Sai Spiritual Showers Vol 2 Issue 98 Thu, Jun 2, 2011
See in Me yourself, for I see Myself in you all. You are My life, My breath, My soul. You are  My Forms all; when I love you, I love Myself; when you love yourselves, you love Me! I have separated Myself from Myself so that, I may love Myself. My beloved ones, you are My own Self. - Sri Sathya Sai
The Great Master: Potent Poorna Avatar He is, Bhagawan often acted as a Divine Alchemist affecting transformation of individuals and society at large, in a massive global scale. Looking back in to the phenomenon of Sri Sathya Sai, a flashback into four decades, the author who had a Divinely inspired visit to Prasanthi Nilayam, felt that HE could be the ‘one and only’ force that would make the needed impact, through His love-filled mission, all over the confusing, contradicting feverish fretting fighting humanity. Read an article by A. Dayanand, as published in Sanathana Sarathi, December 1971.

I come from a staunch orthodox Christian family. I have studied Judaism which is the basic foundation of Christianity. I have gone through the Hindu sacred texts, the Sruti (the four Vedas, the Brahmanas, the Aranyakas and the Upanishads) and the Smrithi (the Codes of Law) and the Epics and Puranas. I have also read the Agamas and the Darsanas of Hindu Philosophy. I found the Upanishads great mystic treatises, revealing higher truths which are supremely authoritative, but highly abstruse. Only a great Master like Baba can enlighten us on them.

I want my Christian friends as well as Hindu friends to read this article for, I find that Christians have crucified Jesus, and the Hindus too have no appreciation of the excellence of Sanathana Dharma.

The aim of all religious teachers has been to establish peace and good will among men. They have come, taught and withdrawn. But, everywhere there is mental unrest. Man is running after he knows not what. Everyone wants peace; but, who can establish peace? The earth is now ruled by a few barbaric personalities.

Contemplating all this, my faith in God, Prophets, Saints and Seers was shattered, and I became a fatalist. I visited Prasanthi, Nilayam and contacted Baba a year ago. His greatness was not clear for me, then. But, my thoughts roamed round Him, now and then.

A few days back, I was in Calcutta. I felt suddenly as if some one was dragging me; without the aim being clear to me, I somehow, reached Madras! From Madras, I proceeded to Anantapur! Baba had predicted that I would be arriving at His Place, giving even the date. I came to Puttaparthi, on that very date! Baba's will led me to Him from a distance of 2000 kilometers!

I had His Darshan; I had an opportunity of speaking to Him. How well He knows me I wonder! He saw into my very soul!

The realisation that I was totally blind came to me. My inward eyes were opened. Light began shining; tongues of fire began swallowing me. I have been transformed. Is it metamorphosis, or is it Divine alchemy?

What sorrow, what delusion, can affect a man who sees the Oneness of all things here? The seers of the Upanishads say, "Lead me from the unreal to the real; Lead me from darkness to Light; Lead me from death to Immortality".

Baba preaches Unity in Diversity. The world needs a Great Master like Baba to establish Peace and to preach the doctrine of Love. Jesus preached the doctrine of Love and was crucified. The very tenants of Christianity are warmongers, now! We want not peacemakers, but Peace. Only people like Baba who knows the psychology of withering humanity can establish peace on earth.

How loving Baba is! Love is all we need; with Love comes everything. How kind His looks are! How loving are His tender hands! How like the Lotus are His Feet! There have come great Masters, Saints, Prophets, Seers etc in history. But, who has been as kind as Baba? His very look changes iron hearts into golden hearts. He never angers. To Him, all are one—the sinner, the saviour; even as the Sun, He shines equal over all.

Trust in Him purges one's foul with the Fire of Love, and, Peace dawns. Baba made me realise that if a man has no self-control, he can have no comprehension. Nor can he have the power of contemplation without which he can have no peace. When he can have no peace he can never be happy.

Many, many gather around Baba from over the world, and believe in Him. It is my belief that, if the present rulers of the world come to know Him, there will be peace and tranquility in the world. For, as Lord Krishna has said in the Gita, "Whenever there is decline to Law and an outbreak of lawlessness, I incarnate Myself." In fact, God never comes to man in all His Glory and splendour. He comes only in a human form! He assumes human form; when He assumes form, fouls disregard Him, not knowing His higher nature that He is the supreme Lord of all beings.

Loving the Lord and loving one's fellow men is the surest way to reach the kingdom of God which is within us, says Jesus. Now, I see the same doctrine preached by Baba after so many centuries. I wish His mission of Love spreads like the roots of the banyan tree all over the confusing contradicting feverish fretting fighting humanity.

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