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Posted at 00:35:14 Hrs. IST on 21 Nov 2009

Prasanthi’s eternal festive ambience gets a fillip with the arrival of November when a representative group from almost each country of the world arrives in this valley of peace with just one goal, to be near the Lord in His physical form, on the most auspicious day - the date that earned an eternal privilege when Divinity descended on this earth - 23rd November.

With the destined day coming closer, Prasanthi gets continually recharged with an array of programmes preceding it, as if it is gearing up for the D day.

After witnessing the Mahabharata story last evening which evoked a plethora of emotions amongst all present, this evening the stage was set for the epic from the Treta yuga, the sweet nectarine story of Lord Sri Ramachandra.

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Little hearts from the primary school put up a glittering dance drama, encapsulating the entire Ramayana in forty minutes, on the twilight of 20th November in the immediate Divine Presence.

The story began with Sage Vishwamitra seeking an audience with King Dasaratha, the mighty ruler of Ayodhya. The sage requested the king to depute the services of his son, Rama, to complete the Maha Yajna which was hampered by demons and other evil forces.

To an ever reserved, possessive and unconvinced Dasaratha, the Sage argues with his wealth of facts about Rama’s divinity. As Dasaratha would not relent, the Sage spurned the king’s offer to present himself for the battle with the demons, instead of sending his sons.

Sage Vasishta, the preceptor of the royal children, cautioned the king and asked him to summon the children to render their services for the benefit of the world.

The next scene enacted was that of Rama’s marriage with Sita and subsequently, to that of the hermitage in the forest where the golden deer was trying to woo Mother Sita.

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Mother Sita’s plea, Lakshmana’s apprehension, Sita’s stubbornness to posses the deer, the Lakshmana Rekha episode, the arrival of Ravana in the guise of a Sage finally wooing her to come out of the Lakshmana Rekha, all were depicted in style by the children with powerful dialogue delivery coupled with emotional acting.

Thereafter the next scene performed was that of Lanka, where the holy mother was incarcerated by King Ravana. Despite Mandodari’s fervent plea not to harm but release the hapless woman, Ravana who was overcome by lust did not pay heed to the plea.

Lord Hanuman then appeared before Mother Sita, imparting courage to withstand the trials and tribulations as the days were not far off before Sita would be released. In a final attempt, Lord Rama sent his emissary, Angad, son of Vali but this attempt too failed to convince the egotist, Ravana.

Finally the war, which was destined to happen, was fought and Lord Rama annihilated the demon Ravana, bringing peace unto the world.

The curtain was drawn with the entire crew joining together singing the glory of the Lord Rama in His physical presence.

The drama was enacted by the tiny tots of the primary school, with powerful dialogues delivered coupled with excellent acting and interspersed with beautiful song sequences encapsulating the entire Ramayana story.

Bhagawan called the groups onstage to grant them photo sessions before calling for Arathi.

Earlier, Bhagawan came out just before five and took a detour to the stage from the ladies side.

Medical and paramedical volunteers from various parts of India, contributing their services to the Mother and Child Welfare project under the sponsorship of Easwaramma Women's Welfare Trust were felicitated in the Divine Presence before the commencement of the drama.

The programme which was kicked off on the 19th July 2005, in two villages, has grown in great proportions covering all the forty five villages of the Sathya Sai Mandal, by October 2009, within four years of service. The programme presently benefits 400 mothers and 800 children as opposed to 68 mothers and 68 children when it was started.

Malayalam Cine Actor Mohanlal seeks Divine Blessings...

The day being the anniversary of Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music, Bhagawan blessed the boys cutting a cake. Later boys had a musical session, exclusively for Bhagawan inside the Bhajan Hall.

Earlier, in the morning, Bhagawan most graciously distributed sarees to selected women in the bhajan hall. Popular Actor from Malayalam Cinema, Mohanlal, was in Prasanthi Nilayam seeking Divine Blessings.