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Posted at 16:40:12:12 Hrs. IST on 23 Nov 2009

It appeared that they have started from where they had stopped last time. The “Little Champs” from Pune had an opportunity to sing for The Divine at Hadshi, Pune during Bhagawan’s recent trip. These “Little Champs” were yet again seen in action, this time in Prasanthi Nilayam, singing for Him, on the eve of the 84th Birthday, on the 22nd Nov 2009.

L’ll Champs are the winners of the Zee TV sponsored Reality Show for kids in Marathi. The participants were Arya Ambekar, Rohit Raut, Prathamesh Laghate, Mugdha Vaishampayam and Kartiki Gaikwade, all from Pune.

These L’ll Champs are no ordinary folk. They were in Prasanthi Nilayam on a personal invitation from Bhagawan Himself. Impressed by their natural talent show at Hadshi, Bhagawan had asked them to come to Puttparthi to perform in Prasanthi Nilayam. …And one could not wait for a better opportunity than the auspicious occasion of celebrating His Divine Advent.

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The Champs were welcomed with thunderous applause. With an air of silence and air of great expectation prevailing, the “five-some” commenced the show radiating confidence, with their mellifluous voice wafting in to each ear, cooling the hearts, raising the temper of excitement to an unknown realm of ecstasy.  

Starting with a Ganesha Invocation, they continued to sing patriotic and devotional numbers. A tiny tot in the group, cute champ Mugdha Vaishampayam was at her best singing melodiously, enacting to her best.  Singing the famous number “Sai Tero Naam Easwar Tero Naam…” in His presence, with a pointer at Him as Allah, was a feast to the eyes and ears and the crowd went ecstatic, swaying to the tunes in merriment. Every song was received with thunderous relentless applause.

These tiny tots made the Birthday eve a most memorable one…all with their skills to bring the best in the most natural style.

It was obvious that Bhagawan wanted to felicitate these L’ll Champs the with best of the gifts. After several rounds of iteration, seeing the items, Bhagawan finally settled for the best He deemed fit, “honouring” the children with “Shawls and Sarees”, boys and girls respectively.

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Earlier, the evening session began with bit of suspense. There were expectation galore, as an announcement was made in the morning about the scheduled music show by the “L’ll Champs”. L’ll Champs after their enchanting performance at Hadshi has become so dear to the fraternity that there was great expectation in the air, to watch them live, in His immediate presence.

Upon completing His darshan rounds Bhagawan went into the Bhajan Hall and interacted with the L’ll Champs and while all were expecting the Champs to take the stage, Bhagawan seemed to be having some other plans.

He moved on to the Primary Block for a brief interaction with the kids and upon coming back asked popular Carnatic vocalist, Bombay Jayasree to take the stage. After her brief Carnatic vocal session, Bhagawan blessed the singer and accompanists paving for the climax session.

L’ll Champs were called…and it was like a live audition, a reality show in the Divine Presence…

L’ll Champs Sung…L’ll Champs Regaled…L’ll Champs Conquered!!!