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Posted at 0745 hrs. on 28th Aug 2009

The short moral play that little Sathya wrote during His early childhood days, titled “Cheppinattu Chestara”, meaning “can we act as we say?” bore a thematic resemblance to the dance drama staged by the Youth from Orissa, entitled “Kingdom of God, Here and Now” .

On a pleasant Thursday evening when the talk of the town was more on the ensuing conference on the theme, “Ethics and the World of Finance” that gets underway on Friday, 28th August morning, the youth from Orissa literally swept Prasanthi away with a beautiful portrayal of a real life story depicting how greater faith and dedication win His Divine Grace, achieving the seemingly impossible.

The presentation “Kingdom of God, Here and Now” was a drama in real life showing Bhagawan’s greatest miracle, Transformation of the Heart, in His own inimitable style. The drama 'spoke' about the real life story of some youth from a remote village, Ambadola in Rayagada district of Orissa, geographically remote, but well connected with the boundless love and infinite mercy of Bhagawan.

The day’s drama had an interesting flashback that dates back to the 81st Birthday celebrations in the state. During the birthday celebrations, the Youth from Ambadola Samithi had presented a drama, the story of a group of young men who were inspired by Bhagawan to take up the project of a home for the destitute, to finally dedicate the same to Bhagawan.  There came the Divine direction in a most unexpected style giving the youth a real jolt. Bhagawan appeared in a dream of one of the youth and asked if they were only acting or going to do something really, making the drama a reality. Then came the Divine command, “Make it a Reality”.

Weaved against this background, the first scene of the drama showed an argument in the village wherein Mohan Bhaiyya, the protagonist, a rich and worldly person, showing his frustration and anger towards the youth who were heading to watch a drama, “Kingdom of God”.  It was as if all the roads were leading to the “Kingdom of God” and the protagonist was unable to decipher the sense behind all those happenings. The drama further evolved through the dream sequence wherein the Youth got the message to make the drama a reality, that jolted the youth…and there came the confusion about the way forward.

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Mohan Bhaiyya added to the fuel of confusion ridiculing the entire drama a mockery exercise, which according to him was highly impossible. The Youth in their exuberance tried their best to convince the rich man telling about various projects that were undertaken by Bhagawan, namely, water project, super speciality hospitals and even the 700 housing project taken up in Orissa. Mohan Bhaiyya, frustrated at the youth’s continuous praise of Baba as the lone “doer”, threw a challenge on them pledging four acres of land for the project, condition being the youth should be able to get a sum of Rs. 50,000 from the Baba, in a week’s time.

Intertwined  with a beautiful song sung by a forlorn “Aadhmi Ko aadhmi kya dhetha hey, allah dhetha hey, sab ka maalik ek hey…” meaning, “It is not man, but God is the ultimate provider, He is the Master of all…”, the youth were making an emphatic declaration reiterating the presence of Unseen Divine Hand in everything.

When a forlorn asked for four rupees to sing a song so that he could win a square meal which he had been deprived off, the motivated youth offered him a house that could build a dream life in future…and when he was offered two full meals, much more than what he had asked for, he jumped for joy yet again breaking into a song…

“Aadhmi Ko aadhmi kya dhetha hey, allah dhetha hey…”

The youth were ecstatic as, by Divine Provision, they got the first child for the proposed orphanage. Mohan Bhaiyya was still unconvinced. But, there came another miracle, as one of the youth who was with Bajaj Alliance got the first cheque of commission due to him, a sum of Rs. 15000/- which he wholeheartedly offered to the project….and similar way many other avenues got opened up and money flowed in.

As the powerful signals of extra-ordinary benediction poured forth from the Greater Heaven, the work got off to a start with exuberant spirit and with greater unity. The unity song intertwined, Aao Milke Hum Ghar Banayenge, Pyaar Mohabbat Chahat Sajaye… was an apt intermission showing greater unity displayed in the spirit of brotherhood and devotion towards achieving the goal.

By now it was transformation time for Mohan Bhaiyya. He confessed that the proposed land was meant for the construction of a factory to manufacture explosives; as the industrialist who was to build the same in the proposed land got arrested, Mohan thanked his stars and God’s greater magnanimity and love towards him that saved him his life. Repenting from his heart, he offered the land for the construction work. During the same time another encouraging incident occured and the youth who was with Bajaj Alliance got promoted to Area Manager level, which was a miracle as he was just into the sixth month of his service with the firm.

The Orphanage was finally ready and they proposed to open the same for the forlorn on the auspicious Easwaramma Day, 6th May.  ...And unanimously they decided to name it, Sai Karunalaya…And expressing grateful thanks, the youth sang in chorus…

“Baba Hey Apne Commander, Hum Hey Saarey Soldier…” Baba is our commander and we are all soldiers… showing greater faith and gratitude...

Powerful booming dialogues, acting with precision living out the scenes packed with feeling, melodious yet sonorous and meaningful songs, in all, the drama was actual life in depiction much opposite to the common practice where life becomes a drama.

And the timing was perfect. With heads and senior executives of many corporate, nationalized banks making a headway to Prasanthi Nilayam for an ensuing conference, the message was apt when the youth declared in the drama… “...millionaires consider it a great blessing if they get a chance to serve Him” and what followed was actual life in drama. The Timeless Theatre in Prasanthi will have more such shows educating the world of the reality of existence.

Bhagawan who sat through the entire session was pleased and He showed it in no uncertain terms when He gesticulated with His typical hand action expressing His appreciation. The protagonist and other two were called on stage and Bhagawan lovingly enquired about the work being done at the Orphanage. A photo session with Bhagawan was followed by a short stint of bhajans by tiny tots from the orphanage, Karunalaya. It was a rare occasion wherein a beautiful twilight echoed the chirpings of yesterday’s forlorn who were embraced to safety by Lord Himself. Yes, they were Anathas (forlorn) till yesterday who were  turned to Sanathas (Anathas turned Sanathas) and they sang their joy in the presence of the One who added colour to their otherwise grey life, making the evening all the more a memorable occasion.

Before Bhagawan called for Arathi, Sai Symphony, Orissa presented two devotional songs, “Manasa Satatam Smaramiyam….followed by Sadguru Sai Nath Hamare…”

Seven Hundred Youth from the state, Orissa have joined in this Parthi Yathra for three days, from 26th to 28th August. Orissa literally swept Prasanthi away…and the evening echoed the Message of the Lord…”Make it a Reality”… everyone stands a chance to make his life a reality by following His footsteps…!!!