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Then & Now
A day in Ashram


The Youth from Kerala were yet again blessed when they got a golden opportunity to bask in Bhagawan’s Divine Presence and learn the gems of wisdom imparted by experienced speakers and the Lord Himself. The Conference was held for three consecutive days from 19th May to 21st May 2006. On the evening of 21st May 2006, Bhagawan gave His Discourse to the joy of the Youth and thus fulfilling the prayers of 3000 Kerala Youth who had converged from different parts of the State at Whitefield, Brindavan – the abode of Bhagawan at Bangalore.

On the morning of 19th May, Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall was beautifully decked with fresh floral decorations, traditional lamps and colourful festoons. Bhagawan came to the Hall at 8.30. After a few Bhajans by the Youth, the Kerala State President of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations, Sri Mukundan expressed gratitude to Bhagawan for granting permission to hold the Sadhana Camp for the fourth successive year in the Divine Presence. He related to the joy of all assembled what Bhagawan had said on 31st March 2006 when the speaker had conveyed to Bhagawan the yearning of all the Kerala Youth to come to His Presence. Bhagawan said then, “All their prayers have already reached Me.” Before introducing the speakers for the morning session, Sri Mukundan requested Bhagawan to release a book entitled “Helpline on the Sri Sathya Sai Path” containing the answers of the Warden of Brindavan Campus of the Institute, Sri B.N. Narasimha Murthy to the spiritual questions raised by the Kerala Youth in the previous youth conferences. Bhagawan blessed the book and also signed on it.

Sri Madhu Balakrishnan, a renowned singer from Kerala earned Bhagawan’s words of appreciation and delight by his soulful rendering of classical music and light devotional music. After the music programme, Bhagawan was offered Arati after which He retired to His abode.

In the evening, Bhagawan came to the Hall at 3.50 p.m. After a short Bhajan session and Veda chanting, the evening’s proceedings started with four youth speakers – two gents and two ladies sharing their experiences with the audience. The talks were short, powerful and well appreciated. Then the fifth speaker, the State Coordinator for Sri Sathya Sai Medical Programmes took the dais and engaged the audience for a few minutes. This was followed by a mellifluous music concert by Sri Madhu Balakrishnan. This time the singer was blessed with a ring materialised by Bhagawan.

On the morning of 20th May, as Bhagawan entered Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall, the Kerala Youth started Bhajans. After a few Bhajans, Dr. M.K. Ramachandran Nair, Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala spoke of his experiences and also advised the youth about the golden opportunity they had got at a young age to have Darshan, Sparshan and Sambashan of the Lord. After the Vice Chancellor’s speech, Sri Hari Hara Subramanian gave a classical music concert. After a few songs, Bhagawan got up and Arati was offered. Then He retired to His abode.

In the evening, Bhagawan came to Sai Ramesh Krishan Hall at 3.30 as the Kerala Youth filled the entire Hall with chanting of Sai Gayatri. Two Kerala Youth shared their rich experiences with the audience. Again Sri Hari Hara Subramanian got an opportunity to render songs in the Divine Presence. At the end of the recital, Bhagawan materialised a beautiful diamond ring for him. The proceedings ended with offer of Arati to Bhagawan.

After Bhagawan entered the Hall, Sri Jyoti Lal IAS, Executive Director – Water Authority, Government of Kerala addressed the audience on the morning of 21st May 2006, the concluding day of the Conference. After his illuminating speech, Sri Kavalam Sreekumar and Sri T.S. Radhakrishnan gave a vocal performance. At the end of their performance, Bhagawan was offered Arati.

The evening session was a special one for the youth, which will be etched in their hearts for ever. Bhagawan walked onto the dais at 4 p.m., and as the Bhajans were in progress, Bhagawan to everyone’s surprise came down the dais and collected letters from the youth, spoke to some of them and also materialised Vibhuti to a few of them. The Youth were brimming with joy and one could see their faces light up in Bhagawan’s Presence. Bhagawan also went round the Hall giving Darshan to all the devotees. Then came another special moment for which they had been waiting for the past two days when Bhagawan gave His nectarous Discourse.

For the benefit of readers, a gist of the Divine Discourse is given below.

  • Bhagawan said that three days had passed like three minutes for Him and He was extremely happy to see happiness in their faces.

  • The human heart is like a plain paper. It attains the quality with which it is associated. For example, a piece of paper smells of fruits when fruits are placed on it. On the contrary, when dry fish is placed on it, it smells of dry fish. So, it is said, Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati (as is the feeling, so is the result).

  • Bhagawan reiterated that one should have good company. He said, Tell Me your company, I shall tell you what you are. Basically everyone is pure, but one has to maintain that purity by joining good company and avoiding bad company.

  • Man is not one, but three: The one others think you are, the one you think you are and the one you really are.

  • You are God. When someone asks you, “Who are you?” You should answer, “I am I.” This ‘I’ is changeless. The ‘I’ is present everywhere. There is no place without the ‘I’. Sarvatah Panipadam Tat Sarvathokshi Siromukham, Sarvatah Sruthimalloke Sarvamavruthya Tishthati (with hands, feet, eyes, head, mouth and ears pervading everything, God permeates the entire universe).

  • One should cultivate love. Do every act with love. Truth is God. Love is God, live in love. See God in everyone. Even if someone blames you, you should not get perturbed; you should think that it is for my own good.

  • For the last three days, the songs that you sang and the activities that you undertook are very good and are very pleasing to me.

  • You have waited for this opportunity for one full year and now I have fulfilled your desire.

  • You have been thinking that swami has not spoken to you for the last three days, but Swami is always with you speaking to you.

  • There is only one relationship between you and Me and that is love. Our relationship is like mother and child relationship.

  • Bhagawan at the end blessed the youth to live peacefully and happily. He said our country Bharat is the Annadata (giver of food) for the entire world and Kerala is the Annadata for the whole of India.

Bhagawan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan, "Prema Mudita Manase Kaho Rama Ram Ram "

The Conference came to a happy conclusion with the offer of Arati to Bhagawan.