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Posted at 17:30:00 Hrs. IST on Feb 26, 2010

“Mother and Love for Mother” has been one of the ideals set forth by Bhagawan for the world to watch and emulate. Bhagawan has been living this ideal all through His life setting the trend of practising before preaching and quite often we hear Bhagawan hailing the unsullied love of “Divine Mother” Mother Easwaramma.

There was no better theme for a group of “Australians” to stage a drama for the evening than the one that is dear most for the Lord…the Pristine Love of Motherhood. The drama for the evening “Mother of Mine – Mother Divine” was the story of the pristine saga of motherhood that loves without any selfish traits, without any expectations in return.

The Drama depicted that it is only when we win the Love of our mother that we may know and enjoy the sweet nectar of Love from Divine Mother Sai. 

In the drama two boys, Shane and Nick were both busily engaged in their respective professions, when they received notice that their mother was ill with cancer.  They were plunged into a dilemma as to who would look after their mother. Nick displayed reluctance, while Shane stayed by his mother’s side sacrificing his career remembering the life time of sacrifice she made for him.  Nick returned to work, but at a low point in his career he realised his folly in giving the world priority over His mother. When Nick returned to His mother’s side, even Bhagawan reflected the deep emotion as though He was thoroughly engrossed in the Drama. Of course, there was a subtle underlying meaning that He alone was the mother in the play and His children returned to the ultimate source that is the fountainhead of all auspiciousness.  

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The drama staged well beyond the twilight under the light had emotions running through as the Mother with her all conquering selfless love for children hiding a just received intimation from Sacred Heart Hospital about herself being down with cancer, on a day when her children were to fly overseas having earned scholarship abroad for higher studies. While the folly of choosing the world and career over mother was revealed with Nick meeting with his low in career, the revelation came in the interval through a flashback scene when an old ice-cream vendor handed over a letter dated X-X-2005 from Sacred Heart Hospital informing the mother of her illness. The letter was incidentally left at the Ice Cream vendor by mere coincidence, by an upset mother, who wanted to hide the fact from her children who were amidst celebrations of their achivements. Emotions continued with Nick returned to the mother and when the doctor revealed of Bhagawan’s involvement in the form of Vibhuti Prasadam that finally saved the mother, cancelling the cancer.

At the completion of the drama, Swami asked ‘Is everything over?’ It was conveyed that the Sai youth had practised some songs, and if Swami wills it they would sing.  In His infinite compassion, though it was already 7:50 pm and student fraternity was present, Swami advised ‘Let them sing’. 

After an introduction in the form of an expression of gratitude, one of the Sai Youth narrated a telugu poem followed by the Sai Youth singing with gusto. The first song conveyed the bliss they felt in being able to express their gratitude and Love to Swami ‘Yenta Hai Yenta Hai Eenadu’ The meaning of the song conveying the joy they felt that Bhagawan had taken all the trouble to walk and see them. As this song progressed to second speed, Swami nodded His head to the beat. 

As the drums commenced for the second song ‘You Raise Me Up’, Swami closed His eyes and raised His hand appropriately – lifting the spirits of all present to a higher plane.  Lovingly He maintained beat with His hand.

The Sai youth then proceeded to sing Swami’s own composition ‘Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Yana-radda’.  Reminding their minds in the Lord’s presence, to keep the senses in check and spend every moment of their lives chanting Bhagawan’s Name.  Once again, as the song started, Swami’s expression conveyed a deep felt emotion. 

The final song “I Love You Swami” allowed the Sai youth and those present to express their heartfelt Love for Bhagawan again.

At the completion of this song, Swami signaled for Arathi which was offered by the Youth. On completion of Arathi and Universal prayer, Kumar Venkat, an alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai University and the group leader, approached Swami again and requested if Swami wills the Sai youth would Love to have a photo with Him.  Swami said “Yes, Yes I’ll come”.

…and He moved down the dais posing for a coveted photo session for boys and girls separately. When the group joined in chorus echoing: “We Love You Swami” He said “I Love you too”. Swami then returned to the dais and gave signal for the distribution of prasadam and clothes. As He was leaving the dais He turned raising His hands in blessing.

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Earlier 'the day' began almost when the twilight was giving away to the nightfall. Bhagawan came at 7:05 pm glittering under the lights.

The group of 175 Sai Youth from Australia had been awaiting The Lord from 3 pm onwards. Girls clothed in sari’s of green and gold, boys in white had been a perfect show of patience, perseverance and devotion as they stuck to their seat without moving, in all eagerness with silent prayer on their lips. 

As He entered to the accompaniment of the Shanthi Mantra, and approached the Sai Youth, His head turned to embrace them with a smile. Passing the drama cast, Bhagawan raised His hand in blessing. His expression took on a look of comical surprise when He saw that one of the youth boys was dressed as a female for the drama.

After giving darsan in the gents’ side, with a loving gaze Swami passed the Sai youth again. Encircling the dais, behind the Ganesh statue, He took His seat at the front, as the ‘Mantra Pushpam’ was chanted. The Sai youth joined in chanting the Vedas. Swami then gestured for the programme. 

A male Sai youth presented Swami with a rose, followed by two boys who presented Swami with a card.  The card had 175 hearts in which each of the Australian youth had written ‘I Love You’.

A female Sai youth then presented Swami with a rose and two girls presented Him with the programme. As the programme was described to Swami, they spoke to Him.  “175 youth are here Swami,” they said, “We are here to express our gratitude and Love. We Love you very much.”   Swami nodded His head and whispered “Australia?”, so quietly that He had to ask a second time to which the youth responded ‘Yes Swami’. They took padanamaskar before returning to their seats.

With His Divine nod started the drama, “Mother of Mine – Mother Divine” Bhagawan was engrossed in the drama, watching each actor intensely, whilst at same time, lovingly caressing the rest of the group with His compassionate gaze as they watched Him.

It was past 8:30 pm when the Lord retired to Yajur Mandiram.He left them overwhelmed by granting a colourful evening-turned-twilight-turned-night session under the lights lighting many a heart, reciprocating to their love for Mother Sai!!!