Sai Spiritual Showers: VOLUME 3  issue 25 thu december  1, 2011
You must have noticed that I never address your as `Bhaktulara' for how can you be only that? You are Bhagawan, you become that by just shedding the Avidya that makes you imagine that you are limited. That is why I address you either as Shanti Swarupulara, or Aanandaswarupalara, or Divyatmaswrupulara. That is your real nature, but, you are not even told who you are. Your misery is traceable to this failure to know yourself. - Sri Sathya Sai
Medical No-how: Bhagawan is the greatest healer of body and mind. Countless incurable diseases have been cured by His mere touch, word, look, will or curative ash all over the world…and He often does it in His inimitable style with a purpose that is known only to Him. Read on an incident from one of the Summer Courses where Sai donned the role of a doctor, written by Dr. A. Bapi Raju, published in Sanathana Sarathi December 1981.

During the months of May - June, Bhagawan usually arranges 'summer courses' for students at Whitefield, when more than 1,000 students from all parts of India and many countries all over the globe are given a golden opportunity to hear learned lectures and His Divine Discourses. During one of those summer courses, I was graciously permitted by Bhagawan to render my humble services as a doctor, looking after the health of the male students there.

From Orissa, two students who are twins, were attending the summer course. One of the twins, the younger one, started running high temperature. In the mornings his temperature used to reach 106 F and in the evenings, peculiarly his temperature used to dome down by just one degree to 105 F, and the whole night that temperature was being maintained. All the necessary medication was given to him to bring down the temperature, but all our drugs did not touch him at all, and the fever continued unabated. All the antibiotics and antipyretics we saturated him with were absolutely futile. On the fourth day of his fever, his twin brother also started running exactly similar and peculiarly high temperature, He also did not respond to the treatment given. Along with me, there were other doctors, and we put our brains together but were all equally perplexed, puzzled and disturbed. We discussed the various possible causes for the peculiar high temperature and concluded that it must be some viral infection or E. Coli infection. For eight days the morning temperature was 106 and evening temperature was 105.

We then appealed to Bhagawan requesting Him to send those two to a hospital for investigations to clinch the diagnosis. That evening Baba came to see those students and He smilingly joked saying: "What kind of doctors are you? All your brains put together could not reduce the temperature even by one degree all these 8 days? What is your diagnosis and what treatment are you giving them?" I enumerated in detail to Baba the treatment we were giving and the diagnosis. Baba said: "Treat them for typhoid; they will be all right." So saying, Baba materialised some Vibhuti, put it in their mouth and went away.

All of us were extremely puzzled at Baba's words, since those patients did not show even a single symptom of typhoid. We had ruled out the possibility of typhoid from the very beginning of the treatment; and we did not ask for a widal test even. We thought, "How can Baba call their fever as typhoid, even without a single symptom? After all, He is not a doctor." But, most unwillingly and half-heartedly, we started treating them for typhoid, just to obey Baba.

Believe me when I say that by the second day after following the advice given by Baba, the fever started coming down; it touched normal by the evening of the second day, and remained normal thereafter. We were dumbfounded; we could not believe our eyes nor our medical knowledge. We knew that those two students were suffering from anything but typhoid. But Bhagawan is capable of changing any fever into any other fever and also cure that disease. Baba is the Doctor of doctors—the Divine Doctor.

Another student, during the same summer course, had an attack of Herpes Zoster, an exceedingly painful viral infection, with vesicles forming in the path of a peripheral nerve. He could not get a wink of sleep for five days and nights. We saturated him with sedatives, tranquillisers etc., but to no avail. So I appealed to the Divine Doctor for help. Next evening Baba came to see that student and, with a sweet smile, jokingly said: "What kind of doctors are you who could not get him sleep for 5 days? What happened to ail your medicines?" So saying, Baba materialised Vibhuti and put it in the patient's mouth and went away. Exactly two minutes after Baba left that student went to sleep and he slept like a log the whole night. Next morning he got up and said that his pain was considerably less. Can medical science or any science give adequate explanation for the above phenomena? Will scientists ever realise that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is beyond the comprehension of medical or any other science?

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