their passionate singing “Mother Oh! Mother Sai Maa, You are our Life Oh! Sai Maa!”, on a beautiful evening on 30 Dec 2009.

In a simple but melodious presentation, the troupe sang eight songs, 4 in English and 3 in Bahasa Indonesia, the national language of Indonesia and one in Hindi spreading devotional ambience, echoing the air in a packed Sai Kulwant Hall, on the penultimate evening of year 2009.

“Maa Sai Maa, You are our Life…” was a passionate plea to Mother Sai, echoed in chorus from a hundred throat, accompanied by high beat music, effectively amplified by a capacity audience raising the charged atmosphere to greater ecstatic heights.

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Other songs for the evening were “We Bow down to You Sai Baba…”, “O Sai Baba My Sai Baba…”, “O Swami The Star of Prasanthi…” in English, “Jadilahinstrument – Nya…” (Be His Instrument), “Sabda Tuhan…” (God has given to us a beautiful voice), “Kami Bersujud Pada Allah Taat Pada Ajarannya“ (We bow down to Allah…) all in Bahsaha Indonesia followed by the one in Hindi, Teri Marzi Se Eh Malik Hum Is Duniya Main Aye Hai…” (With Thy Grace, Oh Lord! We have come unto this world).

True to ‘their’singing, Jadilahinstrument – nya meaning “Be His Instrument”, the group of 340 during this Christmas cum Year End trip have been engaged in various service activities in Prasanthi Nilayam. Apart from the Vidyagiri stadium cleaning up, the troupe was also engaged in dormitory and toilet cleaning in Ashram and a group of specialized men and women got to do cooking in the Western Canteen preparing with Indonesian delicacies from Dec 25 to Dec 28.

The group, Sai Study Group of Sri Sathya Sai Organisations, Indonesia led by Mrs. Indira Ashok Kalvani had 190 men (100 of Indonesian origin and 90 of Indian origin) and 150 Women comprising equal division of men and women of Indonesian and Indian origin, attending the day’s programme. The original strength of the group was 432.

The bouquet of songs was followed by a stint of bhajans by the same group upon which Bhagawan went amidst the group to bless them, moving among and blessing with Padanamaskar and finally with group photo session.

Most of the members in the group are flying back to Indonesia tonight and they are sure to hold on to this wonderful memories savoring each and every moment bestowed upon them by their Mother Sai.