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Then & Now
A day in Ashram

A Flight with Divinity

A flight with Divinity is indeed one of the most priceless rewards a devotee could aspire to achieve in this plane where the Lord walking on two feet has chosen to bless His devotees with abundance of greater compassion in the form of proximity to His physical frame with darshan, sparshan and sambhashan. Over the past eighty years of His earthly sojourn, millions and billions have been blessed by His all-conquering compassion and love that drew this folk into His physical presence. …And among this lot of devotees stand out the folk, students of His educational institutions, about whom He has spoken with much feeling, pride, love and vision that “Students are My Property”, umpteen times.

God comes down…and He comes down with His most meticulous plan…and in His scheme of things figures the chosen ones…criteria being absolute spiritual excellence. The most unbiased and perfect judge He is, it is ridiculous to question and difficult to fathom His reasoning and from the mundane stand-point every other devotee thinks that God belongs to him or her and His Grace is their birthright and watching this Divine Drama is the bliss of a true devotee.

Every student of His institutions, every devotee that throng to His physical presence endeavours and prays to achieve His greater proximity through his or her spiritual merit. After a fulsome, complete year of academic and extra curricular activities, as if to refresh the minds and souls Bhagawan Himself engage a band of selected students and devotees to a spiritual sojourn to His ashram in Kodai Hills in Tamil Nadu. This has been the practice almost every year from late seventies, initially to Ooty and later from 1986 onwards to His ashram in Kodaikanal. Over the years thousands have been blessed to taste this supreme spiritual feast by being a part of His Divine entourage in this dream journey with Divinity.

9th April 2006 was the day destined…privileged to witness 2006 version of this Flight with Divinity. Bhagawan arrived in Sai Kulwant Hall at dot 9:00 a.m., received Mangala Aarathi while remaining in the car and proceeded to Sri Sathya Sai Airport to set start the flight.

Bhagawan and His entourage took off in a specially chartered Indian Airlines Airbus A–320 to Madurai Airport and from there by road to reach Kodaikanal at 4:10 p.m.

We are all flying with the Divine into His never ending, ever expanding expanse of greater compassion and love…to reach out…to realize the Truth Lord Jesus Christ had proclaimed over 2000 years ago, “I and My Father are One”.