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Sarvajithnama Samvatsara…Ugadi…
Prasanthi embraces the dawn of a most promising new year…

21st March 2007…Prasanthi Nilayam: Ugadi…the festive New Year of remarkable metaphorical significance, heralding auspiciousness and prosperity was celebrated with gaiety, piety and religious fervour in Prasanthi Nilayam in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan on 20th March 2007.  A tastefully decorated Sai Kulwant Hall, bedecked with blend of multi-hued flowers and festoons bore testimony to the grandeur of the occasion and the arrival of a much promising New Year…and it was that promising feature of this New Year, christened Sarvajith that caught the limelight on this most auspicious morning.
Dwelling upon in detail on this ‘impending’ New Year Sarvajithnama Ugadi, Bhagawan, much to the delight of the thousands gathered in Prasanthi Nilayam declared the conferred boon, that the New Year would be a promising one that could fulfill all of humanities ambitions and aspirations. He further added that one should develop right thoughts and with good thoughts one is bound to be successful…

Earlier in the morning Bhagawan emerged out from Yajur Mandiram at 8:40 a.m. moved into the Sai Kulwant Hall for a full round filling the hearts and minds of thousands thronged for the coveted New Year darshan.  Prof. Anil Kumar, who was ordained by Bhagawan to share his thoughts on the festive occasion, was at his poetic best recapitulating the immortal lines coined by Mahakavi Devulapalli Krishasasthri Garu. Recalling those immortal poems on the Love between God and a devotee, Prof. Anil Kumar emphasised that Bhagawan is The Magnet…If there is any magnet that attracts devotees from all over the world, it is Bhagawan…voiced Anil Kumar thunderously, received with rapturous applause by the concourse of thousands.

Talking on the greater significance of the festivity, he recounted a memorable Ugadi morning in Brindavan in the year 1989, when the then President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma who was commanded to address the gathering of devotees begged to Bhagawan with atmost simplicity and sincerity that he has not come to give a speech, rather he was there to listen to Bhagawan…and he was there to have His Divine Darshan with the belief that all auspicious things on that doubly auspicious Ugadi day would repeat manifold throughout the year…The president who was requested to sit on a chair chose to sit at His Lotus Feet and even refused to accept a garland that was offered to him…and instead went on removing the petals to be offered to Bhagawan at His Lotus Feet.  Prof. Anil Kumar concluded his rhetoric excellence expressing gratitude on a personal note, narrating how Bhagawan’s Love and Grace has conferred his aged mother a peaceful end, remembering the Beloved One in her last moments …ultimately reaching the Divine Lotus Feet.

Prof. G. Venkataraman who spoke next said among the various regionally celebrated New Years of Indian tradition, Ugadi is different as is evident from the very name itself. Talking about the Mobile Dispensary that is completing a year of yeomen service, Prof. Venkataram was lavish at praising the entire team of doctors and paramedicos who have been actively engaged in rendering medical service to the poor village folk in selected areas of Anantapur District. Switching over to the Drinking Water Project for East and West Godavari, Prof. Venkataram, who had been there personally to study the project activities narrated the thrilling experiences and encounters he had during his visit. Referring to an incident wherein a tribal lady had donated an acre of land for the water project, and another incident where village women expressed their contentment and gratitude to Bhagawan for the boon of elixir divine, he said he was astonished to find such fine qualities in ordinary village folks, that is surprisingly and unfortunately missing in educated urban class. Talking about the role of youth in carrying Bhagawan’s Mission he added that the soul of India finds expression through the youth…Victory is here…Krishna is here…and we are all Arjunas…by obeying His Divine Command the whole world can become a better one…


This was followed by Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse…Talking on the significance of the New Year Sarvajith, Bhagawan said…of all the years this year is significant to recognise the innate Divinity…this year indicates the fulfilment of all our desires and ambitions…Urging one and all about the importance of developing right thoughts, Bhagawan said, by developing good thoughts one is bound to be successful.

Discoursing on the origin of the name Sarvajith, Bhagawan narrated the story of Mother Parvathi’s severe penance finally winning the hand of her Lord, Shiva…Pleased with Parvathi’s unquenching thirst for Divinity the Lord appeared to her conferring the bliss of Divine Union…Thus achieveing her foremost goal, Parvathi named the year Sarvajith, meaning ‘all conquering’…Ugadi signifies the day of celebration when Mother Parvathi surmounting all obstacles won the hand of her Lord…

Talking about various Ugadi New Years with significant names, Bhagawan said: following this year Sarvajith, after a gap of some years, wouldl come the year Akshaya, the year of plenty. Divinity incarnates in the year Akshaya and Bhagawan also has incarnated in the Akshaya year…thus His physical being has seen two Akshaya Years…added Bhagawan.

