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Youth Parthi Yatra

Posted at 15:38:37 Hrs. IST on 07 Dec 2009

On the evening of 6th December 2009, the rural Bal Vikas children from Punjab presented a musical dance drama “Vande Sai Mataram” in the Divine Presence. Over 400 Youth and 50 Bal Vikas children from Punjab who had assembled at Prasanthi Nilayam had the opportunity to have the Darshan of Bhagawan and listen to talks by eminent speakers in the lecture hall of Ashram. On this evening, Bhagawan came for Darshan at 5.05 p.m. to the chant of Vedas. At the outset, the coordinator of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Punjab announced the commencement of the dance drama “Vande Sai Mataram.” The central part of the hall had a backdrop bearing the Indian tricolour on the map of India with a beautiful photograph of smiling visage of Bhagawan. At its bottom was a collage showcasing the culture of the land of Punjab.  

The musical dance drama started with a dance by Bal Vikas children draped in the costume of Indian tricolour. Sai Youth from Gujarat were visiting Punjab to see the famous places in Punjab. The Sai Youth of Punjab were conducting them around the State. After visiting different spiritual and historical places like Golden Temple and Jalianwala Bagh, they started discussion on Punjab and national integration. Some interesting facts about the Golden Temple were revealed to the audience like the full-fledged temple was built during the leadership of 5th Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji in 1580, but was completed in 1604. About 5,000 people are fed free at a time in the temple.

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Great patriots like Bhagat Singh, Lala Lajpat Rai, Udham Singh had great love for Bharat. Their dreams were to see a prosperous and free country and they sacrificed their lives for their country. In ancient times, when people followed the teachings of their gurus, there was love and harmony in society. They never hated anybody and followed the principle of love all and serve all.

Punjab had passed through bad times too. Evil forces of desire, anger, pride, greed, delusion and jealousy had subdued peace and harmony. Even the political system took mileage of the situation and divided communities. It is at such a time that people realised that they had lost their moorings and took to spirituality and worship of God. God descends on earth whenever there are discrepancies in the conduct of mankind. That is why Bhagawan has incarnated on earth.

There were interludes in the drama when the rich culture of Punjab was showcased through dances, the harvest scene of separating the husk from the grain.

The activities of the Sai Organisation of Punjab were then presented to the audience like the Village Integrated Programme (VIP) and Bal Vikas programmes. The Village Integrated Programmes were carried out not only in villages but also in towns. The dance drama came to a close with the vibrant Bhangra dance of Punjab.

After the performance, Bhagawan asked the organisers to distribute clothes to the participants. Very pleased with their performance, Bhagawan went amidst them, and a photo session followed. Prasadam was distributed to all the participants. Then a group of singers from Punjab State Organisation sang a few songs, of which “Oh Sai Baba, we love You Baba” stood out. Arati was offered to Bhagawan at 6.20 p.m. Before retiring to His abode, Bhagawan again went amidst them, but now, Bhagawan took a full round blessing all who had been involved with the drama. Another photograph session followed.

Yes, it was indeed special blessings from Bhagawan for the participants from the State of Punjab.