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Published on Friday, Sep 25, 2010 at 1205 noon IST

A musical ballet entitled "Mahishasura Mardini" on the mythical story of Mashishasura was enacted by a group of spirited youth from the twin states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh as part of the 85th year of Bhagawan’s Divine Advent.

On 15th Sept, on a beautiful evening in Prasanthi, the battle line was drawn between ‘the good’ and the ‘evil’ as Goddess Durga, the epitome of power and self-esteem got engaged in a fierce battle annihilating the demon Mahishasura, symbolically depicting the victory of good over evil.

The presentation, an adaptation from Durga Puran was done by the youth group from the village Uttai of Chhattisgarh with the Maa Banjari Seva Samithi coming into action.

Presented with combined artistry of dancing, acting and expressive gestures with body languages, the youth brought out a most natural demonstration in folk art form unveiling the epical saga.

The twenty five minute presentation evoked greater interest in the audience as Bhagawan sat through watching the artistes excelling, utilizing the given opportunity, coming up with a most natural, scintillating performance. It was a battle of power and self-respect vs. ego, arrogance and ignorance.

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As the fierce battle went on in the Prasanthi theatre, adding thrill to the ongoing battle, there emerged the Dark Goddess Archetype Mother Kali fighting with the demon Rakthabeeja who had a special boon that every drop of his blood which falls on the floor would give birth to another demon! Fierce battle ensued and Mother Kali finally won over the demon paving way for the final battle, Goddess Durga with the demon Mahishasura.  The battle turned out to be battle royal and the dancers displayed great agility and ability acrobatically performing the act. The demon was killed and there were rounds of applause as if everyone wanted to join the celebration of victory over evil.

The battle ground witnessed lots of howling, shouting, emitting tamasic expressions leading up to a fierce battle ending up with Mother Divine winning over the demon, granting him respite, liberation. With the demon ruling the roost and Mother Goddess armed with ten hands arriving majestically riding over a lion, roaring to peak, the battle evoked greater enthusiasm in the audience, especially for the tiny tots from the Primary, who were seen craning their necks, watching the horrifying tale with a touch of 'childish horror'. The entire presentation was done in most simplistic style that could be easily understood by one and all.

Summing up the presentation, Balvikas children forayed into the scene expressing gratitude.

After a pause, bhajans started by the MP & Chhatisgarh troupe and even as the bhajans were on, prasadam distribution went on and subsequently Bhagawan moved down the ramp to pose with the group for photo session. Accepting Mangala Arathi at 7:40 pm, Bhagawan retired for the day at 7:50 pm in His car.