Referring to the East and West Godavari Water Project, and related affairs, Bhagawan reiterated that responding to the prayers of the devotees from the region He would soon undertake a trip to Rajahmundry. Bhagawan further announced the Rural Development Programme that would commence on this auspicious day to be completed in a year’s time.

Students have power…physical health, mental power, spiritual power…They should achieve sense control and should be careful not to pervert themselves so that they could do better service, exhorted Bhagawan.

Talking about His foster Mother Karnam Subbamma, Bhagawan gave a beautiful insight into the final moments of the pious lady. Subbamma,  just before leaving her mortal coil after sipping water offered by His Divine Hands, told Bhagawan’s mother Easwaramma with great feeling, sincerity and conviction that Easwaramma has given birth to God…but she was privileged to take care of the Godly child. Easwaramma was like Devaki and she herself was like Yasodha. Saying so, she urged Mother Easwaramma to take care of Sathya well.

The Burra Katha recital, a folklore art form of Andhra Pradesh staged by the students a couple of days before on the theme Mother Easwaramma, came in for a rave review from Bhagawan. Extremely pleased with the classic staging of the programme, Bhagawan felicitated Mr. Krishna Bhaskar, the trainer and three student participants. Bhagawan even asked the students to recite some ballads form the Burra Katha.

Prasadam was distributed to one and all and Bhagawan received Managala Arathi before leaving for Yajur Mandiram at 11:30 a.m. after spending nearly three hours on the dais, granting the coveted New Year Darshan to the thousands…indeed a great session for the vast concourse of devotees on a doubly auspicious Ugadi morning.

As if taking a cue from the announcement made in the morning about the Rural Development Programme, there was enough of action wating in the Sai Kulwant Hall in the evening. Bhagawan arrived at 4:10 p.m. to the hall that had, apart from the huge gathering of devotees, Love in kind waiting for Bhagawan to bless and launch.

Service to Man is service to God, says Bhagawan. Following this dictum of Bhagawan, the Anantapur wing of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations organised a programme of distribution of various ‘bread-winning’ articles and equipments to the selected folks from various villages of Anantapur district...As names were called out every privileged candidate came one after one offering salutations to Bhagawan partaking His blessings alongwith the blessings in kind…71 sewing machines, 22 grinders, 12 pushing carts, 6 carts with presses for ironing, 2 presses (for ironing), 7 sprayers for spraying pesticides, 1 Tea Set, 1 Reeling Machine, saree design cords (10,000 already distributed in a village), 8 bicycles for children to reach distant schools on time were distributed to deserving candidates. This was followed by a musical bouquet by 124 Bal-vikas children, boys and girls from the district who melodiously sang, effectively depicting Bhagawan’s Messages…

God’s compassion knew no bounds…and any offering that come with a heartful of love would earn the merit…Moved by the words spoken with a touch of melody by these tiny tots, innocent at heart, and service rendered with great love, compassion suffused with great unity by the elders Bhagawan, addressing students and citizens of Anantapur district, said that the words they spoke and their presentation got imprinted in His heart...adding a note of appreciation, he further said that we do not need to doubt any longer the potential of the citizens of Anantapur…all your utternances and presentations are ideal and commendable that set a model for other districts to emulate. Bhagawan has got only one desire that all should be drowned with bliss in their hearts and bliss in their hearts should be unfolded…He futher spoke about the greater need to develop Love…developing love as one’s own breath. Once love is established all evil tendencies would cease to exist. To the delight of one and all Bhagawan declared that accepting their love and fine sentiments He would soon visit Anantapur…

Before concluding His Divine Discourse Bhagawan lavishly praised Mr.Ashwathanarayana and family for spearheading the service activities with selfless motive, with love for Bhagawan…and appreciated the residents of other towns also, who have joined hands with Mr. Ashwathanarayana and family in rendering service to the poor and forlorn..  God does not leave you…He is always with you…strengthen this feeling and lead a happy life...He stressed the need to develop sacred thoughts within.

Prasadam was distributed and Mangala Arathi was offered before Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram.

A most memorable and special Ugadi New Year…with God spending a most magnanimous five hours conferring the Divine Bliss of coveted darshan…Indeed a dream beginning for a New Year...Sarvajithnama Samvatsara.