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Bhagawan in Pune - Glimpses of His Arrival...

Posted at 8:40 Hrs. on 29th Oct 2009

On the much expected morning of 28th October 2009, the scheduled day of Bhagawan’s arrival at Sri Sathya Sai Panduranga Kshetra in Hadshi Village in Pune, it was nature in her pristine best eagerly anticipating to welcome the Lord of the Universe in physical frame. …And she was joined by men and women in thousands rejoicing the great grand occasion. Colourful canopies adorned the lush green lawns. Every creation around reflected this mood; the caressing breeze, the singing birds and the colourful butterflies all awaited the Lord!

The Sarva Dharma Stupa beautifully decorated with an array of colourful flowers and lights stood magnificent at the entrance leading to the golden gate of the Ganesha Temple. Ladies attired in traditional pink and red Nawari sarees were waiting to perform the Kalash Puja outside the golden gate. With a prayer in their hearts, these ladies have walked all the way to Panduranga Kshetra from their villages.

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The fountains behind the Ganesha Temple were gushing with joy and enthusiasm that the Lord was to be in their midst. The aisle leading to the shrine of Vitthal Rakumai and Shirdi Sai Baba were lined with men in colourful turbans—they were set to welcome the Lord with Lazium (Maharashtrian Traditional dance) to the rhythm of dholkis. The Abhangs of Tukaram rented the air outside the sanctum sanctorum of Vitthal Rakumai while the Prana Pratishta Yagna was going on in the Yagna Mandap adjoining the Vithal Rakumai temple.

A warm and loving welcome awaited Bhagawan as The Lord descended from the aircraft at Pune airport around 10 a.m. enroute to Panduranga Kshetra. Shri Jadhav and his family members along with the State President of Maharashtra Shri Ramesh Sawant expressed gratefulness to Bhagawan while receiving Him. The young ambassadors of Bhagawan’s mission, the Bal vikas children attired in colorful Maharashtrian dresses extended their welcome to one and all. Dignitaries present at the airport to welcome the Lord included the former Union Home Minister, Sri Shivaraj Patil and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Sri Ashok Chavan, both ardent long time devotees of Bhagawan.

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Bhagawan upon arrival straight drove down to the Jadhav’s resident at Pune to spent over 45 minutes blessing the occasion. Thereafter Bhagawan arrived at the Kshetra, the venue at 12:11 p.m., a momentous occasion she has been waiting for the past six long years. Bhagawan upon arrival, blessed the vast concourse of devotees who were lined up enroute yearning for a rare glimpse of the Lord in physical.

Bhagawan was greeted by the auspicious chant of the Vedas recited by Bal Vikas children coupled with  vibrant band music. The family of Shri. Jadhav welcomed Bhagawan with traditional tokens of auspiciousness. Mrs. & Mr. Vishal Jadhav (son of Shri Jadhav) presented the Kalash while other dignitaries offered floral salutations to Beloved Bhagawan.

As Bhagawan’s car proceeded to His residence, He graciously blessed devotees who were singing Abhangs with intense love. Bhagawan alighted from the car and inaugurated the Divine Abode acceding to the prayers of Shri Jadhav. The students and entourage were also greeted with roses before being escorted to Bhagawan’s residence.

Later in the evening a music programme was held in the Divine Presence at the Kshetra Venue. Mumbai’s famous names, Kavita Subramaniam, Sapna Mukherjee and Nitin Mukesh graced the occasion seeking Divine Blessings. Bhagawan is scheduled to bless and inaugurate the Sri Sathya Sai Panduranga Kshetra on 29th morning at 9:00 a.m.