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Be it with an intention to draw His attention or with an intention to engage Him - The Divine, during even a sultry summer season, students from Sri Sathya Sai University relentlessly pursue to bring a cheer on His beauteous face, often picking up tales from the rich cultural heritage of Bharat.

At a time recreation and relaxation gets preference for the student community all over India, having summer holidays, a group of students have been camping in Prasanthi throughout the summer, relishing His proximity while pursuing to continue at the hallowed portals of Sri Sathya Sai University with higher education.

...And bringing in a change from the regular summer schedule some of these students pitched in to perform a wonderful thematic Musical Dance presentation, entitled “Sai Bhakta Samrajyam”, a collective effort of singers, dancers and actors. The programme held on the 17th evening was a depiction of Bharat's glorious devotional tradition, showing incidents from the lives of past masters presented in a dance form with lucid narration that came in the form of evergreen, omnipresent sage of yore, Narada.

What followed was an array of glimpses from the lives of past masters depicting devotional trails, namely that of, Saint Thyagaraja, Saint Annamacharya, Saint Thukaram, Sadashiva Brahmendra (an Avadhoota lived in Tamil Nadu), Saint Tulsidas, Sakkubai, Bhadrachala Ramdas etc., brought in with devotional fervour intertwined with narrations of their heroics with Divine Name.

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It was the wandering saint, Sage Narada's privilege yet again, donning the role of "interlude presenter cum commentator" to "introduce" these foremost devotees of yester years to the presiding deity, Lord in physical, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! The interlude narrations were quite interesting as the Sage came up with beautiful incidents from the lives of these past masters illustrating their feats with their devotion.

With dancers excelling with deft moves, singers singing His glory spreading Bhakti-Rasa into hearts and minds, Narada goes on extolling the past masters at ease, often with great devotional fervour with a mix of humour, the Sai Kulwant hall turned heavenly at the “dawn of the twilight” with Bhagawan sitting resplendent onstage, under the lights, fully engrossed in the lively presentation.

The fifty minute programme came to an end at 1840 hrs. with the cast of Narada profusely thanking Bhagawan for the great good fortune Bhagawan bestowed upon them, the students, to learn at His Divine Lotus Feet! They concluded the programme bursting into a group song "Madhurama Amrithama Dharicherchu O' Nesthama...", after which Bhagawan moved down the aisle to bless the participants with a coveted photo session. It was an apt occasion for many of these participating students to get Career Divine Counselling from Bhagawan after having completed their education.