Sai Spiritual Showers
Returned with Thanks: Buddha was seated alone one day, and later, some men gathered around him. One among them who did not like his teachings and the effect it had on the people, got up and started a tirade in very vulgar terms against him. Buddha sat smiling listening to all that calumny, without a single gesture of disapproval. The man got frothy in the mouth through rage, his vocabulary was fast getting exhausted, his tongue began to show signs of overwork, but, Buddha only asked him with a smile: "Brother, have you finished?” The man said, "You have no sense of shame: you do not even react when I abuse you. You are thick skinned; you are, a log of wood.” Buddha asked him, "If a person does not accept a gift, what happens to it?" He said, "It remains with the giver.” "Well, keep these gifts of abusive words with you, brother! I do not accept and react.” - Baba (From Chinna Katha)

I saw A Man...
His Voice was sweet, like Nectar, (When it flows!)
And, when He spoke, the words fell, soft,

Like dew drops on a Rose;
His step was firm where'er He walked...
His Foot prints... shining bright,
And, tho' gentle was His Touch,
He was A Man of Might!

And, like A Halo round His Head,
He wore His coal black hair;
And Love, just like a sweet Bouquet,
Was offered everywhere!
He brought a new un clouded
View Unto my human eyes,
And, tho' I knew not whence He came,
I knew The Man was Wise!

The graceful Robe, around His Form,
Caressed Him...
Like a Flame,
And then, I learned from a passer by,
`Sai Baba' was His Name!

I sat among the growing throng...
And, eagerly, I sought to understand
His Mystery...
That filled my every thought;
I saw Him heal an ailing child...

And, soon...
The Name of 'Sathya Sai' was chanted,
And, silent, as a passing breeze,
And bare of foot... He trod,
And 'something' whispered in my soul
"This is not Man… BUT GOD!"

The years have passed on restless wings,
And, strong; the Bond remains...
And, when I cannot understand,
He silently explains!

There is no ‘goal’ I can't achieve...
No Load I cannot bear
As long as (in my human way!)
I see His Footsteps there!
His Smile is Something
I recall with tenderness .... And awe!
For me... He spreads a Shining Path,
And opens every door...

I kneel in gratitude,
As tear drops fill my eye,
And, whisper soft, I speak the words
"I love You, Sathya Sai..."

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