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Kodai Darshan

April 25, 2009



For Divine Approval


Golden Darshan on a sunny morning


Bhagawan arrives in the Bhajan Hall


Burra Katha Team seeking Divine Benediction


Burra Katha


Mangala Arathi to Bhagawan…


The Sun God seemed to have prayed to the Lord to grant him permission to bathe His human form with His rays. 24th & 25th of April saw him make the most of the opportunity the Lord granted him at Sai Shruti. Before and after giving Darshan to the thousands of devotees and blessing and receiving their letters, Bhagawan stationed Himself in the sun, for quite a long while. Later He moved to the portico continuing to give Darshan as bhajans were being sung from 10.20 a.m. He was then offered flower and Aarathi by State Seva Co-ordinator and a member of the State Sri Sathya Sai Trust respectively. Devotees received Prasad blessed by Swami.

The afternoon session which started around 5.30 p.m. saw a enthralling performance of Burrakatha by His students on the Avataric descent and mission. The three students who presented it were dressed in the colourful, traditional costumes of Burrakatha artists and rendered with verve and vigour, melody and grace combining song and dance interlocution and humourous replies. The Avatar of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and Shirdi Sai were linked to the present Sai who is verily Shiva and Parvathi come to adorn the Ratnakara clan. The glory of the parents, particularly, Mother Eswaramma who sought and received three boons in the form of schools, colleges and a university and worldwide Balvikas and Educare, Super Speciality Hospitals, Mobile Hospitals and Global Medicare along with the Sai Ganga that flows and flows ever replenished by the melting Kailash snows, to quench the thirst of millions in Andhra and Tamil Nadu and many such signs of grace from the Lord were depicted. Bhagawan’s exemplary life of doing what He preaches as seen in the seva to the needy and suffering was highlighted. A single example of the Lord’s beneficent munificence which would suffice is His sacrifice of the hilltop bungalow and estate in Kodaikanal to fund the houses, He gifted mercifully to the flood ravaged poor of Orissa. The splendour and majesty of Bhagawan’s life was expatiated leaving the listeners gasping in awe, thrilled and filled with Ananda. The inspired artists sought permission from Swami to present another Burrakatha on Shirdi Sai the next day. Bhagawan agreed and blessed them profusely. After two more bhajans Bhagawan received Aarathi.