Sai Spiritual Showers:           VOLUME 3  issue 34, thu, FEB 2, 2012
Look about for chance to relieve, rescue or resuscitate. Train yourselves that you may render help quickly and well. Seva is the most paying form of austerity, the most satisfying and the most pleasurable. It springs out of Love and it scatters Love in profusion. It plants a seed on stone and is delighted to see it sprout! Plant it with Love, and the seed will discover Love inside the stone and draw sustenance there from. It is the inner joy, the Love that you radiate that is important. Mere sentiment and sympathy are no use; they must be regulated by intelligence. Shower cheer on the sad; soothe those that have lost the way; close your eye to the faults of others, but, keep them open to discover your own. All these are hard jobs. Practice alone can make you perfect—practice, not only in item of service, but, in meditation on the Divine. Japa and Dhyana will render you more and more efficient in the field of service. - Sri Sathya Sai
Irresistible thirst for Him, undying passion to have Him with us, undiluted love for the Supreme Divine is sure to manifest Him specially for you, as the Lord of compassion, Lord of Supreme Divine Love cannot resist the pull of His devotees’ love…For the seeker in Genevieve Savoroff, He was the Only Love Who made her ‘complete’ with Peace and Love. Read on how her free spirited journey, immersed in Him at all times, won her a most wonderful vision of The Mighty Lord that He is…extracted from Sanathana Sarathi, January 1977.

I'm making my way slowly through the town and the pavement is very hot in the early morning. Inside I am singing within my heart to my Lord Sai Baba whom I love........ His song, "Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam" I am thinking how happy I am, independent as a person who walks, instead of riding in a machine also driven by man. Because, when they are driving they must concentrate on the road ahead. They cannot look at other things such as the sun rising, or the sunset, or the banks of cloud shapes... just a strip of pavement. But, I am free and not a prisoner of the car and if I want to I can turn and go back at any time. So, I coast along at my own rate and feel bliss. I can see something of the world and even though it exists in my head, it is all my own within, and also I can worship as I do on the way the form of the One I love who made me whole and gave me PEACE and LOVE. I feel the breeze on my face and I sing and I keep all the things of His in my heart. And, I am flying without fear. I was not always thus, No... Once I stood outside the door I was forlorn and lost and lonely. Baba was that door and I waited for someone to come and open the door.

I seem to be standing in front of a beautiful temple and the most astounding thing about it is a Door of Silver with all the symbols of all the religions on the Door. Now I can say what the vision was that I saw some years ago. Here I am waiting breathlessly in front of that Door, with hundreds of thousands of people around also waiting. The silence is immense and even the birds fly noiselessly and perch on the trees in hushed silence waiting for something in great expectancy. Their silhouettes stand transfixed ...not a sound is heard, as if the world has stopped for the moment. My whole self is beginning to vibrate with the tension of those few minutes. I am afraid to close my eyes for fear of missing something, as I keep my gaze upon the SILVER DOOR. And I say to myself, "O be still my heart," as its beats are too loud, and so as not to miss the sight of my beautiful and wondrous Lord.

The sun has not even shown a slight silver of gold, and time seems suspended for just a moment. If I shut my eyes I see the dear Lord's form, but I am trying to keep them open so as not to lose that first sight. I count the seconds on my Japmala which I hold there. The 108 beads will be but a moment or two. Has he gone away? Has something happened? Or is this all illusion and the Lord who is all light will not be there? Is it really true???

Then the SILVER DOOR swings wide and in front of it shining in a bright gleam of light with a golden halo around His hair and the shining red fluorescence of His robe like the sun as it rises in the morning—there He is!!!

There He stands, and a glance comes from His beautiful soft eyes and He raises His hand slowly and gives the sign of blessing to all. His voice is like a flute undulating and soaring, and sweet starts the song as He stands in a glow of heavenly light. The birds circle all around singing their best to the Lord, and with the early streaks of the sunlight even the trees shake their leaves in ecstasy toward Him. The birds are still circling, all the while singing their hearts out to Him. The sun has come out of the blank night, as if it too was doing some homage to Him. All nature seems to be singing in praise to the dear One. He lifts up his hands slowly and seems to lift the hearts of all to the Consciousness of God. Am I crying for joy? Or sorrow—because of the agony I know, He has suffered in silence for us all? For the ones who have kept Him in agony by disbelieving Him? And going against His precepts? Although He says He loves all whether they love Him or not.

Then I noticed a difference in His hair as it seemed to me a crown of thorns appeared to be sitting upon His head. But He was still smiling. He started to look very stern and in a moment He took off the crown and it were all flowers which He picked off one by one and threw down to all the people below. I tried to pick one up, but it was gone to someone else. Then I looked up and saw to the aide of BABA a dragon like thing standing over Him in a menacing attitude, seeming to be whispering into His ear. But then a dazzling flame came out from between BABA's eyes and the terrible thing was nothing but smoke and ashes, and disappeared. Perhaps I was the only one who saw it. My Lord's voice came out in clear strong accents as He sang to us. Then after the Darshan was ended, He turned and with a last farewell of His hands high in the air, He went back behind the SILVER DOOR.

Peace and contentment came over me and I was immersed in a state of happiness that I never had known before. As the tears came from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks, I thought of how filled with Love for us He was and how if I were to die right then, I would be so overcome with joy that I would be deliriously happy anyway.

For that brief time when He looked down at us who had waited in the dawn, so lovingly and compassionately, and yet so intimately to each and every one, the place seemed to be electrified with His LOVE. And, the children singing in joyous tones the Bhajans that He taught them also were filled with LOVE.

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