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Published on Sunday, Aug 8, 2010 at 1120 Hrs. IST

The magnetic aura that the ‘Soul of Prasanthi’ weaves around attracts one and all to this hallowed township seeking spiritual bliss. Among this multitude comes the ‘greatly talented ‘, from the field of music and art. The names vary from MS Subbulakshmi to KS Chitra from the south to the Ustads of North Indian Gharanas and the list goes on. Bhagawan has always been engaged in encouraging art and music by blessing many an artist to perform in the ultimate Divine presence. …And for these artistes performing in this ultimate court of excellence is the best of the boons that could ever come by.

Joining this list of artistes was Mandolin Maestro U. Srinivas. The little lad whose musical prowess made him a child prodigy, who weaved carnatic musical magic on his chosen instrument to become a maestro in the art, Mandolin U Srinivas, alongwith his sibling U Rajesh were blessed by Bhagawan to present a musical serenade on the evening of 5 Aug in the immediate Divine presence. The duo was assisted by two in-house men, Sai Dutta on Mridangam and Nishikant Barodekar on Tabla, both faculties from the Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music, Prasanthi Nilayam.

Starting with Vatapi Ganapatim of Muthuswami Dikshitar in Hamsadhwani Raga set to Adi Talam the duo went on playing Endaro Mahanubhavulu of Saint Thyagaraja in Sri Ragam set to Adi Talam , Rama Nannu Brovara of Saint Thyagaraja in Harikambhoji Ragam set to Adi Talam, Raghuvamsa Sudha of Patnam Subramaniam Iyer in Ragam Kadana Kuthuhalam set to Roopaka Talam, Thelia Lethu Rama of Saint Thyagaraja in Ragam Dhenuka set to Adi Talam to end up with Venkatachala Nilayam Vaikunta Puravasam of Saint Purandara Dasa in Ragam Sindhu Bhairavi set to Adi Talam.

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Producing the piece of Thyagaraja Thelia Lethu Rama, towards the end, the foursome engaged in jugalbandhi producing a medley of rhythmic sounds, bringing in soul-catchy tunes, enrapturing the attention of the multitude, not the least Bhagawan Himself, offering a fitting musical treat at His Lotus Feet!

The stage was perfect with the semblance of Music and the Divine, inviting attention riveted onstage. It is rightly said, Music is Divine! When music starts flowing time stands still. An hour passed by and it was music all over with its serene façade charming the enchanting Divine and the blessed assembly on this blessed ‘the auspicious Thursday’.

What followed was honouring of the artistes. The duo was felicitated and draped with silk shawls by Bhagawan. Accompanists on table and mridangam were also blessed by Bhagawan. Bhagawan blessed the 'foursome' with clothes as well.

As is seen these days, Bhagawan often brings His 'special brand' concluding such sessions in style.  A short bhajan session ensued, producing two scintillating aalaap bhajans on Lord Sri Rama, Sri Raghavam and Allaho Akbar before Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, Bhagawan moved off the dais at 1900 hrs. to get into His car, retiring for the day at 1905 hrs., not before blessing the assembly with His abhayahastha.