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Youth Parthi Yatra

Posted at 12:35:05 Hrs. IST on 06 Dec 2009

Over 550 Sai Youth from the State of West Bengal came to Prasanthi Nilayam to have the Darshan of Bhagawan and participate in the youth camp where many eminent speakers addressed them on the moral way of life with special emphasis on Bhagawan and His teachings. Some of them even shared their experiences they had with Bhagawan with the youth. On the evening of 5th December 2009, the youth were blessed with an opportunity to present a drama, entitled “Transformation – Individual to Global” in the Divine presence.

The drama started with the narration of Bhagawan’s Chinna Katha where a rich man was afflicted with a serious illness. Many doctors examined him, but he found no relief from their treatment. At last, a noble man suggested that his illness was due to the fact that his eyes were not remaining steady on a particular object. His vision would become steady, if he looked at one colour, opined the wiseman.

Immediately, the rich man ordered that the entire village should be painted green, even people were commanded to wear only green clothes. When the noble man visited him again, he was surprised to see the entire village swathed in green colour. Regretting the ignorance of the rich man, the noble man suggested that instead he could have worn green colour glasses. The moral of the story was, “One cannot change the world, but one has to transform himself at the first instance to change the world.”

Vivek, an ideal Sai Youth, lived his life in a moralistic way. He never swerved from his ideal path. The drama was set on a natural environment of a tea shop where Vivek usually met his friends and discoursed on moral principles, a small store and a telephone booth. His company was about to clinch a huge contract for which Vivek was playing the pivotal role. The managing director entrusted the entire responsibility on Vivek and asked him to come up with a proposal.

 His colleague in the company, Suresh was jealous of his achievements and the confidence he had won over his boss. He thought of a ploy to tarnish the name of Vivek. When Vivek was not in office, Suresh asked for the password of Vivek’s computer and revealed the contents of the proposal to a competitor company. As a result, Vivek’s company lost the contract.

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Meanwhile, Vivek was identified with a tumour in his brain and had to undergo an urgent operation. The cost of the surgery was 2.5 lakhs. Vivek did not have such a huge sum of money. But the doctor was adamant on his business principles. The managing director of the company thought that it was Vivek who sold the contents of the proposal and fired him out of the company.

One day Vivek lost consciousness and was urgently rushed to the doctor by his friends. The doctor recognised Vivek, but stuck to his business principles. His friend, the tea shop owner and a sikh person were willing to sell their possessions. The doctor at the beginning laughed at their proposal, but was moved on seeing the love his friends had for Vivek. He then asked the reason for their strong bond of love for Vivek. They then told the doctors how Vivek led an idealistic life and how they were transformed by his simple thoughts which were hard enough to penetrate the hardest of hearts. The doctor voluntarily agreed to perform the surgery free of cost.

The surgery became a success and Vivek recovered from his illness. Now the managing director came to know of Suresh’s evil designs and felt sorry for his act and fired Suresh out of the company. Out of his magnanimity, Vivek asked his boss to forgive Suresh and take him back in the company. The drama ended on this happy note and a song with Vivek conveying the teachings of Bhagawan. The song ended with the punch line that this age is not the age of information technology, but the age of Sai transformation technology. 

Bhagawan materialised a gold chain for the cast of Vivek in appreciation of his brilliant enacting. The crew was blessed with a photograph session and Bhagawan specially called for Prasadam to distribute in person. Bhagawan spent more than 10 minutes with the cast. After a few Bhajans, the programme for the day came to a close with Arati to Bhagawan at 5.55 p.m.