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Posted at 8:00 hrs. on 22nd Sept 2009

Bharat’s rich cultural heritage often proclaims the greatness of Mother and Motherland. Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven, goes the saying. …And this theme has been one of the most favourite ones of Bhagawan who quite often discourses on the subject talking about greatness of illustrious mothers of Bharat. Bhagawan’s own life of sharing and caring of love with His own physical mother is the best example. Many of the philanthropic revolutionary projects initiated by Bhagwan had their origin from Mother Easwaramma’s simple selfless desires for the hapless villages in and around Puttaparthi.

Janani, a musical dance drama by the Youth and Balavikas children from Warangal district was based on the theme that reverence towards one’s mother was equivalent to living a life as desired by one’s mother.

The drama revolved around the life of Suryam, a military officer from Warangal who did not believe in God. His friends Prasanth and Hari were Bhagawan’s students who tried to transform Suryam by narrating experiences and teachings of Bhagawan. Despite fascinating stories of the Lord and greater glories of his own birthplace Warangal, which was blessed by the birth of saint Pothana and by Bhagawan’s visit to the place, Suryam remained unrelenting. 

When he came home on leave, a day happened to be Mother’s Day, his mother Parvatamma requested him to spend the day with her. But he had other interests of his own to pursue and telling her that these days would come every year and he would spend the next year with her, he moved off. But, the modern son that he was, he thought of making his mother happy by offering a bouquet.

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At florist’s spot, he found another youngster by name Sai who had a special request to Suryam to allow him to collect his bouquet first as his mother was waiting. During the conversation Suryam understood the deep love and affection the young ward bore for his mother. To his utter amazement he came to know that the young lad had lost his mother and was offering the bouquet to Bhagawan Himself in whom He was seeing his mother.

Suryam was no more the old rebellious, uncaring and atheist son. He got transformed at the right time on the auspicious day dedicated to the mother. Praying for mercy at Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet, Suryam promised to take care of his mother treating her like a Goddess.

Earlier the drama got off to a colourful start with tiny tots breaking into a beautiful dance sequence describing the story of the glory of The Lord, Sathya Sai followed by a group Pernini Shivatandava, typical of Warangal by the little wards from Warangal district. A heart-rendering Jhoola song invoking the triple incarnation to come and swing on the Jhoola, Kausalya’s Little Darling Little Rama, Yasoda’s prankster son beautiful enchanting Sri Krishna and the Bundle of Joy belonging to Mother Easwaramma, the Young Sri Sathya Sai…Uyyala Loopa Rare Sathya Sai Nee…Uyyala Loopa Rare Aadi Sesha Sai Nee…Rama Lalee Megha Shyama Lalee Sai Lalee Sathya Sai Lalee… moved the hearts and souls in the vast Sai Kulwant Hall elevating them to the greater spiritual ecstasy cradling the Little Divine Wonder in their own hearts.

Happy with the presentation Bhagawan posed for a photo session with the 65 member strong drama crew, comprising Balvikas children and Youth. Bhagawan freely interacted with the children spending considerable time in the middle appreciating them of their dedicated work. The district President of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, Mr. Sathyanarayana Reddy was blessed with a ring in appreciation of his service with humility, reverence, devotion and dedication. The district organisation has taken up Grama Seva activities in fifty four villages and five villages have been covered under the Sri Sathya Sai Village Integration Programme underwhich basic facilities like free medical camps, Bal Vikas Classes for Children, Feeding the Poor etc. are undertaken on a regular basis.

On a prolonged evening that witnessed Divine Drama before enacting the Musical Drama what etched in the hearts of the thousands was the ever enchanting Sathya Sai whose beauteous form was glittering under the façade lighting on the glorious Sunday twilight.