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Posted at 20 Hrs. IST on 19th July 2009

After a week filled with exciting events, the new week had a quiet beginning as there were no programmes in the offing for the initial half of the week.  With each passing moment, there comes a fresh moment…with each passing day, there comes a fresh day…and often these fresh entrants tend to bring surprises.

Thursday morning was such a day, as the auspicious morning brought back a custom that had been discontinued for the past three years, safari cloth distribution to students and staff of the Institute. On the Thursday morning, most unusually, the Mandir was full as instructions had gone to both the junior and senior hostel students to attend the morning darshan as a scheduled cloth distribution was in the agenda. Entire campus with teaching and administrative staff members were blessed with safari pieces, distributed by students and senior staff members in His immediate Divine Presence.

Adding to the list of Parthi Yatras joined a huge contingent of over 2100 devotees from the telangana district of Medak. The third Parthi Yatra from the district in succession in three years was organized expressing gratitude for the Water Project Scheme implemented in the drought affected district. The group that had various cultural, social and spiritual programmes conducted in the district spreading Bhagawan’s Message of Love, has organized distribution of implements for the downtrodden, selected from the district. A musical offering titled, “Hrudaya Kusumanjali” and a Musical Drama entitled “Devudu Unnaru”, portraying the journey of an atheist to transform himself into a believer in the existence of God were the other highlights of the Medak Parthi Yatra.

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More than the transformation episode, what captivated the attention of the beautiful turned blissful evening was the all conquering love of the Lord with the tiny tots. On a bliss permeating evening turned twilight, Prasanthi Nilayam witnessed the bondage of love between the Lord and His children… He ‘moved’ among, interacted, posed for photo session granted paadanamaskaars, presented gifts with His own Hands… and He made the evening the most blissful for the folks from the Telangana District of Medak by making them feel that “GOD IS HERE”!

New themes, new ideas, everything that is fresh raking the truth, waking up the sleeping souls, leading unto the facet of the “eternal now” blossoms at the Timeless Theater in Prasanthi Nilayam in the immediate Divine Presence! It is rightly said, everyday is a festivity in Prasanthi Nilayam…Yes, it is Nithyakalyanam Pacha Thoranam in His Divine Presence.