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Mumbai Welcomes The Lord...

Posted at 7:50 Hrs. on 1st Nov 2009

From Pune to Mumbai…After blessing Hadshi-Panduranga Kshetra-Pune for a full course of three eventful days, Bhagawan and His entourage left Pune at around 10.45 am. Villagers lined up in a disciplined manner along the entrance and road leading towards Lonavla. One could see the winding procession – motorbikes, two cars with security guards, Swami’s car, and a string of 20 cars following. Swami blessed the villagers with double abhayahasta and then the convoy sped on, towards waiting Mumbai…

Yes, Mumbai was literally beating…her heart was throbbing and the soul of Dharmakshetra, the lovely Divine Abode in Mumbai atop the hill in Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East was the bride in waiting, rejoicing at embracing Her Master, The Lord of the Universe encased in human form.

It was a red letter day in the history of Dharmakshetra, when Bhagawan’s Lotus Feet tread on its soil after several years , re-charging and sanctifying it once again.. Dharmakshetra looked like a bejeweled bride awaiting her Lord. The stage was a kaleidoscope of colorful flowers and there a bustle of activity all around. The boys of the Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Mandir sporting orange turbans and the girls attired in white flanked the slopy ascent leading to Sathyadeep, the Divine Abode. Their hands were filled with flower petals to match their hearts overwhelmed with love. The colorful balloons held by the girls were a reflection of their high spirits.

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While the Veda boys were stationed at the gate of Sathyadeep to escort the Lord, the tiny tots of Balvikas had the unique privilege of taking position between Anand Kutir and Sathyadeep. Bhagawan entered the main gate of Dharmakshetra at around 1.55 pm to the sound of bugle and welcome band amidst the chant of Vedas and Bhajan singing at Jalan mandap.. As the motorcade was showered with flower petals, Bhagawan’s car entered the precincts of Sathyadeep and He glided out of the car sporting a charming smile assuring us that He was here with us once again and happy days were here again ……

Children held out welcome placards announcing “Welcome to Mumbai” and “We love You Sai” along with colourful balloons that fluttered restlessly to be with the Lord.. While school girls dressed in traditional nawari sarees held out the auspicious plates, Bhagawan was received with roses by Shri Indulal Shah and Shri Vijaya Bhaskar, Trust Convener, Maharashtra before He retired to Anand Kutir.

With namasmaran resounding in their hearts, the Bal vikas children waited with perseverance and Lo and Behold, the Lord emerged out of Anand Kutir to proceed to Sathyadeep. He encompassed all in His Divya Drishti and seemed to be in no great hurry as the tiny tots were soaked in the loving glance of Divine Mother Sai…… A memorable morning indeed that would be firmly etched in one’s hearts forever including all those who had lined up the way from Hadshi to Mumbai just to catch a glimpse of Bhagawan. What more could one ask for? The Most Compassionate Lord had kept up His rendezvous with His children……