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Musical Drama Presentation

Posted at 00:55 hrs. ISTon 19-07-2009

Tears cannot be put to a better use than crying for the Lord! …On a bliss permeating evening turned twilight, Prasanthi Nilayam witnessed the bondage of love between the Lord and His children… One could see tears rolling down the cheeks of some of the children who became emotional at seeing the “Mother of all mothers” at the closest quarter that they would never have imagined… And there was none who missed getting the Blessed Touch Divine! God was there in their midst and it appeared that the Lord was reluctant to leave the folks… He ‘moved’ among, interacted, posed for photo session granted paadanamaskaars, presented gifts with His own Hands… and He made the evening the most blissful for the folks from the Telangana District of Medak by making them feel that “GOD IS HERE”!

The above was the after effect of a glittering show up by the Balvikas children and the youth from Medak district as part of a Parthi Yatra to the Divine Abode. The Dance Drama entitled “Devudu Unnaru” was a clarion call voicing vociferously the existence of God. The introduction to the programme was a fervent prayer citing the present day plight of the modern world that denies the existence of God much to a contrasting bold declaration by the child devotee, Prahlada, eons ago.

The drama began with the Protagonist, Devanand, picking up an argument voicing against the existence of God. With the advancement of the scientific explorations coupled with superficial believes modern world has lost the belief in the existence of God. As the conversation picked up momentum, turning into a heated argument, the Protagonist who was not satisfied wanted proof of God’s existence. Devanand who has made it almost a habit of going around places talking against the existence of God became a headache and his ‘nemesis’ who believed in the existence of Godhood wanted to curb this trend that played spoilsport spreading the wrong message unto the world.

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Feeding the protagonist with essential examples and instances from the nature and everyday living proved to be a futile exercise; earth moves, earth revolves but we do not experience it; similarly, God does exist…but, Devanand having agreed that earth moves and revolves around as taught by the text books, claimed that he does not believe in the existence of God, just because he has not seen Him in flesh and blood or has not experienced His presence. Counter argument came in the form of the illustrious lives of man turned enlightened beings, namely, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Gautam Buddha, saying that in life certain things do not have proper answer, but have to be experienced. Pat came the question as to if God exists then why so much of anarchy and inequality still exist in the world.

One after one the protagonist was chased to come to the right track; he progressed into a confused person when he was advised with the greater message that everyone is essentially God, highlighting the futility of human vesture; progressing further, Devanand, blurting out various names of Gods, talking about the thirty three crores of Gods as per the Hindu tradition, questions about the identity of the real God.  …And here he was introduced into the teachings of Bhagawan and existence of the God walking the earth.

Curious he became, Devanand wanted to know whether he would be blessed with Upadesha by Bhagawan…He was given the proper advice that Bhagawan does not give any Updadesha….His messages are His Updadesha…and came an urge in the protagonist to come to the Divine Abode for His Holy Darshan.

The musical drama presentation that was interwoven with seven poems of Bhagawan’s own composition serving the right message at interludes was the story of transformation of the protagonist from being an atheist to a believer in the existence of God. Rightly, the path of transformation was tough as the base of old tendencies had to be plucked right from the root, essentially with the help of His implements, His Teachings…God’s Own!!!