Sai Spiritual Showers: Volume 3  Issue 60 Thu, Aug 02, 2012
Sparks From The Divine Anvil
Sai Maa has always been the bestower of ample oppertunities in life for everyone. She never takes anything in return except love. Even after receiving so much, that too in abundance from Her, we still crave for more, more and more! Whether it's in dream or in real life, we tend to ask Her as much as possible, if blessed with an oppertunity....and i am no exception! ...writes Ms Varsha Chandrasekhar, an alumnus from the Anantapur Campus Bhagawan's University

During my three years of stay as a student at the Anantapur Campus, i have always looked forward to going to Parthi. On one such trip during my 2nd year, i dozed off in the bus and got a dream in which i was standing outside the Lord Ganesha temple at Parthi.

Behind me, I saw Swami with an orange coloured bag, similar like the one of Santa Claus, from which He was taking out torches and distributing to devotees. All of a sudden He looked at me and asked,"Did you get it?" I replied “No.” Immediately Bhagawan took out a ‘burning’ last piece from the bag, small in size compared to the ones distributed, and gave it to me. i was quite unhappy with the size of the torch and said,"Swami, this is not fair; give me a bigger one." Then The Lord responded: “Torch bearers should not worry about the size of the torch but the mission for which they are carrying it."

I was still not satisfied and like a kid started to throw tantrums at Him! Suddenly He rose higher and higher like Lord Hanuman and spread His arms and said, “I gave you this much, still do you need anything?" I was amazed and dumbfounded by this reply! Then finally i got the answer that when we take we may take little but when God gives He gives in abundance! We don't need anything after that. He is indeed the bestower of all boons.