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United Sai America

Posted at 23:15 Hrs.IST on 30th July 2009

What is America’s message to the world? What does American sentiment reflect? Perhaps the American Young Adults from Region 4 and 7 have found an innovative way of finding an answer to this. They had illustrious Sage Narada on a “fact finding mission”, to report to the Lord of all Lords about the varied cultural and traditional civilization of the country. The US, which is often referred to as a “melting pot” of cultures, embracing people from different countries, races, and religions welcomes the Sage in his ‘fact finding mission’. The illustrious Sage Narada whose prolific ways of entering into many a world at ease chanting the name of Lord Narayana ends up meeting various sects in the states, visiting across the country finally to submit his report to the Lord of all lords, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!

With the power packed Rudram filling and sanctifying the air in Prasanthi sending vibes across the universe calling for greater harmony and unity in diversity, on an auspicious Thursday evening, the Young Adults from the United States had a depiction of the illustrious country as a 'United States of varied Cultural Civilizations', calling upon the Lord to bless the country with His Divine visit.

The presentation started with Sage Narada in the United States, meeting up the Native Americans, a sect which believed that everything on earth has a purpose. In their theory of existence, every disease has an herb to cure it, and every person is on a mission.

His next turn was to visit a class at the St. Joseph Catholic School, where the students were learning to speak Italian. The sage was won over by their latin hymns in praise of Jesus Christ.

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Destination next was into a Buddhist Monastery.  The devotion of a group of Buddhist monks put Narada into ecstasy and he spontaneously blurted out a powerful sloka on Lord Buddha. Equally inspired, a monk also recited a chant after which Narada and the monks prayed together.

The next encounter was with a small group of African-American gospel singers from The United Church of Christ, assembled for The National day of Prayer. He also met a Mexican group from El Paso, Texas, presenting a folk dance set to the tune of Spanish hymns in praise of Jesus Christ. Touched by their devotion, Narada also offered his heartfelt prostrations to Jesus Christ.

In San Francisco, Sage Narada learned Jewish and Muslim prayers and songs from two followers of those religions. Narada remarked that though the religions were different, they seemed to pray for “Peace”.

Narada’s tour of the United States ended at the Hindu temple in Kansas City, where devotees were gathered to celebrate Rama Navami with Nagar Sankeertan. Narada recalled that “the Lord does not reside in Vaikunta, nor solely the hearts of great sages, but anywhere that devotees sing God’s praises”.

Upon his return, Narada expresses his deepest gratitude for the opportunity to learn from the diverse people of the United States of America. Narada, at the end of his US sojourn returns and his report reads as follows:

Dear Lord, I have come back from my mission. My heart is filled with joy! Words fail to express my gratitude to thee, for giving me this opportunity to learn from all the wonderful people in this great country. The people in the United States of America, are just like flowers in a garland. Every region in this country emanates a unique divine fragrance that wafts towards Thee. This country, with its diverse ethnic groups, echoes the divine statement that…

There is only one religion the religion of love
There is only one language the language of the heart
There is only one caste the caste of humanity
There is only one God, and he is omnipresent.

The people of this land send their prayers for Your blessings and hope that You visit them soon… Narayana Narayana!

Yes, the American Young Adults seemed to have found an innovative way to impress upon the Lord for the big happening, the Divine Visit to the United States of America!…and to turn this utopian to a reality, the Young Adults seemed have a set in motion a mission to change the United States of America into United Sai America!

The presentation was interspersed with ‘broken’ tunes of the famous hindi Bhajan “Hey O Vithale, Bhakta Jana Vatsale…” as Sage Narada would sing the tune in ecstasy glorifying the Lord.  Beautiful songs and hymns interspersed depicting various cultural entities enlivened the programme, especially the Islamic song in praise of Allah, “Ya Mustafa…” was a treat which was well received with round of applause by the devotees.

Narada who has been hailed by the Puranas as a great servant of Lord Maha Vishnu has become a worthy instrument at the hands of the Lord in physical in coming up with a report on the American Culture and Civilisation, introducing the varied cultural traditions of the United States, representing the sentiments and supplications of the country to the Lord in physical to set His Feet in the country.

Bhagawan who sat through the programme with rapt attention called the protagonist who played the key role of Sage Narada to create a chain for him in appreciation of his performance. Arathi was offered at the end of the programme at His instance. On special prayer by the officials, Bhagawan asked the group to have a short stint of bhajans before calling for Arathi once again. Prasadam was distributed before Bhagawan retired to Yajur Mandiram.

Earlier,  Bhagawan came out at 1700 hrs. granting darshan to the concourse of devotees  assembled in the Sai Kulwant Hall.  Coming onstage after a full round of darshan, the Lord most lovingly accepted prayerful offerings by the organisers who came upto Him in groups,  one after one, both ladies and gents. Lord seemed to be interested in minute details as He was seen going through Young Adult Service programme details, an ensuing project in the african continent etc with meticulous attention and was even finding out the programe details from the President cum Chief Organiser Mr. Jack Feely... Before the commencement of the programme Bhagawan asked Mr. Jack Feely to announce the programme to the audience.

A combined group of 222 from Region 4 and 7, belonged to North Central, Northern California and Nevada Region of the US joined in this pilgrimage offering this innovative mode of presentation, presenting to the Lord of the country’s varied cultural and ethnic civilization invoking Him to set His Feet in…. Meticulous planning, research and year-long preparation finally found its fruition when the Lord most benevolently sat through the session with His beautiful face breaking into smiles quite often!!!

Thus ended the beautiful day with a United America calling the Lord of all Lords to set His Feet in… !!!